Is Trump Too Evil for Julius Caesar???
In my travels, I have encountered people who claim all kinds of things about their past.
When they find out that I believe in Reincarnation, they sometimes tell me some really
wild stories. Now, Reincarnation is a way for the Soul to understand itself better. If for
example, you are a very wealthy, ruthless, and greedy businessman who uses his power
to lie, deceive, and exploit others for more material wealth, you are likely to reincarnate in
your next experience as a desperately poor person encountering ruthless people  who
would want to steal from you, what little you have. Reincarnation is a way for the Soul to
develop is not a punishment.
So, with some people knowing my interest in Reincarnation, they sometimes tell me
stories about how they are famous or infamous people, such as John Wilkes Booth, (a
claim made by a medical student in Baltimore). I was an invited guest on a radio show
with the promoter of "John Wilkes Booth". I questioned the veracity of the claim. I was
offered some evidence by him that we were dealing with the real "John Wilkes Booth",
but wholly insufficient in my opinion and I didn't believe him. I often don't believe some of
other claims made by others for the same reason...lack of evidence.
But, what about the person who claims to be an infamous war criminal,  Let us take the
case of a person that I know of, who insists that he is the legitimate "Julius Caesar". He
has a most improbable tale, but more probable than the probability that Donald Trump
won the election legitimately.
Julius Caesar's unbelievable claim is this: He was fighting the Gauls in France some
2,000 years ago and about to achieve absolute victory. Suddenly, a giant  hand
(aliens?) ripped him off his saddle and horse and threw him onto a city street in the
United States, in our present time.  In our present, he told everyone who would listen,
that he was the real Julius Caesar. Dressed as Julius Caesar, he engaged publicly in
some anti-social behavior. For some reason, he was locked up.(what a surprise!).
Now, no one should ever mock someone who is disabled. (are you listening Donald?).
In this case, it is highly likely that this person (Julius Caesar) is mentally disabled. In
fact, even if this person were to truly be Julius Caesar, he would be mentally disabled
as the real Julius Caesar believed that he was entitled to use people, enslave people,
exploit people and even kill people who displeased him. That is mentally disabled
thinking. Anyone who believes that because they are wealthy or politically connected,
is entitled to exploit others, is mentally disabled. Anyone who,for any reason, feels that
are entitled to exploit or abuse any else, is also mentally disabled.
Now, the person saying he is "Julius Caesar", after being in our time period for a while,
(& not very long and perhaps occurred as soon as he was dumped on US city street by
a "giant hand") became  aware of Donald Trump. Julius Caesar says he would
vote for Donald Trump. Why?  Because, according to Julius Caesar, Donald Trump is
Too EVIL for him
!!!  What, Donald Trump is too evil for Julius Caesar!.  If it sounds
unbelievable it is... but then again, no more unbelievable than Trump winning a
legitimate election.
"Great Caesar's Ghost"!  What is Caesar talking about here. Why does "Julius Caesar"
say that Trump is too evil for him to vote for.  Is it perhaps Trump's mocking of a
disabled person? That is pretty evil. There are so many things, we just can't list them
here. But to be fair to Donald, in a sense evil does not exist. If one believes in evil  then
one may feel obligated and justified in committing evil in the name of good or
self-defense--in order to wipe out evil. Nations can commit all kinds of crimes  to stop
evil and not realizing that they are actually creating evil. Evil is allowed to be committed
because of ignorance...spiritual ignorance---an ignorance of our true identity. If you are
the poor fellow who deludes himself into thinking he is Julius Caesar, or the poor fellow
who deludes himself into thinking that he is a legitimate president and would like to be
like Julius Caesar if he could, or the other deluded fellow in Russia who is Trump's
good Comrade who is trying to be Caesar or Czar (a word derived from Caesar), then
you are ignoring your true identity. Your true identity is independent of all of this. Your
true identity, your greater consciousness goes well beyond your life on Earth. Your
greater consciousness knows that you have great potential and pejorative labels of any
kind in the end, make no sense. Looking for the good within yourself and others and
bringing that out will aid in your contacting your greater consciousness. Seeking only
the wicked in yourself and others and belittling or mocking those less fortunate than
you, can therefore only serve to separate your contact with your greater
consciousness. Once you begin to recognize your true identity, committing evil to
another or committing harm to another, for any reason, becomes more and more
difficult.  Recognizing your true identity (and referring to all people) as being good and
blessed will help you and our planet much, much more than making wars to create
peace.  Recognizing your connection to all people on Earth and expanding your love for
yourself and the rest of the planet will do much more than looking for wars. Violence
and wars never create peace...only more wars and more violence. Only peace and a
peaceful lifestyle and peace seeking attitudes, create peace.
