One of the largest drains of Marijuana tax money is the so called; “Black
(illegal) Market”. History has shown that when Marijuana is legalized,
International Criminal Cartels and other criminal gangs move in to make a
profit from Marijuana. The Cartels see no reason to guarantee the safety
of the Marijuana they sell as legal dispensaries must do. They also have
used very serious and deadly poisons in growing their Marijuana, which
needs tax money to clean up. Even the National Guard had to be used
against Black Marketeers, at a cost.

The most salient reason that money profits can’t be a reason is that there
is a danger to some young children and babies and unborn babies. A
moral argument against legalizing Marijuana can be made.
... at after the costs of: possible higher insurance rates for people
because of greater Marijuana traffic accidents. There are the costs of
more education against children beginning to smoke or use Marijuana
because it may be easier to obtain in a legal state. There are the costs of
extra law enforcement in developing new methods and training in
detecting Marijuana Impaired Driving. There are the costs of extra law
enforcement in preventing careless Marijuana smokers from smoking in
public or in public buildings or in residential buildings with common air or
heating or cooling ducts.

There will be costs for lawsuits against the state or dispensaries when
parents find out their children or grandchildren may be physically and/or
emotionally damaged from Second and Third Hand Smoke (smoke
lingering in the air) from careless Marijuana smokers. They may file
lawsuits based upon the theory of the case that the State or Federal
Government passed legalization laws for a product has been proven to
damage at least people and children and the true effects of such drug was
known or should have been known by lawmakers.
Does Legalization
Bring in more
money or more
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While there may seem at first a lot of money can be made in taxes by Marijuana,
it starts fading after legalization. Take New Jersey, for example. A referendum is
being held, but already legalization could take state taxes and not give to the
An employer must pay for Marijuana
according to New Jersey courts
A New Jersey Bill to make Marijuana paid for by Insurance
or the taxpayer
Take for instance a new, New Jersey Bill to force the taxpayer or Insurance to
pay for people's Marijuana. Instead of Marijuana tax money into the
treasury...taxpayers money out of the treasury to pay for Marijuana for people
to use.
CNHI Newspapers say that the Medical Society of the State of
New York, on November 3, 2020 that weed would cost the New
York State more than what in brings in.
"The Medical Society of the State of New York, contends any
revenue the state derives from legalizing marijuana will likely
be exceeded by the cost to New York's public health system
from increased cannabis use."