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Is Barack Obama Legitimizing Donald Trump?
While Angel Justice has maintained that Donald Trump only won the election, due to
election fraud on his behalf, essentially rigging the electronic voter machines. However,
there are reasons why Trump could win that way that were legitimate. There were flaws
in Hillary Clinton's behavior, which made her unpopular in many people eyes.
For example, one of the largest flaws were the paid speeches that she gave to Wall
Street. The payments for each speech went into the many hundreds of thousands of
dollars. Conventional wisdom was that Wall Street was buying access and favors
with Hillary Clinton. While both will deny it, the appearance of "pay to play" was
difficult to avoid.
Donald Trump made constant references to such behavior and it appeared to have a
devastating effect on the Clinton campaign (this is not to say that Trump is above
doing the same thing though).
There is no way to say for certain that influence was or wasn't being peddled here
with Clinton, the appearance of it is overwhelming. It is possible that at her lectures
she spent the entire time telling these Wall Street people that when she becomes
president, she will reduce the influence of Wall Street to nothing. She will use every
legal means to do so, including sharp increases in Wall Street taxes, and loads and
loads of new regulations that she will enforce on Wall Street. She will also use every
penny from Wall Street donations to put Wall Street in its place with people first and
profits second. She could have said these above things, but there is no evidence
that she did anything like that at all.
One could make the argument, what would be the harm if she were not elected
president. Plenty, in that she holds much influence with those in political power and
could do favors for Wall Street, if properly motivated and if she chose to do so, and
no one would be the wiser. She also could be campaigning for those seeking public
office and her behavior would be sanctifying the greed of Wall Street.
Presently, former president, Barack Obama, is now accepting donations of
$400,000 dollars per Wall Street speech. This is a stunning revelation. I have held
Barack Obama in the greatest esteem and believed that he was one of our greatest
presidents. Others have felt the same way...until now.  The country is in each
greatest needs of leaders with the highest integrity.  Taking such large sums from
Wall Street don't reinforce that image. They give the impression that integrity comes
second to making a buck.
Looking those who were elected to office, if we look at the Trump organization,
there are some aides (or former aides) who also gave speeches. They gave
speeches to the propaganda arm of Putin's government. Attended dinners at gala
events held for propaganda arms of the Putin regime. All of this was paid for with
considerable sums of money going to a particular Trump aide, Michael Flynn.
All of the possible legal issues aside, one could justify this by saying that this aide
only told Putin's people that they must have free elections, must stop stifling dissent,
must leave the Ukraine and Crimea, stop the bombing of civilians in Syria, urge
Putin to let him broadcast on Russia Today television messages of peace, equality
and Brotherhood, and so forth. Maybe Flynn was only trying to promote peace,
justice, and peaceful co-existence. Maybe he said this, but there is no evidence at
all of this occurring. The unfortunate appearance though is what remains in peoples'
There are those who say, why shouldn't Obama indulge in hypocritical any influence
he has to the highest bidder such as Wall Street. As the thesis goes, other
presidents sell out to Wall Street so why not Obama?  Let us go further, if people
can rob banks and get away with it, should they do it?  The answer has to be
Is Donald Trump too evil for Julius Caesar?
Angel Justice disagrees completely with Trevor Noah, who applauds Obama taking
large sums of money from Wall Street. Instead, Angel Justice agrees with the proper
criticism of Obama by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders that
Obama taking such money is improper.
However, in the Alternative Fact Universe, Barack Obama's actions can give cover
to Michael Flynn in doing this. Donald Trump could claim that Flynn was doing
nothing worse than what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were doing. So where's
the beef, according to Trump?
Let us now compare this to something that former President, Barack Obama has
been engaging in. Let us compare it something that has caused Senator Elizabeth
Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders to strongly criticize Obama for.
Comparing what Barack Obama is doing to what Michael Flynn did may sound like
a false equivalence. That is because it is a false equivalence
Moreover, some could claim that Trump's actions could compromise a criminal
case against Flynn, should it take that direction. Criminal cases against anyone
are not the main concern of Angel Justice. Someone is a hero one day and then a
villain the next and then back again. Angel Justice is concerning with promoting
understanding, peace and equality. This is something the world has not seen.
Maybe peace, but not complete equality.
Angel Justice's main goal is world peace and equality and not sending people to
prison. As a matter of fact, one could argue that most people are in a prison of their
own making. They are imprisoned by their firm belief that humankind including
themselves is immutably flawed or worse, evil or of basic evil intent. They have
heard the precept that one should love their neighbor as themselves, but they don't
love themselves and so feel lost. Thus, the need for a "savior" of the Putin-type.
He who promises plenty, gives nothing and takes everything. But all of that can be
forgiven by his most ardent supporters. Putin's surrogates claim that he is a
"savior" but the fruit that Putin bears is poison fruit as it poisons the mind, and
sometimes more for those who dare to speak out against Putin. But Putin has
apprentices all over the world, including the United States, who would praise Putin
and model their behavior after him if they could.
Our advice to Barack Obama, should he decide to take advice from well wishers, as
opposed to Trump who doesn't listen to any, is to stop doing these lectures for Wall
Street. It will go a long way to stopping Donald Trump regime instead of enabling
Trump and Trump aides to dismantle this great country of ours.
Referring back to Obama, there are claims by some that to criticize Obama for this
must be racism...is absolutely ridiculous and only helps the Trump regime. The
claim that Obama like Clinton and other former or almost presidents, should be able
to make money in any fashion that they wish. This too can only legitimize anything
that Trump does that is untoward in any way.
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This is not speculation and has already occurred. On Wednesday April 26, 2017, on
CNN, a newscaster, Chris Cuomo asked House Republican Chris Collins of the
House Oversight Committee about this Michael Flynn taking many thousands of
dollars from Russian Propaganda agency, "Russia Today" while Russian espionage
was busy invading and trying to disrupt United States Elections. And doing so to the
point that there was an active FBI investigation going on.
Rep. Chris Collins was rather dismissive of the whole matter. He compared Flynn's
behavior to that of Obama giving a speech. Collins went on to say, Flynn was just
giving a speech and trying to pay his bills. It was if there was an equivalence and it
did not matter where or whom the speech was for or where the money came from.
To his credit, Chris Cuomo called him on it and made it clear that this (Flynn taking
money from Official Russian Propaganda, was a serious matter).
From Russia With Love: The Bromance Between Putin and Trump