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Welcome to the Angel Justice Blog. We will first be
responding to Rep. Nunes's questions to FBI
Director, James Comey and NSA Director, Admiral
Rogers, in regards to Russian hacking of the vote
tallying machines in several states. We will be
updating this on a regular basis. But, here is our
initial response:
Rep. Nunes at the FBI, NSA hearings asked both NSA Director Admiral Rogers
and FBI Director James Comey several questions about voter tally machines in
Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, and Ohio.
question was whether or not they had any evidence that the vote tallying
machines had been hacked.
The answers given were the same: No, they had no evidence. However, what
Rep. Nunes did not ask, which was even more important, was whether or not
there was any investigation of that. Admiral Rogers volunteered that this out of
his jurisdiction, as his agency was focused upon collection of data from foreign
There is no evidence that either agency investigated this possibility and so of
course the answer would be no, even though there was most likely a Russian
hack of the vote tallying machines. The better question would be: did you
investigate whether there was a hack and to what degree. In other words,
without a Forensic analysis of all the machines in local election boards were
checked, there is no way of knowing. It is very unlikely that any machine was
checked, let alone all of the machines.
We still stand by our strong evidence that voter tally machines were altered
either physically or by use of malware in order to give the election to Donald
Trump. We still believe that Donald Trump is not the legitimate president and
therefore Trump's major actions or legislation in the role as president, are not
legitimate, and that includes his picking of a Supreme Court Justice. We also
stand by our sources that say that most probably Donald Trump at some point
will be arrested and/or impeached.
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Vladimir Putin Dream
I want to share a Dream (Nightmare) that I had about Vladimir Putin on March
22, 2017. Some parts of the Dream have been altered slightly.

Vladimir Putin had come to America and was dressed as he does (or his actor
does) in Saturday Night Live, (bare chested). He was carrying "Yellow Cake" *
with him. He said something to the effect:
Putin then, with almost a sinister Bond-type villain smile said ominously:
" Dasvidaniya! **** Americans!"
"Greetings Comrade ** Americans! " I have
Gift*** for Americans who
don't like me,
Vladimir Putin".

"This Gift is
only for Americans who don't like
me, Vladimir Putin."

" It is most delicious! Eat up Americans! I will
feel much better after you eat. Yes, Yes, Yes,  I
will feel much, much, much better after you eat
* Yellow Cake can be a cake to eat or could be related to uranium and
something radioactive and very poisonous. Many of Putin's opponents end up
being poisoned to death. In one case a very rare radioactive element was

** "Comrade" was the official title and greeting in Russia and in the Soviet
Union as well as Soviet satellite countries years ago...when Putin was KGB.
Now, this term is far less used in Russia and usually used (if used at all) by
older Russians. It was law in Roumania, at one time, to have to use that title.

*** "Gift" is the German word for...Poison!

**** This is a Russian expression for...Good Bye!
"If you Americans think that I, Vladimir Putin, The
Savior of Russia and The World, is a miserable
person, then this Gift of Yellow Cake to you, will put
you Americans out of my misery for once and for all!".
After Putin said this, huge numbers of people ran over to the table where Putin had
placed the Yellow Cake and started eating. They were saying just what a nice chap
Vladimir Putin is as they filled up on Putin's "Yellow Cake".
Commenting on Vladimir Putin Dream
This Dream raises a good question: How many people, how many Republican
Congressmen (women) are going to eat (symbolically speaking) Putin's Yellow Cake
(radioactive poison) thinking that he is offering them something sweet and something
wholesome...when they know better than that?
Vladimir Putin is perhaps the richest man in the world in material wealth, but
perhaps one the poorest men in the world in a spiritual sense. Putin apparently
believes it is OK if people get killed in order that he and other oligarchs can
have fabulous riches.
Eating "Yellow Cake" poison with lots of sugar may taste good, but it is deadly.
Becoming a puppet of Trump and by logical extension, a puppet of Putin, in
order to gain great material wealth and power is just as deadly to the soul!
There is an old proverb that says: "The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil". Many
people have even incorporated this precept into a foundation of their religion.
Nevertheless many of these same people tend to ignore one the very foundations of
their religion and yet still pretend that they are true followers of that religion.  If this
proverb is true, then the consequences of loving money, whether it be the Ruble or
Dollar, has serious and even disastrous consequences...which we are seeing now on
our planet.
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