Russians Hacking
Voting Machines
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The Russians have long maintained a Secret Police which has engaged in so called:
"black-ops". Since the days of the Tsar where The Obchrana forged documents and spread
false news to incite hatred and violence against minorities within Russia in order to distract
from how the leading oligarch of the time (The Tsar) was bleeding people dry of their material

Then came the Revolution in 1917, and Russia had its first experiment with democracy. This
did not last long (for reasons we can't go into here). Then we had the Bolsheviks (Communists)
and the Cheka (Secret Police for the Communist). They promoted terror in order to keep the
Bolsheviks in power. The Cheka then evolved into the NKVD and the  General Staff Main
Intelligence Directorate (GRU)   which served the interests of perhaps Russia's most brutal
dictator, Joseph Stalin. The NKVD knew how to make sure who the winner was when an
election was held. This skill was later carried on by the KGB and then now, the FSB which
serves the whim of Russia's newest and richest (85 Billion Dollars) oligarch, Vladimir Putin.
The point of this history lesson is to show that years of experience in very successful
espionage and building skill sets to undermine countries, armies, and even elections as stated
in the
US Intelligence Community Assessment of January 6, 2016.(ARA) Moreover, Russian
Intelligence is usually pretty good at espionage without leaving any trace, unless they want to
for some, (and probably not for a good reason), or they simply don't care if they are detected.

So now, this brings us to the 2016 US Election. We have seen with the
US Intelligence
Community Assessment (ARA) of January 6, 2017, how 17 US Intelligence Agencies had
mostly "high confidence" of an attack on the US elections and election hardware by the
Russians and how for many years Russia has used cyber war to interfere with elections in
other countries. However, ARA pointed out, that they did not detect a
direct attack upon the
voter tally machines. The report was silent upon Russian Intelligence making an
indirect attack
upon the machines.
Russian Intelligence anticipating any cyber attack would be detected by US Intelligence would
not attack the voter tally machines directly. Such direct attacks upon the voter tally machines,
once detected by US Intelligence, could easily backfire on Moscow. It is far more likely that
Russian Intelligence would make an
indirect attack on other hardware within the local election
office instead. As said, Russian espionage would anticipate that their indirect attacks would be
detected by US Intelligence... and such attacks were made and were detected by US
Intelligence.  Russian intelligence could do something, they knew would be detected but that
might seem somewhat harmless but then plant a sleeper computer virus, which may not be
detected. The computer virus could then affect only those voter tally machines connected to
them at a later time...and affect the voter tally., and probably no one would notice...or almost no
one would notice. The vote could then be fixed so that Donald Trump would always
matter what the true vote was. The virus could then delete itself out and no one would  be the
wiser. The only way for someone to notice would be if someone brought up that the polls
(taken just before the election) were wildly "wrong". This was noticed, but mostly ignored.
shown in this website, the polls being that wrong could only happen at best, one chance in one
trillion, trillion...not very likely!
Even if someone suspected  the voting machines had been tampered with by the Russians,
nothing would be done. There have been recounts, but there has been no forensic analysis of
the electronic voter machines used. Thus, no trace of the fraud (assuming that the Russians
had followed this hypothetical scenario).
According to the Dictionary a  "Gremlin" is:

1.  A mischievous invisible being, said by airplane pilots in World War II to cause engine trouble and
mechanical difficulties.

2. Any cause of trouble, difficulties, etc., especially in a mechanical, electrical, or other system:
The Russian spy system has been so good that during World War II, the Russians set up
perhaps the most successful spy ring of all time. It was called: "The Lucy" spy ring or network.
It operated out of Switzerland. It was so good that it was able to use the German's own code to
transmit to Russia, all of the pertinent German Army orders in real time. It even did this before
the British (using "Ultra") broke the German code ("Enigma") using (at that time) revolutionary
high speed computers.
Let us now consider, hypothetically, a situation where Russian Intelligence could have
indirectly attacked the voter tally machines and changed the course of the election. That is,
change votes for Hillary Clinton into votes for Donald Trump, or just simply added on whatever
number of "votes" into the machine that was needed to give a particular state election to
Donald Trump, notwithstanding that Hillary Clinton had won.
The Hypothetical Attack by Russian Intelligence to Change the Votes & Change the Election
The next step for Moscow to take would be to have the person they favor for election, Donald
Trump, to come out and declare election fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton. Trump would not
necessarily know what was going on. It could just be suggested to him that he make such
declaration. This would make investigation of voter fraud by the Democrats much, much
harder, as they try to reassure the Nation that there is no voter fraud, (but not realizing what
Moscow has done).
How Moscow (or anyone) could alter voting machines
remotely (even if not internet connected)
Now, some of this may sound a little far fetched, such as an indirect attack to get to
the voting machines. However, the CITP (Center for Information Technology Policy) of
Princeton University which sponsors the website: freedom  gives such a
plausible scenario of the altering of the electronic voting machines.
"To hack a voting machine remotely, you might think it has to be plugged in to the
Internet.  Most voting machines are never plugged directly into the Internet.  But all
voting machines must accept electronic input files from other computers: these “ballot
definition files” tell the vote-counting program which candidates are on the ballot.  
These files are transferred to the voting machine, before each election, by inserting a
cartridge or memory card into the voting machine.  These cartridges are prepared on
an Election Management System (EMS) computer.  If that computer is hacked, then it
can prepare fraudulent ballot-definition cartridges.  Are those EMS computers ever
connected to the Internet?  Most of them probably are, from time to time; it’s hard to
tell for sure, given the equivocations of many election administrators."
Below is a quote from a member of the CITP (taken from above link) speaking about
how a voting machine can be hacked remotely, even if that voting machine is never
connected to the internet.
Gremlins From The Kremlin (Part 4)
British Intelligence  had the most advanced scientific techniques in military intelligence. In fact, I
credit in part, British Intelligence for saving my Dad's life. Nevertheless, the Russians have
always seemed to have held the upper hand in Military Intelligence ( at least until American
Intelligence surpassed them).
As I point out in my book, Angel Justice Russian Espionage has been so successful that in
July 1943, near the Ukrainian city of Kursk, German officers were giving a pep rally for their
men and telling them that it was impossible for the Soviets (Russians) to detect their coming
attack. While these officers were telling their men this, the Russians, knowing full well of the
coming attack, launched a massive preemptive sneak attack on the German lines and using
artillery to blast apart the pep rallies designed to assure the Germans that: "Russia had no
clue" and Russia could not possibly launch a sneak the Russians were just doing!
British Counter Intelligence was considered extremely effective. In fact, their reputation was
that they could using gentile techniques, induce confessions from Nazi spies. This was even
so, when the Nazi spy knew that a confession could probably mean execution. Nazi spy rings
just could not operate in Britain because of such an effective organization. (So much for
"water-boarding" being an effective technique as argued by the Trump administration). The
Russian NKVD, on the other hand used rather brutal techniques which we cannot discuss here.