Dalai Lama:
Cult of Doom!!
In what other Cult can you be a convicted mass murderer, (such as Dr. Bruno Beger) kidnap children, abuse them,
torture them, poison them, hack them to pieces and use their skeletons for a private museum and still be honored by
the Master of the Cult?  Where...with the
Dalai Lama Cult, that's where!
The story starts in 1935, with three individuals, who first came together in Tibet. One is known as the Dalai Lama who
was born in India, near Tibet. The other is
Heinrich Harrer, who had illegally joined Hitler's Storm Troopers in Austria.
The other is
Dr. Bruno Beger who was an officer in Hitler's elite terrorist group of killers, known as the Nazi SS.
First picture above shows an earlier picture of Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer and next to that, a later picture of
Harrer with his Master, The Dalai Lama. On the right below, is another picture of
Nazi SS Officer Heinrich Harrer with his
other Master...Adolph Hitler. The Dalai Lama offered sanctuary and safe harbor for
Heinrich Harrer who was a
member of a criminal organization which committed atrocities upon American and British POW's.
Harrer was a fugitive
from justice who had escaped from  the British authorities and fled to Tibet where the Dalai Lama hid him in the Dalai
Lama's palace (which was built by slave labor under the whip of the Lamas).  On the right below, is a picture of some of
the 30 Nazi SS (Adolph Hitler's former body guards), who were invited by the Lamas to Tibet (according to Bruno
Beger's Memoirs) and who brought weapons to give to the Lamas to start a war against Britain. Notice the Swastika
over the dinner table with
Dr. Bruno Beger present. After Beger meets the Dalai Lama and completes his mission to
Tibet, he goes to Germany to partake in
Crimes Against Humanity.
In what other Cult can you be part of a terrorist organization which ties American POW's to trees to be used as target
practice for bayonets and bullets while still alive and then hack them up and then be given safe harbor by the Cult
Leader, from criminal prosecution? Where...The
Dalai Lama Cult!  that's where!
"In 1942, SS-Hauptsturmführer Prof. Dr. August Hirt, chairman
of the anatomy department at the Reich University in
Strassburgu, set about assembling a collection of Jewish
skeletons under the auspices of the Ahnenerbe Foundation.
To this end, he received permission from Himmler to select
the required number of prisoners at Auschwitz Concentration
Camp. The selection of 115 persons (79 Jewish men, 30
Jewish women, 2 Poles, and 4 "Asians"--probably Soviet
POWs) and the preliminary preparation, consisting of
biometrical measurements and the collection of personal data,
were carried out by Hirt's collaborator, SS-Hauptsturmführer
Dr. Bruno Beger, who arrived in Auschwitz in the first half of
1943. Beger finished his work by June 15, 1943. After going
through quarantine, some of the prisoners whom
selected were sent in July and early August to
Natzweiler-Struthof Concentration Camp, where they were
killed in the gas chamber. The victims' corpses were sent to
Hirt as material for his
Skeleton Collection, which was intended
for use in anthropological studies that would demonstrate the
superiority of the Nordic race"
Once Beger returns to
Germany, he plans to
kidnap men, women and
children  for his grotesque
medical experiments. One of
the people he kidnaps is
Elisabeth Klein.
Elisabeth Klein: kidnapped and abused,
poisoned and hacked to pieces by Dalai
Lama friend, Dr. Bruno Beger.
Source:  The State Museum of Auschwitz-Berkenau
How does the Dalai Lama respond to this depraved mass murderer and the evil he perpetrated?
Beger is later tried and found guilty of
Crimes Against Humanity in a Tribunal.
Picture of
Bruno Beger to the left.
Hello Dalai!......It's Party Time!!! with...
The Nazi Party!
 and Dalai Lama & for those
Devotees of his, who are Nazis, Criminals, Neo-Nazis &
Terrorists Devotees!!
Try to find any of Dalai Lama's devotees or Hollywood Celebs, such as Harrison Ford or Richard Gere uttering a
single word even slightly critical of their Master, the Dalai Lama or the depraved behavior of some of this closest
cronies. Where is
Senator Nancy Pelosi in all of this when her Master, The Dalai Lama, has hidden a fugitive who
belonged to an illegal terrorist group which butchered American POW's. Why doesn't she say something?,Just too much
fun deluding themselves that they are spiritual because they received the blessings from "His Nothingness".
Here is the Dalai Lama embracing his good friend
and devotee:
Bruno Beger. No need to be
concerned about his mass murders and hideous
crimes...too much fun to be had in praising dalai.
Above, The Dalai Lama invites Bruno Beger, among them other
Nazis and terrorists to join in the fun of praising their Master and
Divinity...The Dalai Lama
How about honoring your Nazi mass murdering crony, Bruno Beger, even more by inviting him to post his memoirs on
your official Dalai Lama website.
What is Beger's Mission in Tibet?  It was several fold. One part was to bring modern weapons to a Pro-Nazi Lama Tibet
and encourage them to attack the British were war to break out with Germany fighting Britain (which it did). The other
was to find evidence of a super race or Aryan race by Beger measuring skulls)  See pictures below and to the right.
The Dalai Lama can also
party with political boss
and Austrian Neo-Nazi
Jorg Haider...picture just
You can party with your
Dalai Lama Death Squad
funded by US Taxpayers
Fact of the matter is: The Dalai Lama
is no more spiritual than his large
donor and Devotee,
Shoko Asahara
who poisoned thousands of
people in the Tokyo Subway to
prove his godliness and his devotion to
the Dalai Lama's concept of God, and
is no more spiritual than Jim Jones who
killed hundreds of his followers by
lacing their Kool Aid with cyanide.
Moreover, many of the Dalai Lama's
Devotees are just blindly devoted to
their Master: the Dalai Lama
Picture on the top left we have the Dalai Lama partying
with the Nazi Party (of Chile) with his crony Miguel
Serrano...Chief of the Chilean Nazi Party. Picture to the
right of that:
Miguel Serrano as MC of his own Nazi
Party rally.
Pictured above is The Dalai Lama draped Swastikas. Next is a picture of Shoko Asahara--The Tokyo Poisoner and
convicted mass murderer. Next, Shoko, Dalai Lama Devotee and donor, is holding hands with his pal, The Dalai Lama.