Gremlins From the Kremlin: Part 3
More from the US Intelligence Community
Report of January 6, 2017   
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  • "Putin has had many positive experiences
    working with Western political leaders
    whose business interests made them more
    disposed to deal with, such as former Italian
    prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and former
    German Chencellor Gerhared Schoroeder".
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Putin Ordered Campaign to
Influence US Election
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  • "By their nature, Russian influence
    campaigns are multifaceted and designed to
    be deniable  because they use a  mix of
    agents of influence, cutouts,* front
    organizations, and false-flag operations** ".
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Cyber Espionage Against US
Pollitical Organizations
  • "The General Staff Main Intelligence
    Directorate (GRU) probably began cyber
    operations aimed at the US election by
    March 2016"         Page 2: ARA
Russian Campaign Was Multifaceted
Page 2: ARA
"The Kremlin's campaign aimed at the US
election featured disclosures of data obtained
through Russian cyber operations, intrusions
into US state and local electoral boards..."
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* _______________________________________________
A  "Cutout" is an espionage term relating to someone
who is a trusted intermediary to pass along information or
documents or flash drives, memory cards to computers,
and so on.
A false or black flag operation is a deception calculated
to mislead so that a political ruler can "justify"  an
aggression or some other violent action and blame it on
someone else. A good example of this was when Adolph
Hitler had members of his elite killer squad (The SS)
dress up as Polish soldiers and attack a German radio
station in 1939. Hitler then had political prisoners
drugged, and shot in cold blood on the spot and placed
them into German uniforms and claimed they were
defending against Polish troops and shot by the Polish
troops. This
false-flag operation was then used to justify
to the world why Hitler invaded Poland in September