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Trump's real Boss, Comrade Vladimir Putin was very pleased
with the meeting above. After all, this is how Putin began his
rise to power in a once quasi-democratic Russia. Perpetrate
whatever you want as former KGB and then make sure you
(Putin) eliminate anyone who might prosecute you. Also, you
rely upon your "good luck" but "bad luck" of those who
oppose you, who seem to end up being poisoned, shot,
beaten to death, having jumped from high buildings, tortured
to death in prison on bogus charges. How else do you
become the richest man in the world on a bureaucrat's
salary?  Besides, this "bad luck" could not have anything to
do with Putin as Donald Trump always has praise for Putin.
Putin also has high poll ratings in Russia. Everyone knows
that polls in Western Democracies are fake when they are
unfavorable to Donald Trump, but completely accurate when
done in Russia under the watchful eye of the FSB (formerly
Is Donald Trump too
Evil for Julius Caesar?
Angel Justice has predicted from November 8,
2016 that Trump's business dealings (including
Russia) will bring about Trump's downfall in the
form of Impeachment and/or Arrest. Arrests were
also predicted for some of Trump's aides and  
Donald Trump
"At least now, we will get only the real news which is anything that I Donald
Trump say is true, even if that changes from minute to minute or if I say things
that are self-contradictory, defy reality and are devoid of all credibility!"
Putin Dream
" It is now Time to Party!  Who better to Party with?....than the Communist
, that is the Russian Communist Party or former members or
representatives thereof. And let's have an exclusive Party in the Oval Office of the
White House and exclude all American media!" These Russian guys really know
how to Party." " They are super fun!"
From your (BCF) Best Comrade Forever, Vladimir Putin
"Now that I Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General
Sally Yates and US Attorney Preet Bharara, I finally put an end to the fake Russia
probe. I still have to deal with the witchhunt from The Special Prosecutor."
"Now, there will be no more fake news from the likes of Rachel Maddow, Jake
Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Don Lemon, or Chris Cuomo saying that I, would have
anything to do with people like top Russian Spy,
Sergei Kislyak."
"My BCF, Vladimir Putin asked me to entertain some Russian spies for this big
Party. I let them bring in their own electronic equipment  and Russian
photographers  into the Oval Office and tossed out all of the American press.
Who needs the fake American media when I can have genuine Russian media
which always tells the truth...the Putin truth."
"As a Party favor, I gave the Russians some highly classified material. This was
supposed to be a secret, I mean giving the Russians all of this classified
information. Who knew that the CIA and NSA would betray me, their president, to
the fake news American media. Some of the American fake news was  afraid
that the Russians could use their electronic equipment to find out highly classified
material. Not to worry, I simply just told the Russians what they wanted to know.
No need for subterfuge from them."
The above are fake quotes but are based upon
legitimate news reports about Donald Trump
"I knew it was wrong to give the Russians highly classified
information, but my BCF Vladimir Putin asked me to do it. I had to
repay him in some way. After all, without Putin's assistance and
interference with the American elections... I might not have won
the Presidency". Then where would the US be...they would have
crooked Hillary Clinton who might inadvertently let secrets slip
when she used her own email server to send out wedding
invitations. No wonder I told everyone to "lock her up!".
"All I can say is...U Rah,  U Rah, for my BCF, Vladimir Putin. He is
my idol. I want to be just like him and just as rich and I don't care
how I do it or who gets hurt or killed by it. Putin is so cool and
generous that he is always willing to give yellow cake to even
people who criticize him. What  an amazing coincidence that
those same people get sick & die!"
" In  any case, the information would never by believed by Putin.
No one could ever think that I, the President of the United States,
could be that much of a knucklehead to give out highly classified
material to the Russians inside the Oval Office. Absolutely, no
"But, hey, I am the president! Can you believe it!  So, I am above
the law. I know I told my aides to deny the charges, but now I
admit them. This may make them look foolish, but so what...I am
the president!  If I want to give highly classified material to the
Russians, it is my privilege to do it and none of your business
America!  This is between me and my Russian comrades. Maybe
some people can get killed from what I did, and some countries
won't trust us with their intelligence material...but so what...I was
legitimately elected and had the largest inauguration and won the
popular vote except for about 5 Million aliens voting illegally, and
I can be just like Andrew Jackson"
"If only I can be left alone by this Special Prosecutor. So I can
act like my Master, Vlad Putin or this Turkey dude. Also, I just
want to help out my big billionaire  donors with a tax-cut based
upon gutting affordable health insurance for the poor, disabled,
sick, elderly, but who cares! It's none of my business. I have a
golfing match to attend.  After that, I want another huge tax cut
for the super rich to be paid for by the poor and middle class.
