The above picture  of Brother Paul from the book, entitled Angel Justice
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(ISBN #  978-0-557-00589-5).  This book shows the amazing power of
intuition and belief in oneself.

Angel Justice takes one through the years before World War II and then
beyond. It shows just how wars, private and world wars, could have been avoided.

Angel Justice delves into the symbolism behind religion and can help you how  to
actualize more positive realities.

The above book is entitled:

The Secret of Life (Click "The Secret of Life" to go to to purchase
a copy)
ISBN-13:      978-0-557-0079-1
or ISBN-10:   0557007690)

Secret of Life is thoroughly dedicated to promoting Brotherhood and
personal power through love and understanding of yourself,  your world and the
world you live in. This book also shows the power of intuition and belief.

While the book is a novel, it is based upon the
True story of a person who is a
strong advocate for social justice and equality. This person even enduring
discrimination,violence and police brutality in promoting social justice, but
overcoming all of this with the aid of the simple yet very powerful precepts of this

The powerful concepts in this book show how peace and equality in your life and
in the world that you know is possible and within your grasp.

The Secret of Life explores political and psychological methods of changing the
social and political landscape in ways never given serious consideration before.

The concepts of the Secret of Life if utilized correctly may be able to give each
person a greater sense of protection in their world.
The Secret of Life
Books by Loren Christian
   Mission Statement
The Secret of Life Website is dedicated to the promotion of Brotherhood across the
planet. The books and lectures on this website are designed bring out peace and equality on
the planet. This is a concept that has been longed for by the planet, and can be actualized.
Does Intuition exist? Can we increase our intuition? Can intuition be used to promote
better relationships, and offer better protection against violence, emotional and physical?
Can intuition be used to unlock pathways to our greater selves?

Angel Justice is a novel based upon a true story about a person who was able to use
dreams and intuition to an extreme degree to gain justice in the State Supreme Court
against corrupt judges and lawyers and those willing to kill to gain their way. The story is
backed up by true copies of documents from Supreme Court, Appellate Court, Law
Enforcement, and other Government documents.

1.  You Create or (Co-Create) your own Reality through your Beliefs and
Expectations & what you concentrate upon.

2.  The Universe was created (and is being created) by a Being of  infinite
intelligence, infinite goodness, and infinite power of which we are all an
Eternal  part of, and we are all (and always will be) Brothers and Sisters

Love is the Basis of All Realities.
The Basic Principles of The Universe
Who are The Speakers and what do they want?  Click Here.
Find out about The Speakers prediction about the
Impeachment or removal from office or
of Donald Trump. Find out which charges are
likely to be
filed against Donald Trump according to The
Click Here.
Find out how The Speakers predicted this Election
its impact starting in 1975 and then later in 1985. Click Here
Why some polls may have incorrectly had Donald Trump in the lead
Hacking Democracy (An HBO Documentary)
Zero Days (a Showtime Documentary)
The videos below show how easy it is to hack electronic voting machines in a
quick manner without leaving a trace and altering even a presidential election.
How a single hacker can alter an election
Proof that the 2016 Election was Rigged for Trump
More information and evidence.
We have evidence that the "experts" overlooked

