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This website is completely self-funded and receives no contributions nor
support. All work is done on a completely volunteer basis with no
compensation for any expenses. If you like what is being said and done by this
website, then it is asked that you help support our effort.
The Angel Justice Website is dedicated to promoting World Peace,
Brotherhood and Equality. Presently, the focus has been largely upon the
Election Hacking that has caused in part the election of repressive and
authoritarian politicians who would end justice, equality and seek more violence
and wars and the eventual destruction of our civilizations, if not the planet.
There is probably no other website working as hard as this one to alert America
and the world to the danger of serious hacking of electronic voting, which in all
likelihood, according to available evidence, was the reason that Donald Trump
won the electoral college in swing states when almost all the polls predicted
extreme loss and exit polls showed that Trump lost in a large way.
You can support by buying books by Loren Christian as the two books listed
The Secret of Life     and Angel Justice.
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GRE Preparation, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, History, Geometry,
Pre-Calculus, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.
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This website is hard at work, not only gathering credible evidence that Trump
cheated his way into the White House, but to alert the people, Federal
Lawmakers, and State Lawmakers of the danger.
The first step is to email this website. We can then speak by phone and either
arrange lectures or private or group Tutoring. The initial phone consultation,
costs you nothing.
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