Donald Trump & The Legions
of  The Dam*ed!
Several months ago, Donald Trump got on television and mocked a disabled person.
This showed an indifference to humanity. Recently, Donald Trump pushed for a repeal
of Obama -Care to be replaced with Trump -UnCare. Donald Trump was enabled by a
number of Republican Members of the House of Representatives in this.
Several contemporary movies have used in their title or within the content of their film,
the title:  "The Dam*#ed". The movies were always about someone or someones who
had an indifference to humankind. Usually these same indifferent people had made a
"bargain with the Devil".
Some members of Congress who voted for this repeal tried to explain their position.
They tried to explain away that 24 million or so people would be thrown off insurance,
but was no big deal for them. That was, according to some of them, was because they
were "unhealthy or older or did not live a good life". Some even said it is no problem
because "they could move their families to states where they could find insurance"
What  these Republicans did, was to make the "Devil's Bargain".
Some tried to justify their decision to vote to essentially end  health insurance for 24
million Americans because "they did not read the bill". That is, they pleaded ignorance
about the bill they wanted to turn into a law against millions of Americans.
Essentially what these Republican lawmakers were saying was this: "Let millions of
Americans be
Dam*#ed if they are working poor, sick, disabled, unhealthy, have prior
conditions, or are elderly".
If one looks closely at Trump and his close Republican cohorts who pushed to remove
millions of sick, elderly, and working poor off of health care, you can see the most
probable reason and cynical reason of why all the hurry. The real reason for the bill
was not for health reform, but to justify a massive tax cut of about one Trillion Dollars to
go to people like Trump, his cabinet and Billionaire donors. In other words, massive
and obscene greed. Again, the "Devil's Bargain". These Republicans were willing to
join the
Legions of the "Dam#*ed"
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How does one justify taking many millions of people off health care so they can have
almost a Trillion Dollars for the wealthiest of all people?  It takes someone who feels
Those who feel Dam#*ed  strongly enough will feel they or everyone is doomed.
Therefore, as alleged victims of the world and universe or their religion, can justify
getting what they can get while they the getting is good.
In the end, these precepts are just a bunch of words that they mouth when they feel
that they have to say them. But their greatest belief is their fear of doom and they want
the maximum hedonistic joy out of money that could be used to provide health care to
the poor, the sick, the elderly, the disabled.
Just after the House vote to  abscond with about 800 Billion Dollars of health care
money to give to the super rich, Trump and his accomplices had a cigar and beer party
at the White House.
If you closed your eyes you could almost smell the cheap beer from a 3rd rate beer hall
in Munich from the 1930's National Socialist's celebration. Or perhaps the stale cigar
smoke at a Stalin party in Red Square in the 1930's. If you opened your eyes, the
Trump party might strike you more as a  North Korean party meeting in 2017 in
Pyongyang where everyone has to applaud a certain way and smile a certain way and
show proper enthusiasm... in order to avoid execution.
The Republicans just simply had to project their belief in being Dam#*ed upon those
Americans that they are taking the health care money from. They could reason that
they (Republicans) were superior to those others undeserving people. After all, these
others were poor, or sick, elderly or disabled. Why shouldn't they pay more for health
care and I (Republicans) should have that money. And if they are denied health care
because of lack of be is survival of the fittest. Of course, we
Republicans are most fit because we are rich already. We are not Dam#* is
those unfortunates. The truth though is...they (Republicans) absconding with the
healthcare money are Dam#*ed
The Republicans, trying to hide the truth from themselves, try to pretend that they are
not Dam#*ed, because they subscribe to a religion and always attend services on a
certain day, and contribute money to their religion.
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"The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil"
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So the Republicans want to allow rate hikes (possibly into the many tens of thousands
of dollars and thus deprive them of health insurance) for those with "prior conditions".
Just what are some of these "prior conditions"? They include Pregnancy, congenital
heart problems, asthma, donation of an organ and so forth. So if you become pregnant,
you may be denied health insurance in your state and so you have to move to another
state, according to some Republican lawmakers. Great health insurance plan! But an
health insurance plan is NOT the plan for these Republicans.
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In other words, the Republicans' Trump UnCare Plan was not to provide Health Care to
Americans. Quite the opposite. It is rather to cynically declare all Americans will get
health care, but in reality to deny Health Care to Americans, take money from the poor
disabled, and elderly and give it to the wealthiest of Americans! A Devil's Bargain
Many of these Republicans subscribe to religions  with Moral Codes which tell them:
In the end, these Republican Lawmakers cannot avoid the feeling, the dizzying and
almost nauseating feeling that they are Dam#*ed for what they are doing. No amount
of rationalizing will fool their greater selves. No amount of beer, cigars or drugs will
shake off those feelings of being Dam*#ed for what they are trying to do. They need
to understand and follow those precepts above to set themselves free.
These Republicans, who now have consciously sought to join The Legions of the
Dam$*ed have made the Devils Bargain. The problem for them is that there is a
Devil's price to pay. Because we do not live in (Puppet Master of Donald Trump)
Putin's Russia, these Legions of the Dam$#ed can be voted out of office.
These same Republicans will someday become elderly. Anyone can become
disabled, sick, and anyone can find themselves in poverty, even if now, very wealthy.
They may even find that they too have "prior conditions" making them eligible for
vastly higher premiums and deductibles to the point that they can't afford health
insurance. This is what the Republicans and Trump want to make into law. Who will
they ask for help from?  Hopefully, not people like themselves...who don't give a
Dam#!!! and will not do anything for them
Someday, whether sooner or later, these Republicans will face the wrath and cruelty
of others who, at that time, will also not care that they too are part of the Legions of
the Dam#ed! This is the Law of Karma! All Karmic Debts are eventually paid in full.
This is the kind of Debt that these Republicans should be worrying about! (Not that
these Republicans are particularly concerned about the National Debt either)