Is The Dalai Lama a persecutor of other religions?
If you have been following my webpages about the Dalai Lama, you have seen a very clear theme--The Dalai Lama is a
fraud. Worse than that, he is a fraud with a lust for the company of slavers, Nazis, Neo Nazis, violent terrorists, convicted
mass murderers and serial killers, and other violent criminals. The Dalai Lama hopes to disguise his fraud with the use
of deluded politicians and the Hollywood Dalai Lama Chic. He hopes to turn this into a cash award of $100,000 of
American Taxpayer money in October 2015 by receiving (under false pretenses) a Liberty Award.
We turn now to a different, but also darker side of this fake monk. It appears that "His Holiness (Nothingness)" may be a
religious bigot in addition to all of his other serious flaws.
Much of the articles contained herein are derived from the above link to the International Shugden Community.
According to the above link, signs (for areas under the Dalai Lama's control) are posted for restaurants, hospitals and
even the Dalai Lama's residence, stating that: "No Shugden's Allowed".
The Shugdens represent a religion that the Dalai Lama doesn't like. Thus he apparently believes he can discriminate
Exile is alleged to hav said:
“When privately owned restaurants and stores carry signs that say the Dholgyal
worshippers are not welcome, then that is the freedom of the owners. That is their
Fundamental Human Rights. […] Let alone that, in the hospitals, people infected
with contagious diseases are quarantined and not allowed to meet with other
people.” 26 July 2014, India.
If this were the United States, such discrimination would be illegal. The justification used would be considerable
laughable. Yet this is what the Dalai Lama's devotees apparently do. Not very surprising for a Dalai Lama who is so
enamoured by Nazis and mass murderers and is always praising them.
Dalai Lama Cultists
"...even some Dalai Lama supporters admit that the Dalai Lama is a
buffoon who spouts gibberish and nonsense..."
Who are these Dalai Lama Cultists and are they believeable? Let us be clear about who we are talking about. We are
not talking about the occasional Dalai Lama supporter who goes to Dalai Lama talks on occasion. I have spoken with
some of these people. They seem like very nice people, but have bought into the illusion that The Dalai Lama is some
celebs or musicians who accompanied him They also said when he spoke he was incomprehensible, clownish and
boring and they left, but still thought he was some kind of spiritual person but could not say why they thought that. Thus,
even some some Dalai Lama supporters admit that the Dalai Lama is a buffoon who spouts gibberish and nonsense.
" my opinion, The Dalai Lama Cult may be the most
dangerous cult
in the world today..."
When speaking of Dalai Lama Cultists, I speak of the more fanatical devotees of the Dalai Lama. These are the
devotees who have contacted me and offered sometimes the most ridiculous of rationales for the Dalai Lama's behavior.
When they don't get their way, they sometimes make very serious physical threats against me. It includes those
Devotees who have a proven track record of violence, such as
Dr. Bruno Beger, Shoko Asahara and
Heinrich Harrer
whose terrorist group massacred hundreds of American POW's by tying them to trees and using
them for target practice. It also includes members of The Dalai Lama's own terrorist group formed in the 1960's;
Serrano, head of the Chilean Nazi Party, Austrian politician and Hitler admirer, Jorg Haider.
Cultists) sometimes make very serious physical threats against
Dalai Lama is a fraud.