Letter of reference
Larry , Professional Tutor

To Whom It Concerns,

Larry       has served the Tutoring and Study Center of Syracuse University for many years, and we have been
delighted with his professionalism, his dedication, his knowledge, and his work ethic.  His work with students has
consistently been outstanding.  In addition, we have called on Larry multiple times over the years to try out
innovations for the Center.  In particular, Larry has been instrumental in our online tutoring program - something we
have allowed only for our best tutors, given the difficulties on the non face-to-face environments.  In the past, he
helped us navigate and evaluate electronic materials form the ALEKS program for calculus and mathematics
courses.  This led to University College's purchase of selected course modules for their students in statistics; the
course that was the most significant variable in graduation rates.  

Larry is one of those exceptional persons who truly enjoys working with students as they traverse and dig into
difficult knowledge. He has been instrumental in helping our engineering students with engineering courses and
mathematics, using both the course texts and additional material (written and online) to be sure the students find
explanations that make sense for their own learning, and provide additional depth in material when warranted.  In
addition, he is a wealth of knowledge in a number of history fields, and he has been helpful in those as well.  

We have received countless numbers of accolades and testimonials from students with whom Larry has worked,
testifying to the grades they have earned on tests, in the entire courses, and - most importantly to us - the learning
they've experienced.  They attribute their success to Larry, who makes a strong point of always working to ensure
the student grasps the underlying base of information.  In this way, he assures that students never simply "get
answers" for their homework problems, but rather, engage in the requisite reading and work to actually master the
content.  This is Larry's success story, and it the heart of what all education is about - the learning, not the grades.  

In fact, it is his insistence on mastery that would serve him well in the teaching field.  Larry would be sure to provide
the text, the Blackboard work, and the background written and electronic information to be sure all students had the
materials they'd need for course mastery.  He understands that not all students learn in the same way - which is
often why students come for tutoring in the first place - so he understands that one way of lecturing or text may not
be sufficient for all learners.   In addition, his teaching and tutoring work, done with the Tutoring and Study Center,
cannot help but carry over into lecture, class projects, and into office hour work with students.  In fact, tutoring
various learners is one of the most potent ways to improve one's teaching skills; one must work to find the methods
that will assist each particular learner, taking into account that person's background knowledge and study patterns.  
I have no doubt that he would require struggling students to visit him during office hours, and he would most
certainly send students to selected tutors in the center.  In fact, since the courses he might teach are likely to be
difficult, I believe he would be glad to connect with selected tutors to share course syllabi, expectations, and
potentially, work towards a directed group tutoring format.  In this way, a professor's reach is extended to additional
"apprentices", ensuring that more students, rather than less, master course content.  In mathematics and
engineering, that is our nation's apparent need; in history and other courses, it would be just as relevant.     

In short, I would recommend Larry      highly for additional assignments in teaching, tutoring, or working intellectually
with postsecondary students.  

Please contact me if you have further questions.  

Most Sincerely,


Retired Director, Tutoring & Study Center

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure to write this reference letter for Lawrence     , who has served as a professional tutor for
Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Math, History, Political Science, and a host of other courses for the Syracuse
University Tutoring & Study Center from August 2007 through the present. In order to become a tutor at
Syracuse University, it is necessary to have the recommendation of either the professor teaching the course or
the department chair. We ask professors to recommend individuals who have a thorough understanding of the
content material for the courses, and who also demonstrate a potential for intellectual leadership and a
willingness to facilitate learning.

To be a good tutor requires considerable skill. It demands that you listen carefully to what a student is
struggling with – and it demands that you consider how and why he/she is struggling with that particular
concept or material. Next, it requires that you match your method of explaining and demonstrating to methods
that are most likely to help the student learn the concepts.  It means, never doing the work for a student, as
that cheats him/her of the education. It means traversing the zone between the expert (the professor) and the
novice (the student) and bridging the gap between them.  Lawrence does all these things very well, and this
ability has made him one of our most popular tutors.  Lawrence is an often requested tutor. He relates to the
students he tutors, he is able to present his knowledge of the courses he is tutoring in such a way that
students feel more confident in their ability to understand the material.  

Tutors at our center are responsible for setting and keeping appointments, submitting evaluations for each
tutoring sessions and keeping the center informed of any potential problems that the student may be having.
Lawrence fulfills these tasks admirably, never needing reminders to keep up to date with his paper work.

Syracuse University has a very diverse population of students.  Lawrence’s tutoring has exposed him to
working with students of many different backgrounds. Lawrence is an intrinsic part of our tutoring center. He
has come to my rescue many times, when I needed help for students who have waited until the last minute to
seek assistance. He juggled his own schedule to help students who needed his knowledge.

I would highly recommend Lawrence , without reservation.  I believe he would be an outstanding addition to
your program.

Very Sincerely,

Interim Director
S... University
Tutoring & Study Center

I would like to recommend that you consider Mr. Larry  to be added to your staff of tutors for General Chemistry.  I
had a long and pleasant conversation with Larry and feel that I have a good sense of how he would approach his
responsibilities as a tutor and the skills that he would bring to the task. .Larry brings to years of experience and the
wisdom about student learning problems, and approaches to addressing learning difficulties that those years of
experience have given him.  It was also quite satisfying to find that he seeks to help students to develop skill as
problem solvers and to develop a systematic approach to learning that would aid the student in contexts beyond that
which was immediately addressed in a tutorial session. It is his way to never simply shows the student “how to get the
answer” or the way to solve a particular problem but to help them to develop the skills and proper approaches to

In summary, I would highly recommend  Larry  to be hired as a tutor for Academic Support.


The Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing Engineering employed Larry...

Larry was the sole instructor for a Graduate course in the College of  Engineering and Computer Science, entitled
Statistics for Engineers.

"Larry prepared an appropriately pced course for more than 25 Graduate students. As Chair of the sponsoring
department, I heard positiver  reviews of Larry's teaching style from several students and did not received any

Larry made himself available to the students, arranging numerous one on none meetings and scheduling extra help
sessions for those students who were falling behind. Undoubtedly, Larry's experience as a tutor made him much
more sensitive to problems that individual student were having, as well as better able to cope with them.

In summary, I am very please with the value that Larry provided to the College of Engineering and Computer

I would not hesitate to utilize him as an instructor again if an opportunity arises.
Larry is two sections of our Mathematics courses. I have seen student evaluations for one section of this course ans
as a result, I am impressed with Larry's teaching skills. This is one of the hardest courses to teach in our curriculum
because of the abundance of math anxiety.

Almost all of his students praise Larry for his ability to lecture and for concern for the students' grasp of material. As
an example, one student who had failed this course before said he/she finally understood athe material and credited
Larry's teaching with his/her success. Most instructors of this course don't receive good evaluations for several

As a colleague, I have found Larry enthusiastic, cooperative, and conscientious. I can recommend his  without

Chair, Department of Mathematical/Computer Science