The Speakers Speak:

The Coming of  Donald Trump? or
someone(s) else?
As we spoke before, The Speakers are a benevolent
group of entities, whose purpose in part, is to spread
peace and goodwill to all men and women.
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The question is: what is Donald Trump's part in all of
this? It was not predicted that he would bring this peace
and good will, but it was predicted that this could signal
the beginning of such a period.

Let us go back to 1975. It was then the Speakers told a
story about how people wanted to form a Democracy,
where all people were free, and equal and Brotherhood
reigned. Several hundred years later, many people in
that civilization became stricken with greed and didn't
care anymore about Brotherhood and equality and
freedom for all people. Many showed disdained for
Democracy, but they needed a political leader and guru
and cult leader. Someone who could legitimize greed,
hatred, and disdain for Mankind. Someone who could
aggressively bully the neighboring states, and if
necessary...start a war of conquest.

In the end, the people of this civilization eventually got
fed up with this Guru and cult leader and realized that
they were all going down the road of ultimate doom and
destruction for themselves and their civilization and
started to re-learn the ways of living together in peace
and equality and Brotherhood. The Guru was eventually
expelled from his leadership role.
The Speakers warned about the rise current political and quasi-
religious leaders who would not build pyramids, but some of whom
would rather build “pyramid schemes”. Political and quasi-religious
leaders who seek millions of adoring fans and would build towers and
other large structures instead of pyramids to prove the Pharaoh’s
putative “greatness”. Political and/or “religious” cult leaders who
“promise plenty, give nothing, and take everything”. These “leaders”
offer the usual potpourri of deceit and falsehoods, racial and/or
religious hatred, disparagement of people and indulgence of violence
in the name of the Pharaoh’s religion or cause. However, their rhetoric
is liberally sprinkled with hollow words of love, peace and more hollow
promises of either great rewards of material wealth or redemption in
this life or in “the afterlife” by being a compliant and complacent
religious, or political cult follower. At some point the Pharaoh’s
followers become a slave to the Pharaoh’s jaded ideas and then
become a slave themselves.
Were the Speakers, speaking about the United States?
Were they speaking of Donald Trump or someone
else(s)? Were they just speaking in parables? They have
not yet commented. However, they did speak again later
in more parables as below
The above assertions by The Speakers was
made in 1975 and then later. However in 1985,
more assertions were made. To view these
Click Here.