The Speakers Speak:  

1985 prediction about our future.
In 1985, The Speakers warned about a coming event(s)
where the world would see the rise of Fascist states, in
somewhat 1930's fashion. They warned that large
numbers of certain people were now beginning to
reincarnate. These particular people had been
persecuted for many years and in some cases, many
life-times...and now were seeking revenge.
called them: "The Eternal Victims". The
Eternal Victims would say: "It is our turn now!". Which
sounds rather ominous.

While many of these people were alive on the planet
before 1985 and many born afterwards, we could see a
spike in their returning to Earth. The Eternal Victims had
almost a religion of hatred, in part because of the
persistent brutal treatment that many had suffered. The
Eternal Victims would however, keep themselves in an
almost endless loop of pain because they would often
strike out in great brutality against any and all who they
did not like or agree with. This, according to the Law of
Karma, will keep you down and always send you back a
life of victimization, until you learn the basic rules of the
Brotherhood of Man (Woman) and learn to love yourself
and your neighbor as well.
The Speakers went on to predict (in probabilistic
terms as they do) the likelihood of a probable, but
possibly not too long of a reversion of the United
States and other countries to a more brutal and
cruel manner of behavior and possibly leading to
wars (and quite unnecessary wars) involving the
United States.
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           Hope For Mankind
The Speakers, in my opinion, are not just trying to scare
the heck out of everyone. They are telling us that there is
hope and a lot of it. Once people realize that they have
hit rock bottom by adhering to a religion of hate...they will
realize that there is no other way to go but up.

Yes, it seems as if the US has elected (and I do mean
seems) a leader with tendencies to promote the worst in
people, but this can used as a learning experience. A
learning experience out of which a new beginning and
loving beginning can arise from this for ourselves and
our planet.