The Speakers Predict the Elections and
The Speakers did weigh in on the United States
Presidential Elections.
The Speakers, while speaking
only in probabilities (because of the fluid nature of time,
The Speakers only talk in terms of probabilities), gave an
unusual prediction about the elections. They suggested
that not only would the results seem close in some
states, but one could expect in upset. What did that
mean?  Angel Justice, following the polls and a great
believer and Statistics and polls, predicted that Hillary
Clinton would win the election easily. This seemed to
contradict what
The Speakers had to say. Perhaps there
was a mistake. No, in the end, Donald Trump, and not
Hillary Clinton was declared the winner in those states
that the polls showed that Hillary would be an easy
The predictions did not end there. The Speakers have
also predicted that it is highly probable that Donald
Trump would be either impeached or resign or
something like that. The reasons given were that Donald
Trump's business activities are very likely to be
considered in conflict with his duties as President of the
United States and possibly put him in conflict with the
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Angel Justice Commentary:

If The Speakers were speaking of Impeachment and it is
not clear if they were, given the political composition of
the US Congress (the body which can instituted
Impeachment proceedings against a sitting President in
the United States), it is unlikely that an Impeachment can
be least now. A very likely clause of the US
Constitution would be used as the authority for this action
and it has been called The Emolument Clause. Given
that Donald Trump's Vice President is popular among
Conservatives and Donald Trump has a penchant for
making almost everyone angry at him for one reason or
other, a later Impeachment may actually succeed. The
US Senate would then be sent the case, with a supreme
court judge presiding over an impeachment trial. The
Senate could then convict Donald Trump by a 2/3
majority, if they chose and just might do if some
members of his own party are angry enough at him.