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Recently, Donald Trump's people have coined a new word, "Alternative Facts". There
have been a lot of jokes about this such as telling a traffic officer that you were not
speeding (when you were). You were just using alternative facts. Or the moon is
made of green cheese (alternative fact).
Of course, this game can get quite silly very soon. The obvious restatement of
"Alternative Facts" are just plain "Falsehoods" (or even outright lies).
Let us look at another interpretation of: Alternative Facts, to wit: Alternate
Interpretations. So we may not be dealing with lies, but rather another interpretation.
The question then becomes, "how valid is the interpretation or alternative fact".
Donald Trump Claim:  There were 3-5 million illegal
votes in the 2016 election.
The above claim is offered with not the slightest bit of evidence by Donald Trump,
other than he "saw a survey" somewhere. Does he mean that there were that many
votes illegally made for him or against him? Well, he now says that he knows for
certain none of the 3 to 5 million voted for him. His proof?...None is needed. Pharaoh's
word (Trump's word)  is all that is needed. He provides no proof that these "voters"
voted against him. However, there
is evidence that there were votes for him, that
were likely illegally made.
The evidence has been offered within this website on a number of occasions.
In fact, the evidence offered is very strong. It involves statistical analysis and
includes the United States Intelligence Community Assessment of January 6,
2017. It also included HBO Documentaries showing just how easy it is to hack
into voter machines and change totals.
Probably, Donald Trump though, is not claiming that there were illegal votes for him,
notwithstanding the strong evidence pointing to just that...large numbers of illegal
votes for him via electronic voting machine tampering. So why even say it?  Is it
madness or perhaps something else?  
Perhaps Donald Trump knows something about the election that he has been keeping
from us. Perhaps it is possible that he knew of the hacking by the Kremlin or by
another agent(s) which altered the vote total in his favor. Those who perpetrate often
point the finger at others.
                     Calling Donald Trump's Bluff
Since Donald Trump as President of the United States has insisted that there is
massive voter fraud, and called for an investigation of voter fraud, then let him now
call for an investigation of the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines. I suggest
that Americans contact their representatives in Congress to insist that we clear this
matter up and investigate voter fraud (which does not exist in the way Donald Trump
says it does) but does exist in electronic voting machines. We know this from
(an HBO documentary) and links from this website to cyber security
experts at Princeton University.
Contact your representatives in Congress and
ask that electronic voting machines be
researched for vulnerabilities (which we know
exist) and electronic voting machines be
banned unless strict safeguards are imposed
on these machines, and which safeguards do
not exist as of now.
Calling Donald Trump's Bluff about Voter Fraud
"The people who cast the votes decide
Nothing! The people who count the votes
Everything! "
Joseph Stalin: Predecessor of Donald Trump's good friend, Vladimir Putin
As Russian Dictator, Joseph Stalin was fond of saying:
Donald Trump wants to say there is voter fraud. Let him put his
administrative power where his twitter hand is, and call for an
independent investigator of
Electronic Voting Machines. Let us find
out whether Donald Trump actually benefited from voter fraud and
whether he is a illegitimate president or not.
What you can do about Trump