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Angel Justice Blog: Part 2
More Commentary on Putin Dream
In the Putin Dream (Nightmare), we saw how Vladimir Putin declared that he
was the "Savior of Russia and The World". There actually do exist now many
websites (in our physical reality) which also make such an outlandish
Notice how much this sounds like a religious cult leader. Notice also how much this
sounds like Putin's Puppet, Donald Trump, who also apparently believes that he is
entitled to act any way he pleases as he is more than a "president" (in his mind). Both
of these people seem to think that they are like the ancient Pharaohs and are "living
      Angel Justice Blog: Part 1
Because of such false ideas about being like "living divinities", these two people
believe that the "Ends Justify the Means" because they are, in their minds, "living
deities". This is a very dangerous belief to have as it is what has justified committing
evils in the name of good. Perhaps the most evil in history is perpetrated by those
claiming to commit evil in the name of greater good. There is nothing more evil, than
evil perpetrated in the name of "good".
Certainly, lying to degrees and levels unheard of, are now justified. Rulers of
countries mocking disabled people on National Television is now celebrated. Even
poisoning Russians who disagree with you is now justified (just ask Comrade Putin
and while you are at it, ask his Puppet, Donald Trump why he can never criticize his
Puppet Master, Vladimir Putin).   Torture and wars with those who disagree with you
are now justified. After all, you cannot criticize or disagree with a "deity", according to
this perverted philosophy of life (or death). This is the extreme folly of the thinking of
those who so believe that they are deities or mediators to deities, and who believe
that anything is justified if so deemed by them.
While in the Dream, these deluded Dictators, believe anything they do is justified...we
see many completely give up their integrity to these Dictators and slavishly follow
them. It may seem ludicrous that all of these people were so willing to "eat
(radioactive) Yellow Cake " but is it that far from the truth metaphorically speaking?
How many people are willing to believe anything Putin or his puppet, Trump, are
willing to say? No matter how poisonous, or vitriolic or hateful, they will believe what is
said and defend their Master, Tsar, or Pharaoh and do their if these
Dictators are "Deities". These people allow their consciousness, personal and public
realities to become poisoned and act accordingly as if the lies that they are being told
are somehow true. These people will ignore their own intellect and intuition and
accept will nilly what their Masters tell them. Is this not symbolically "Eating Yellow
Cake"? Is this not Cult-like behavior of those following a fanatical religious leader?
In the Dream, people did not matter to Putin...only his lust for material wealth
mattered. How many of his followers (and that of his Puppet Trump) have similar
beliefs and attitudes?  How many of us believe it is more important to obtain obscene
amounts of money at the risk of the health of their brethren living on this planet? Or to
risk destroying the planet's environment and so it is unfit for their grand children to live
and breathe? It is when we hold close to our consciousness such horrible "values"
that we attract to ourselves and our world such rulers as Donald Trump and Vladimir
It is when we reject such horrific attitudes of greed, and indifference to human kind,
that we can put a stop to the destruction of our democracy, civilization and planet.  
It is when we can elect men and women of Peace, Good Will and Equality to
esteemed governmental offices. It is when then we can begin to build a sane United
States, and a sane Russia and a sane Planet, filled with Peace, Good Will,
Brotherhood and Equality for
all people. No one can do it for us. Only we can do it
for ourselves.
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