The Secret Truth about Russia
Note  well, Donald Trump's idol, object of praise, comrade, and perhaps Master, Vladimir
Putin, stays in power because large numbers of Putin's political rivals, journalists, and
those who speak out against Putin, seem to  have the very  "bad luck" of being
poisoned, being shot to death, being arrested on trumped up charges, being beaten up,
suddenly dying under suspicious circumstances, or just disappearing forever without a
trace. Nonetheless, Trump is silent on this extreme violence in Russia, except for his
lavish praise for his apparent KGB Master...Vladmir Putin. In Russia, Putin has ended
democracy, the free press, controls the courts and Parliament with an iron fist. Putin and
his comrades have become extremely wealthy billionaire oligarchs by seizing and
stealing assets from the Russian people. Putin runs Russia like a business--A Mafia type
business. In other words, stealing from the middle class and poor and giving to the
obscenely rich oligarchs, like Putin. Putin has never held a job in his life other than a
Russian bureaucrat, but yet he is the wealthiest person in the entire world! Trump is
Putin's dream come true, but the world's nightmare. This is Putin's chance (and perhaps
Trump's chance) of extracting all the wealth they can from the peoples' of Russia and the
US (and elsewhere if they can) for themselves, by working together in the name of
"peaceful coexistence" but really in the name of unlimited greed and exploitation of
people and exploitation of the planet at large, (Kleptocracy). Putin and Trump share the
same philosophy of life...that is life is inherently bad and in order to succeed, you must
take or steal and hurt others, to be a "winner".  This is a grim view of reality and life and
is self-fulfilling, but overall is merely a belief about life and reality and not true unless you
obsessively believe it to be true..  This sick philosophy requires constant lies and
perpetrating evils against others in the name of "good".  Perhaps this is how Trump
dreams of ruling America, perhaps as a Russian-type  oligarch who promises the people
plenty, gives them nothing and steals everything for himself and a few other supporters,
but throwing a few crumbs to the rest of his supporters. Maybe this is why Trump is
silent about Putin, except for always lavishing praise on Putin as a "strong leader", (who
has helped Trump take over America). Putin has been maliciously interfering with
elections all over the world and now his brand of "leadership" has come to America.
From  Russia  With(out) Love
US Intelligence Community Assessment
Rigging Voting Machines
In favor of Donald Trump
The above link, From Russia With(out) Love, links to a page herein which
summarizes some of the information found in the book,
Angel Justice. This
particular page focuses upon the historic capabilities of Russian Espionage. The focus
here is how it has perpetrated the highest level espionage in the past. So high a level
of espionage, that World War ll was probably significantly shortened. If the past can
predict the present, then it could easily have hacked and (probably) altered voter
tallies in favor of Donald Trump, within the United States without leaving a trace. Thus,
when you are told on television by US leaders and others that it is impossible for
Russia to have changed the voter totals...think again, Russian Espionage has
historically done the impossible. Moreover, the
malware to do this, has already been
developed and is in the hands of Russian Espionage.
Remember: There is always HOPE!!
Think that your vote is safe from hacking just because your voter machine may not have been connected to the
Internet? Or maybe you think that just because Russian Espionage did not hack your voting machine directly,
that your vote is safe? Think that voter machines are safe because US officials rush to tell that they are safe?
Think again. If you wish to live in delusion that your vote was not hacked and will not be hacked then there is
nothing to see here. However, if you want to know the truth, then click on the link below for more details.
What you can do about Trump
The Speakers predicted many decades ago the coming of Donald Trump, his election,
and the long ago prediction of his downfall and disgrace in Impeachment proceedings or
"Like" us on Facebook
Alternative Facts: Calling Trump's Bluff on Voter Fraud
Myths about Election Fraud
Exit Polls show Trump lost the Electoral College by a Wide Margin
Check out our very strong circumstantial case, that Trump is an illegitimate president  
and that he and possibly others in his entourage are possibly Kremlin assets, (or
agents).  Our case against Trump is not absolute nor is it absolute against electronic
voting machines, however based upon our own intelligence gathering, we have
that our charges concerning Trump, Russian espionage and some his
entourage, are correct. Moreover, the only way to know for certain is to wait for 2020
and find out Trump is re-elected regardless of unpopular he is and how the polls say it
is impossible for him to win. Do you really want to wait that long or do you want to do
something about these most vulnerable electronic voting machines? Some good news
here...The Netherlands is taking this site's advice about the clear and present danger
that Putin will hack into their election system, like he did to the US, and change the
voter totals. We have advised using handwritten ballots and Holland will be using only
handwritten ballots for their next election. Holland does not want to possibly end up with
someone like Trump who is slavishly indentured to Russia's Vladimir Putin. We
appreciate Holland listening and taking our advice. And now, with the Holland election
over, the exit polls show that Holland chose the candidate that Putin did not like!