And you thought I was only kidding when I mocked the disabled!
The joke is on you America!" Don't look so surprised America!.
You made a Devil's Bargain in electing me, Donald Trump as
your President and now...the Devil's Bill is coming due. Enjoy
me, America!
"Putin is not the only Dictator I admire. I really like the Dictator of
Turkey. I like his style. On 5/18/17, while visiting me, he talked to
his body guards and then, almost in front of the White House,
they ran out of his car and while the Turkey Dictator watched, they
beat the devil out of those peaceful
American protesters. The
Turkey Dictator/President then bundled them out of the country
before they could be locked up for assault. And why not?  
Everyone knows that only crooked Hillary Clinton should be locked up! This
Turkey Prez is a real cool dude and super fun to be around, and I have
nothing but praise for him!" I wish I had the nerve to go to other countries
and brutally assault their citizens there who would dare to peacefully protest
me. After all, I am Pharoah...ooops!  I mean President of the USA."
Speaking of Egypt, I can't wait to meet the Dictator of Egypt. I hear he is
super fun and a super cool dude too...just like the Turkey dude and, of
course, my BCF, and super cool and super fun, Vladimir Putin."
open, where I simply hand to them, highly classified material.  Russian
Espionage never criticizes me. People tell me that Russian Espionage says that
I am a "useful idiot". I showed those Americans that I am not a "useful idiot",(a
term invented by Lenin, the first 20th Century Russian Dictator, and often used
by KGB (FSB)). At least I am not "useful" to the Russians as I have done
nothing but to create havoc in the world...OOps!...maybe they are right about
me. It doesn't matter, I am so giddy about having real Russian spies like me at
our party above, just like being in a James Bond movie. Moreover, Master Putin
likes me and approves of the job I've done.  That is much more important than
Americans liking me or approving of me. My loyalty is to the Kremlin and to the
super, super fun, and super,super cool, Savior of The World, Master Vladimir
Putin." (fake quote)
jealous! Admit it! I am celebrating that  the crazy, nut job FBI people were fired by me
ending the Russia probe and easing the pressure on me. I can't trust the US Intelligence
Community.They are always criticizing me & suggesting that I or my aides might have
secret contacts with the Russians and might give to them highly classified material (just like
crooked Hillary Clinton). I proved them wrong as all of my Russian meetings, are out in the
"This is me, Donald Trump, above with my old BCF, Sergei Kislyak, top Russian spy and
another Russian operative, also named Sergei (something or other). I am  celebrating with
the people who really matter to me. Just look at their faces. They are super cool & super
fun dudes! Aren't you jealous that you can't party with them as well! Of course you're
"I talked to these Russian dudes about removing sanctions for invading  
Ukraine. People say that I don't care about  Ukraine. They talk about
Russia's Stalin killing millions of Ukrainians. I will go one step further...I
don't care about anyone!!, except some friends and family.  I only care
about money & power to rule people. Who cares how many Ukrainians
die, as long as the tank trap is built...Oops, I just quoted a Russian-hating
Nazi from long ago. Anyway, I  told tens of  millions of Americans to
drop dead and get off health care in order to financially enrich some
billionaires  and I am willing to promote destructive global warming that
will kill everyone on the planet. So why take me to task if I don't care
about the unnatural deaths of just a few million foreigners?" "I may even
start a war, just for the heck of it & kill Billions of people! So there!" You
elected me" If you don't like it...move to Russia for a better life!
Speaking of foreign dictators, I like that fun dude,
Generalissimo Franco of Spain. He invented that
phrase circa 1939, "Fifth Columnist". I hear Franco is
dead. Doesn't matter, I want him in my Cabinet. Why
do people say I am a "Fifth Columnist for Russia.?  I
am not a journalist. I can't even write one column, let
alone the Fifth
English or Russian. I don't read or write,except Tweets. Doesn't
matter, I know that they mean that I write the real news and not
fake news, like CNN. That is why I am a Fifth Columnist. Long Live
Vladimir Putin, My Master & BCF."
Secrets of the Dalai Lama