From Russia Without Love
In the 1930's Vladimir Putin's predecessor, Joseph
Stalin had a bromance with Adolph Hitler. Stalin was a
strong admirer of Hitler. He allowed Hitler to bypass
the Versailles Treaty by having Nazi troops train on
Russian (Soviet) soil. One Russian member of the
NKVD (predecessor to the KGB and then FSB or
Russian Secret Police) said that it was like training our
own executioners!
The problem got worse for Stalin who was enamoured
with Hitler, he did not believe was his spies told him
about Hitler conducting a disinformation campaign in
Russia which worked and caused Stalin to purge
(execute) thousands of his best military personnel as
traitors to Stalin.
It got worse. Stalin's spies warned him that Hitler was planning to invade Russia
(Soviet Union). Stalin didn't believe the evidence and said that he would "turn these
people into prison dust". Stalin did not believe the so-called
Lucy Spy Network
located in Switzerland. "Lucy" was apparently a high up member in the German
Military and close associate of Hitler and was able to send all German reports in
real time to Russian Intelligence. Some of Hitler's closest associates who
supported Hitler, started to realize at one point that Hitler was insane and intent
upon world destruction. One such known associate was Admiral Canaris. He was
a solid Hitler supporter until he witnessed first hand his ultimate destructive
capacities. He then endeavored to keep Spain from siding with Hitler against
England and the US. He also permitted false information to be used stating that
Normandy would be used only as a diversion and the Allies were going to invade
the Pas De Calais instead (which we know was false). This move by Admiral
Canaris saved thousands of Canadian,British, American and French lives as
Normandy was where the invasion would take place. Admiral Canaris was later
given up as plotting against Hitler in 1944 and then executed.

There were others close to Hitler who could easily transmit all of Hitler's military
and other plans in real time to the Russians via the Russian spy network in
Switzerland aka
The Lucy Spy Ring or Network.  In fact, when the Nazis seized
Kiev (capital of the Ukraine) they blew open an old rusty safe. And what did they
find...a German Army report for that day translated into perfect Russian! That is
how good the
Lucy Spy Ring was, but yet Stalin would not believe them for years
to come. He said that any information that good must not be true (maybe sound
familiar today?) Thus Stalin just continued to deny any and all evidence proffered
to him by his spy-rings for quite a while (sound familiar again?)
Even hours before the Germans invaded Russia, a German soldier swam the Bug
River over to the Russians and surrendered. He told them how he had hit a
German officer and now was certain he would be shot for that and so he
surrendered to the Russians. He told them that within hours, the Nazis would
invade Russia. Stalin was told and he told his military that they should shoot the
German for being a spy and spreading disinformation. The German soldier said
that they should wait to see if he was telling the truth and whether the Nazis would
invade that night. If they didn't, he suggested that they shoot him then.
Eventually, hours later, Stalin found out that his good friend,
Adolph Hitler, was no friend at all as millions of Nazi troops flooded
into Russia, and left almost 30 Million Russian (Soviet) men,
women and children dead in their wake and many millions more
maimed  Stalin then fell into a deep depression as his "good friend"
Adolph Hitler had betrayed him.

This is a cautionary tale about having too close of relations with
someone with proven tendencies of being a power hungry dictator.
Let us hope that Donald Trump is not going to have a bromance
with Comrade Putin.
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Angel Justice is committed to promoting Brotherhood
and Love across consciousness and this planet.
However, sometimes "Love" can be perverted if it is
turned into an obsession with another person for any
reason. This is what is called "Cult" Behavior. That
Cult can be a religious, political and personality cult.
Cult behavior always leads to serious problems where
people do bad things in the name of their politics,
religion or whatever or whomever. Angel Justice while
promoting Love and Peace also exposes Cults. In this
case, we have below, cautionary modern tale of how a
bromance involving a Russian Dictator turned into a
cult like fetish for a dictator with disastrous
Here is a cautionary tale:
A Tale of Two Dictators
As the poet Santana had said:  Those who do not remember
History...are doomed to repeat it!   Let us hope that 2017 is not
the year that we repeat a very bad history with Dictators.