Exit Polls: Part 2
           Donald Trump loses Electoral College
In the last page, we analyzed the Exit Polls and Pre-Election Polls of
Pennsylvania. We showed that while Donald Trump supposedly received the
greatest number of votes in Pennsylvania, he was well outside the Margin Of
Error of the Exit Polls and Pre-Election Polls which showed that the majority of
voters in Pennsylvania
rejected Trump as being president. Let us now analyze
the Exit and Pre-Election Polls of Florida, which also rejected Donald Trump as
president, but Trump was the supposed winner, outside of the Margin of Error.
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Analyzing the Exit Polls in Florida in 2016
The Pre-Election Polls of Florida (just before Election Day)
Pre-Election Polls on Florida reveal Clinton obtained percentages of 45-50% for
while percentages of 45-49% for Trump with Clinton leading over
Trump in every poll. Non-scientific or biased polls were excluded according the criteria
on the past page. Trump scored in the election, 49.06%, win over Clinton which is
almost impossible given how many INDEPENDENT polls showed him behind all the
Exit Polls taken in Florida right after the Election
According to TDMS Research, the CNN, Exit Polls of Florida was 47.7% for
and 46.4% for Trump.   However, the Election results show:
47.2% for Clinton
and 49.06% for Trump, which according to
TSMS was outside the
Margin of Error, just as it was in Pennsylvania. This means it
is a very low probability that Trump would win the election in Florida.
Voter Machines in Florida and which are vulnerable to attack
       What these polls now mean
As in Pennsylvania, we see again a similar pattern in Florida. That is, Pre-Election
polls showing that Trump had almost a 0% chance of winning in Florida. With exit polls
stating that the majority of voters rejected Trump at the polls. Yet, somehow or other,
Trump wins the election in Florida! This meant that Trump received another 29
Electoral Votes, that he should not have received.
The vulnerability factor of voter machines in Florida
If we view these links above of voter machines considered vulnerable by the
Princeton University Cyber Experts, we see that Florida is also quite vulnerable
to election fraud. Keep in mind, according to Hacking Democracy, the HBO
documentary, you can swing a state election with very few corrupted machines,
possibly even just one. Also keep in mind, Russian Espionage had penetrated
and hacked US Election Offices according to the CIA and FBI.
Next, we will consider another state whose Exit Polls showed the voters
rejecting Donald Trump, but yet, Donald Trump had won that state. The next
state will be North Carolina.
Analyzing North Carolina Polls for 2016
Click here for a description of voting machine
vulnerabilities to internet and/or in-person hacking
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