So, if you can believe this incredible tale, Julius Caesar would not vote for Trump, if he
could vote. Is this what Trump is talking about when he says there were 3 to 5 million
illegals voting against him in the election? Is Trump referring to the entire Roman Army
of thousands of years ago, and perhaps Attila the Hun and his hordes or perhaps
Ghengis Khan and his army as well voting against him, by crossing over in space and
time? What was the "giant hand" that ripped Julius Caesar off his horse and carried
him thousands of years in time and thousands of miles in space, to dump him
unceremoniously onto a US city street? Was this an hallucination of a crazed person,
or could it be aliens from another Galaxy? Are these the millions of illegal aliens that
Trump says were voting against him...and will Trump's wall stop these aliens from
outer space from sneaking into America? This may sound crazy, but it was Donald
Trump who raised this issue of millions of invisible aliens voting against him. Is Julius
Caesar the real Julius Caesar and is this tale any more crazy than Trump's claims
about millions of illegal alien voters? Who knows when we are dealing with fairy tales,
including the fairy tale that Donald Trump actually legitimately won the presidency.
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So we are dealing with a person who may be barking dog mad, pretends that he is the
real Julius Caesar (Right!) and was locked up for safety reasons because he
appeared to be dangerous  because of  a sword in hand. We are also dealing with
someone else, who may also be barking dog mad, and has nuclear weapons in hand,
and may be very, very dangerous, who pretends that he is the legitimate US
President, and would like to be Emperor of America. Which of these madmen should
be locked up for safety reasons? You decide!
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Some things about Julius Caesar don't add up. For example, how is it that Caesar has
such a good command of English after being in the United States such a short time?
Perhaps, Caesar is a very quick learner. Seems very unlikely, but no more unlikely
than Trump's claim that the polls were wrong because "Trump voters are ashamed to
admit that they voted for Trump" and so Trump voters always lie to pollsters and tell
the pollsters that they want Clinton to win. I think Caesar's story is more believable!
So, why was Julius Caesar dumped off in our time period and why in the United
States? Why not a street in France or Russia? Also, it is almost unheard  of "giant
hands" pulling people through time  & space. It sounds very bizarre to me and
statistically almost impossible. Then again, Donald Trump winning an election when
almost all the polls pointed to him losing big also bizarre & almost impossible.
We are dealing with a story that is virtually fact free and evidence free. At least John
Wilkes Booth (or the person saying he was Booth) had some vague evidence. What we
have here are narrators of the stories insisting that they are the legitimate rulers of a
country, but each offer bizarre stories to explain their very unlikely circumstances. One
claims that he was pulled into another space and time and de-legitimized (by aliens?).
But we also have a narrator of a similar story about someone who claims he is the
legitimate ruler of a country, because he
allegedly won an election, which is statistically
almost impossible. He also alleges voter fraud by 3 to 5 million illegal aliens voting
against him and these aliens were also trying to de-legitimize him as well. However
there no any facts or evidence in support thereof. It is hard to tell which of these
narrators is crazier.  Both of these narrators spin  tales that while possibly true, are
highly unlikely. Moreover, without evidence or proof of legitimacy  and the truth of these
claims being statistically extremely low, I myself would dismiss  these claims as being
untrue. Additionally, there is massive statistical proof that Trump lost the election,
strong circumstantial evidence that the electronic voting machines were rigged for
Trump and strong circumstantial evidence that it was done in coordination with Russia's
Caesar wanna-be and Trump's BCF (Best Comrade Forever), Vladimir Putin.
The real Julius Caesar was known for "winning at all cost" including the use of
enslavement, atrocities and genocide against peoples he was seeking to conquer.
Julius Caesar was known for overthrowing a quasi-Democracy (Rome) in order to
create a Plutocracy, Kleptocracy, Autocracy, or Dictatorship to benefit only the very
wealthy, the elites and well connected. Caesar suggested that the only way to avoid
the destruction of Rome was for he, to be Emperor or absolute ruler of Rome. This set
the precedent and paved the way for centuries of theocratic and non-theocratic
repressive governments and the atrocities of war, all neatly justified by these greedy
and sanctimoniously self-righteous regimes as they claimed they were fighting evil and
therefore all means used to combat "evil" is now justified--a text book definition of evil.
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