    Of course, America still has not learned that electronic voting means that
Trump (or someone else that Putin likes) is headed to win in 2020 and look for other
Putin favorites in the 2018 Federal and State elections.
Did Vladimir Putin appoint his Puppet,    
Donald Trump, to be President of the US  
rigging the voter machines in
Trump's favor?
On November 9, 2016, America woke up to a Nightmare!  A Coup D'etat ! The Nation
asked,  how can it be that the Pre-Election Polls, some taken just hours before voting,
showed that it was
virtually impossible for Trump to win and Exit Polls taken
immediately after voting, showed that it was
virtually impossible that voters had voted
for Trump, but somehow... Trump won? How is that possible?
The above link offers a look at the statistical analysis of the Pre-Election Polls for the swing states. It shows
that it was virtually impossible for Trump to win. This analysis was performed on this site only.
While we have predicted long ago that with high confidence, in large part
because of his business dealings, Trump will either be impeached
and/or arrested
,  We can prove statistically that it was almost impossible for
Trump to have won the election legitimately. Right now, Trump winning, is something
like the guy who wins millions of dollars all the time at the roulette wheel in certain
casinos, where his (Russian) friends control the roulette wheel and whose (Russian)
friends have a history of rigging roulette wheels. Everywhere else, the same guy, say
Trump, loses
all the time where his friends don't control the roulette wheel! Winning
legitimately at the roulette wheel all the time has a probability of about 0%. We would  
naturally be suspicious that the game was rigged for Trump. However, when the
chances of Trump winning several swing states (where Trump's Russian friends hacked
the Election Offices)
 are near 0%  and Exit Polls say also that it was about a 0%
chance that Trump won
, why then do we just assume that all the polls were wildly
wrong and Trump won those swing states legitimately?
Illegitimate President or
  Today, it is Trump helped by Putin's election hacking, but tomorrow it could be
someone else. It could be someone who will be so bad that he could make Trump seem
like a "choir boy".
It could be that someone else is helped to win the election by
Iranian or North Korean government sponsored computer hacking.
Does this
sound too fantastic to become true? Remember, you may have thought it was
impossible for Russian hacking to help Trump to become President. You may have
believed political leaders, who themselves were deluded, but reassured you that the
voting machines were safe, (they are anything but safe).
 You may have said Donald
Trump is a buffoon and laughed at him, but now find it is Putin and Trump laughing at
US. You may have even thought that "greed is good" and billionaires are entitled to do
say and do bad things, (they are not). You may have thought, like Trump, and helped
"feed the beast" by believing all is fair and justified when in the pursuit of greed. You
might have thought that Trump running as president, was a joke, but now the joke is on
the US and only Putin and Trump are the ones laughing...and laughing at US!  We
have a sane planet and safe elections again, but we must act now!  
How Putin (Could have)Rigged the Voter Machines
After reading the evidence within and linked to this website, you may agree that Donald  
Trump did
not win the election legitimately. You may agree that Donald Trump being
president is indeed a
Coup D'etat engineered by oligarch Vladimir Putin, but disguised
and made to look like Trump won democratically in a free election. This illusion then
sustained by the bullying and propaganda of Donald Trump and many of his enablers in
the Congress, who should know better, but want to benefit from Trump and Putin's wages
of deceit and a dictatorship of Donald Trump. Trump, who is apparently indentured to
Putin, treats almost everyone with contempt, but shows a servile attitude to his Russian
Puppet Master--Vladimir Putin and has nothing but praise for Putin.
In this website, you will see evidence about how Trump's associates were having secret
and constant contact with high ranking Russian officials, including those in Russia's spy
service while Russia was conducting electronic warfare against the United States and
while sanctions were being placed against Russia by the US. This constant contact was
kept from US government officials and some of these Trump people lied about contact.
Our sources allowed us to be first in predicting (2/14/17) that it would be exposed that
some Trump associates had secret talks, (that they would deny) with Russian
ambassador  Kislyak ( and an alleged top spy by some US officials) during the time Russia
