Ending Racism
Let us acknowledge that racism exists in this country. But
could legalizing Marijuana diminish or reduce such to nothing?
In States where Marijuana is legal, there does not seem to be a
decrease in arrests or tickets for Marijuana.
Some Marijuana are fond of saying that the only metric for
determining racism, are arrests, tickets, summons, convictions,
are even contacts with the police about small amounts of
possessing Marijuana, (but not smoking it) are racially
Let us assume that mere contacts with the police, but with no
consequences, are racist. Let us also assume for the same of
discussion, that arrests, tickets and summons, exclusively for
the possession of small amounts of Marijuana are also further
manifestations of racism.
As far as convictions go, one would have to also assume that
the judges, district attorneys, the juries, are all racist as
well...so let us for this discussion, also assume that is the case.
For everything else, such as summons, tickets, and arrests, we
can just assume that the police are racist, for the purposes of this
Let us first acknowledge that racism does exist and institutions and
representative of those institutions, such as police, judges, district
attorneys, etc. may be racist and act upon that racism. But are most
or all of these people racist?
To understand as to what can be done, other than legalize
Marijuana, we should look into the nature of Racism.
If legalizing Marijuana can reduce racism, could we not say the
same thing about legalizing the recreational use and smoking of:
Heroin, Cocaine, Opium, LSD, Fentanyl, PCP, Glue Sniffing,
Determining a Metric to Demonstrate Racism
For some Marijuana advocates, the favorite metric used can be
arrests and tickets. They point (without any evidence) that
arrests solely for small one time possession (not smoking) of
Marijuana is disproportionately minority based.
The Nature of Racism
I will Postulate here, for our purposes, that Racism is a
function of Fear and Hatred.
Hatred is what drives Racism. Hatred can drive or fuel other
forms of bigotry, such as bigotry toward Gays, Lesbians,
Transgenders, different religions, different races, Sexism, colors
and so forth.
Evidence of this can be seen when one thinks of say, The KKK,
they usually don't think of Universal Love and Brotherhood for
all Men and Women,.
Fear which is unreasoning bias, is what can direct that Hatred. If
the Fear is aimed toward those of Color, we could call that
But the fear itself, comes from a Spiritual ignorance. An
ignorance of the absolute fact that All Men and Women are
connected to each other in an eternal, blessed manner. This
must include All people of all genders, races, and any other
superficial difference.
Bias, Fear, and Hatred can all be overcome non-violently if
understood and dissipated.
This is talked about much more and with more details and
proof, in my book,
Angel Justice. In there, what one person
can do non-violently to bring about large changes in law for the
betterment of people. Moreover, it is enshrined in public legal
and court documents.
Overcoming bias, fear and hatred is also discussed in my other
The Secret of Life .
Without going into great detail, it has been said that Love must
be used to drive out hatred.  While this precept may be
somewhat difficult to apply in all situation, certainly one can
avoid adding more Hatred to a situation.
However, what could be more Hateful than smoking marijuana
next to a child and permitting him or her to inhale marijuana
fumes against their will.
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The claim is that there are a disproportionate number of
minorities arrested, or summoned, or ticketed and just stopped
by the police with any documentation being issued. The fact of
the matter, if anything is legalized,such as shoplifting, less
arrests would be recorded.
Thus legalizing anything including Marijuana or even recreational
use of LSD, Meth, Fentanyl, Morphine, Opiates, Heroin, Cocaine,
or Hashish, would result in fewer tickets. There is no guarantee of
more even proportions of racially based tickets.
The main metric apparently used by some Marijuana
advocates are the number of arrests for anything having to do
with Marijuana, whether it is a small amount of Marijuana or
first time possession of Marijuana or large amount possession,
selling Marijuana, or repeat offenders or arrested for
something else but has pot.