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Show Trump Lost Electoral College by a Wide Margin
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Exit Polls from Swing States showing that Donald Trump lost in 2016 by a wide margin
The very interesting thing about these exit polls, they are more or less
consistent with the regular polls taken of voters just before voting. That is, the
regular polls show that voters in certain swing states were largely against
Donald Trump before voting and largely against him just after voting.
Nevertheless, the voting machines registered Donald Trump winning by a
significant amount!  Donald Trump talks a lot about voter fraud, but here are
real indications (not alternative facts) that provide evidence of voter fraud in
favor of Donald Trump.
Analyzing the Pennsylvania Polls of 2016
We will start with Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Polls are perhaps
the most significant. This in part because Pennsylvania is the state
with perhaps the most voter machines with the greatest vulnerabilities
to internet attack by the Kremlin or anyone else and attack by in
person hackers (See first two links below).  This is also because
Pennsylvania had 20 Electoral votes to give and all of them went to
Donald Trump. Had these Electoral votes gone to Hillary Clinton, the
election would have been close. However, with the other states that
appeared to have gone to Hillary Clinton (judging from the polls), she
would have easily beaten Donald Trump.
Five of the major polls had Clinton obtaining 45-48 % of
the vote. While the same polls placed
Trump between
 In other words, Clinton was always ahead of Donald
and generally outside the Margin of Error. This means that
there is a very low probability that Donald Trump could win
Pennsylvania legitimately. In fact, because so many INDEPENDENT
polls found this to be true, it was nearly impossible for Trump to win.
The Pre-Election Polls (taken up to almost the day of Election)
  The Exit Polls (taken right after voting)
A CNN poll found: 50.5% for Clinton and 46.1% for Trump. This
is slightly higher for both candidates and not necessarily unusual. However
what is unusual is the final result:
The final tally:  47.65% for Clinton and Trump had 48.75% of the
vote. These were results
just after the pre-election poll and just before the exit poll. In
other words, Clinton's tally in that short period of hours, went down significantly while
Trump's went up significantly. But within minutes after the election, Clinton's numbers
went back up significantly, while Trump's numbers went back down significantly. This
is highly unusual and highly improbable as Clinton was ahead of Trump and the
change in numbers was outside the
Margin of Error. Moreover, the very short time
difference cannot be explained away in terms of some unusual event occurring to
change voters' minds.
The usual excuse that I have heard was that huge numbers of Trump voters are  
ashamed of Donald Trump. So ashamed that large numbers of them would lie to pre-
election pollsters just before the election and say that they will vote for Clinton when
they all along intended to vote for Trump. Independently, different huge numbers of
Trump voters, again so ashamed of Trump, would lie again just after the election to  
exit pollsters and say that they had voted for Clinton, when they actually had voted for
Trump.  Really?

Moreover, Trump voters, according to this excuse would do this again and
again in swing states, and particularly those with the most vulnerable voting
machines, but not other states. How convenient!
The story is the same for several other swing states where Trump won despite polls prior and
post polls showed him losing bigtime.

What is being ignored here is the obvious conclusion that there is most probably vote
fraud of some sort at work here. Given this took place in Pennsylvania, where the
voter machines are at extreme risk of hacking in person or by internet (quite possibly
by the Kremlin as indicated by the FBI and CIA), it is submitted that we do have a
strong circumstantial case for voter fraud altering the outcome for Donald Trump.
In this website we have explored the many pre-election polls showing that
Donald Trump could not have won this election legitimately. But what about the
exist polls taken just after the election. What do they say and do they reinforce the
evidence that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president or do they contradict it? In this
segment, we will explore the exit polls. In doing so we will use some of the polling
data from the link below
                 The Exit Polls
There is a pattern here of fraud that we can follow as we look at three more states
where this occurred, that is where the exit polls and pre-election polls had Clinton in
the lead, had vulnerable voting machines, but in between polls, Trump's numbers grew and
then fell in literally minutes...for no discernible legitimate reason.
Click here for a county map of Pennsylvania and types of voting machines used
Click here for a description of voting machine vulnerabilities to internet and/or in-person hacking
       The Voter Tally on Election Day
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*    Tied polls were discarded. Polls which apparently did not have a valid random sample as it is reported that they
used only land phones and robo calls...which have been reported to be unreliable are also discarded. Polls which are
listed as being part of partisan politics, that is either Democrat or Republican oriented, are discarded because of
possible bias. Polls which do not detail their methods of collecting random samples are discarded as unscientific.