was conducting electronic warfare on US elections. Our sources also told us of further
exposure concerning a Russian operative with the name Mikhail Kalugin which was earlier
named in a British agent's dossier about Trump. Our sources also had told us that Donald
Trump would probably win the election, but not legitimately. This is while almost everyone
said that Clinton would win, relying upon the polls. However, the polls cannot tell who will
win when the voter machines are rigged. The polls can then only tell us if there is a
likelihood of election fraud at the voter machines--which of course they did tell us there
was most likely fraud in favor of Donald Trump. Our sources also tell us that at some
Donald Trump will be arrested on criminal charges and not just
You saw that first here on this site.
In this website, you will see how the Russian spy services actually invaded election out
how votes were counted on voter machines. We will speak to
how the voter In this
website, you will see how the Russian spy services actually invaded election
were most likely rigged to fraudulently guarantee the election to
. You will further
see that the Russians had super computer viruses to spread, office computers in a
number of states and actually probed election computers to that were more than
capable of altering voter totals in close elections in swing states to make it appear that
Trump won...when he actually lost by a significant amount.  The super virus is known to
be able to spread even to computers and voter machines
not connected to the internet
and to be virtually undetectable.
In this website you will see how the Trump administration is taking every step to stop the
Russian connection investigation including improperly contacting investigators in the FBI
and in Congress to ask them to tell reporters that there is no Russian connection. This,
despite constant fake denials by Trump associates, and after more and more evidence is
accumulating showing the inextricable connections of Trump associates to high ranking
Russian officers, Russian espionage and even Putin himself. But what do you expect
from someone who on national television mocks disabled people?
In this website you will see how it was virtually impossible, statistically for Donald
Trump to legitimately win this election. It was not that all the polls were wildly wrong, but
rather the
polls were correct and pointed out that fraud had been
at the election machines. In particular those electronic machines which
we will show can be easily, quickly, manipulated without leaving a trace. You may begin
to start thinking that perhaps...just perhaps, that after a thaw in "The Cold War", The
Kremlin may have managed to put KGB (FSB) "mole(s)" into the White House with the
intention of  slowly turning the US into a Dictatorship by deception and intimidation---a
US Dictatorship submissive to oligarch Vladimir Putin's Russian regime. We are
witnessing this now with a oligarch wannabee, Trump, who makes  scathing attacks on
the press and civil rights as he attempts to spread an authoritarian virus to US
institutions. Trump will bow lower and faster than most, to his Master and BCF (Best
Comrade Forever), Vladimir Putin, as Trump follows in the footsteps of all politicians who
would use democracy, end democracy!
The link immediately below shows a statistical analysis of a CNN Exit Poll which shows that voters in certain
swing states where Trump said overwhelmingly that they did
not vote for Trump.
The Speakers
Can we vote Donald Trump out of office in 2020?  Assuming that Trump is not arrested
nor impeached, which is very likely to occur, we still run into the same problem with
rigged voter machines. Should we do nothing? The answer is that only disaster waits for
those who believe that Trump represents the new normal and that nothing should or
could be done to fix the voter machine problem. You will see things happen in the United
States and elsewhere you never thought possible. You are already seeing Trump work
to destroy the free press and media. You are seeing Trump working to place his
subordinates in power in his cabinet and on the courts--another take over. You will see a
sharp increase in hate crimes. You will see Trump crack down more on dissent, go to
"war" against the Democrats and even some Republicans. Trump will be preparing for a
real war as well. This could easily be a "terrorist" attack exaggerated by Trump or made
up or a "false flag" operation by Trump.This is Donald Trump's real agenda--an
authoritarian takeover of the United States with Trump as the autocratic ruler of the
US--along the lines of a Putin Russia. Except Trump's version may even be more
than Putin's and so Putin--who handed the election to Trump--may even be having "buyer's remorse".
Much of this will scare many of the Republicans who will want to dump Trump as soon
