Gremlins From the
Kremlin Part 2
Below is more analysis of the ARA of January 6, 2016 US Intelligence
Agencies about Russian Hacking of US Democracy
"Russia, like its Soviet predecessor, has a
history of conducting covert campaigns
focused on US presidential campaigns..."

  • "Russia's intelligence services conducted
    cyber operations against targets associated
    with the 2016 US presidential election..."
Page(ii) ARA
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  • "Russian intelligence obtained and
    maintained access to elements of multiple
    US state or local electoral boards."  *
Page(iii) ARA
"We assess Moscow will apply lessons
learned from its Putin-ordered campaign
aimed at the US presidential election to
further influence efforts worldwide
including against US allies and their
election processes."  Page(iii)
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"In trying to influence the US election, we
assess the Kremlin sought to advance its
longstanding desire to undermine the US led
liberal democratic order the promotion of
which, Putin and other senior Russian leaders
view as a threat to Russia and Putin's regime."
Page 1:
Angel Justice Comments: While the US Intelligence Community Report
(ARA) does not say whether there was an impact on the US Election...that is
not surprising. This is because their charge was not to discern such impact. US
Intelligence was not charged with that. US Intelligence was charged in
ascertaining whether there was a Russian attack or not on US infrastructure,
including US elections. US Intelligence has unanimously concluded that there
was such an attack by Russia, as more fully seen by this report.
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