Angel Justice Blog: Part 3
Another Dream about Donald Trump
For several months now, Angel Justice

As the World becomes more familiar with the work here of Angel Justice, a new school of thought is emerging. While

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Another Dream about Vladimir Putin
I have had several Dreams about Vladimir Putin
that are noteworthy. As I wanted to talk about
Donald Trump, I will only give a preview of those

Vladimir Putin has been very angry with me. In
fact, I have had numerous Dreams about Putin
being very upset with me, over and over again.
Perhaps because I can say:  Comrade!  " I know
what you did last Summer (and Fall) to the US
Elections!  I know that Donald Trump would not be
president if your espionage services had not
invaded the United States with a large cyber
attack. I will not be intimidated by you Comrade
Putin, and I will let the world know what you have

However, my experience for years has been that if
you have a number of nightmares about (the Dreamer) need to listen. With
the unusually high number of people who disagree
with you in Russia being poisoned...I think I will
postpone my plans to visit Russia. Therefore, I am
temporarily cancelling my plans to visit Russia for
now. However, I will visit Russia whenever I please
and at the time of my choosing, and you Comrade
Putin, will not be able to stop me from coming to
Russia, (unless of course you publicly tell the
world that I am not welcome in Russia). But then,
you will be admitting that I have been speaking the
truth about your war-like interference in the US,
European, Baltic States and Ukrainian Elections. I
will have much more to say later.
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