as possible. They want power and money and legislation from Trump, but some in
government are starting to think of Trump as "The Nuclear Kid"  who must be handled
with "Kid Gloves" lest Trump blows up. However, the fear is that something really, really
bad happens, and we are not referring to some Twitter rage at 3am. We are speaking of
something far, far worse. They are becoming fearful of some deadly irrational act that
Donald Trump will do in a fit of rage because of some insult or imagined insult
somewhere in the world or in his mind. These fears about how unstable Trump is could
explain some of the leaks that could be even coming out of the White House such as
what happened with perhaps the most successful spy network of all time  
The Lucy Spy
set up by the Russians (See From Russia With(out) Love). (See also the book,
Angel Justice
).This the Republicans think, is not what they signed up for, so to speak.
So they are thinking Trump should go, but they will not do so since Republicans want
several pieces of legislation from him. They want to end Obama Care (but realize they
may not be able to do this). They want large tax cuts for the very wealthy. They want an
extreme conservative on the Supreme Court. They don't want to undercut Trump with his
large support base and upset least at this time. They think that they still may be
able to get what they want out of Trump before they drop him like a lead balloon.
Once the House and Senate Republicans get want they want... they will be ready to
dump Trump. They will figure that they will have Pence with whom they can deal with.
Thus, until that time when Trump fulfills his promises about tax cuts and his supreme
court pick, Trump will probably stay in as president. After that time, the Republicans
will in all likelihood throw Donald Trump under the bus in terms of letting there be an
independent counsel and/or commission to investigate Trump and his allies and/or an
impeachment by the House and then conviction by the Senate
with Republican blessings.
The Angel Justice Blog:Dream about Putin Poisoning American Protesters
We can make a very strong circumstantial case for the vote
tallying machines being rigged for Donald Trump using in
part, evidence that has been overlooked and revolutionary
statistical techniques..
See also our very strong evidence showing that it was literally
impossible for Trump to win legitimately
The Trump people have a cover story as to why the statistics show it to be impossible
for Trump to have won. Their silly story is that "Trump supporters are ashamed to be
Trump supporters". The cliaim is that they have been infected with what has become
know as Shy Trump Syndone or STS . This is shown to be without merit on this
website and in this
What is most amazing is that this bizarre "Alternative Fact" only seems to work in those swing states where
there were the most of the older model electronic voting machines which are easily hacked remotely or
in-person, without leaving a trace.
Angel Justice Blog: Part 4: Is Donald Trump too Evil even for Julius Caesar?
Angel Justice Blog: Part 2: Dream Interpretation of Putin's Alleged Poisoning of Dissenters
New:  Our sources tell us that there could be a new possible arrest
in the case concerning the Trump team. We predict that there will be an
arrest (perhaps soon) of one or more of Trump's aides or one or more of
his Cabinet members. Our sources tell us that some of these people are
under surveillance now and arrests could be pending depending upon the
evidence that is uncovered against them.
The Angel Justice Website is dedicated to promoting World Peace and Brotherhood and
Equality. Presently, the focus has been largely upon the Election Hacking that has caused
in part the election of repressive and authoritarian politicians who would end justice,
equality and seek more violence and wars and the eventual destruction of our civilizations, if
not the planet. This website is completely self-funded and receives no contributions nor
support. All work is done on a completely volunteer basis with no compensation for any
expenses. If you like what is being said and done by this website, then it is asked that you
help support our effort.
You can do this by going to our Book Page and purchasing Loren
Christian Books, Lectures and Tutoring for Statistics, Probability, Chemistry, History and
other subjects for College.
Angel Justice Blog: Part 5: Is Chris Matthews in Error about Trump?
Is Barack Obama Legitimizing Trump?
From Russia With Love_Trumps
Bromance with Russian Spies:
The latest news is that Russian spies had penetrated into voting software for the  2016 election according to
CNN news and The Intercept.
Dalai Lama and his Nazi Disciple:  SS Officer Heinrich Harrer
Dalai Lama and his Serial Killer Friend: Dr. Bruno Beger
Loren Christian Lectures
Putin Confessions