Elisabeth Klein
Dalai Lama
To view a document originally posted by Dr. Bruno Beger on the Dalai Lama's official website, click here. This
document shows the Dalai Lama's recent ties to Nazis, and speaks about Beger's special friendship with the Dalai
Lama, the Lamas' interest in establishing contacts with Hitler and Beger's rant against the Chinese. All of this coming
from a convicted Nazi War Criminal and mass murderer.
To give the reader an idea of just how good friends, The Dalai Lama has been with die-hard Nazis, we see a picture of  
Nazi SS. Officer and Storm Trooper,
Heinrich Harrer; Nazi SS Officer, Dr. Bruno Beger, Neo-Nazi and head of the
Chilean Nazi Party,
Miguel Serrano  surrounding the Dalai Lama was taken circa 1994. This picture was once proudly
displayed on Tibet.com, which is the Dalai Lama's official site, but apparently taken down as I had exposed the Dalai
Lama as the fake that he really is. This picture shows the continued relationship of the Dalai Lama with Nazis.
How did the Dalai Lama meet this Nazi War Criminal
and why are they such good buddies?
The Dalai Lama's Nazi and Terrorist Friends:
Heinrich Harrer of Hitler's Nazi SS and Nazi Storm Troopers (SA)
This page is focused in  upon one of the life long Nazi friend of the Dalai Lama, Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer.
Below are excerpts from the above linked 1997 NY Times article
exposing Heinrich Harrers Nazi past.
"Stern (German Magazine) reported that Mr. Harrer had joined the Nazi SA
(Sturmabteilung, or storm troops) in Austria in 1933, while the organization was
still illegal." See pictures below of
Heinrich Harrer standing next to Adolph
Hitler, then a picture of
Harrer in his Nazi uniform and then standing next to
Dalai Lama

Below are some scenes showing the SS's handiwork in occupied countries in the 1940's
So, according to the New York Times, Heinrich Harrer was a member of an illegal organization called the SA, (Hitler's
Storm Troopers) in the 1930's. So what did Harrer's SA do? The SA was the paramilitary arm for Adolph Hitler. The SA
participated in torture, murders and kidnappings to enforce the will of
Adolph Hitler. See some of the pictures below to
get an idea. You can also click on the link above to get a synopsis of vileness of
Heinrich Harrer's SA
(Sturmabteilung) also known as Hitler's Storm Troopers or Hitler's Brown Shirts
Execution of Polish civilians by Nazi soldiers,
who are presumeably members of
The above picture shows the murder of a    
mother and her child by
Heinrich Harrer's SS
"What has provoked unease and criticism is the detailed revelation late last
month by the German magazine
Stern that Mr. Harrer was a member of
Hitler's SS, the Nazi special police, with a rank equivalent to sergeant.

The magazine also published a photograph of Mr. Harrer with
(Picture from
Stern with Harrer next to Hitler posted below)
Above is a picture of the boycot of all Jewish
merchants enforced by
Heinrich Harrer's SA
Above is a picture of Heinrich Harrer's SA forcing Jewish
citizens to wash the streets of Austria after
Harrer helped Hitler
take over Austria (where Harrer was located)   
The 1997 New York Times article goes on to say:

"Five years later he joined the elite SS (Schutzstaffel, or Protective Echelon)."  
"The magazine also published a 1938 document in which Mr. Harrer asked Heinrich
Himmler, the SS leader, for permission to marry and provided the requisite family
trees to show that he and his bride-to-be were so-called Aryans.
Permission was granted."
Above, more mass executions of civilians by
Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS
Above, a more recent picture of Heinrich Harrer with
Dalai Lama with both of them "grinning and bearing
it" as Harrer said he would..NY Times 6/21/97
Below another recent picture of the Dalai Lama with Nazi
SS Officer,
Heinrich Harrer. this the same Heinrich
Harrer who implied that he thought that the SS was a "ski
club" where he would coach skiing--Some "ski-club"!
The 1997 NY Times article then says:

"the Austrian had never admitted that he was a member of the SS."

''No one forced him to join the SS,''(Simon Wiesenthal Center representative) said. ''Here is
someone who insists on the public limelight and has never utilized that opportunity to make a
definitive statement saying: 'I wasn't a kid. I made a terrible mistake. I voluntarily embraced a
racist ideology that nearly brought this planet to ruin.' ''

(Simon Wiesenthal Center Representative) added, ''He's suffering from Waldheimer's disease.''
The reference was to Kurt Waldheim, the former United Nations Secretary General, who hid
his Nazi past for decades.
Below and to the right, is a picture of Nazi SS Officer Heinrich Harrer's supervisor--the infamous Heinrich Himmler next
to Adolph Hitler. Himmler head Hitler's Nazi SS and The dreaded Gestapo.  Himmler had to grant permission for his
Heinrich Harrer to marry after Heinrich Harrer was able to prove he was a member of "The Master Race"
Below is just some of the handiwork of Nazi SS Officer, and
Dalai Lama friend,
Heinrich Harrer's boss, Heinrich Himmler
Despite all of these revelations about Harrer's hidden past, Harrer was reported in the
NY Times to have said:

"Mr. Harrer recently told an Austrian news agency that he found the
revelation an ''extremely unpleasant thing.'' He added, ''I have a clean
conscience.'' His Nazi past was unfortunate, Mr. Harrer said, but he added
that he just had to ''grin and bear it.''
Below is a document that was listed on the Dalai Lama's own site. Shows how the
Nazis first met The Dalai Lama in Tibet
Comment by Author:

So, because Heinrich Harrer says he has a clear conscience, The Dalai Lama tells Harrer to basically; shrug it off. But
should he? While there is no evidence that Harrer participated in the Holocaust, that acquits him of nothing. Witnesses
to Nazi atrocities were routinely executed. So the lack of witnesses means little. Further, Harrer voluntarily joined two of
the most vile and evil organizations of the time: The SA and the SS and even became an officer!  Why did not Harrer
renounce and denounce the SA and SS after the war? What excuse could he possibly have for not doing that? What if
this were today and a close friend of the Dalai Lama chose to join both ISIS and Al Qaida, but said he had a "clear
conscience". That person's conscience would have to be clear of all reason and morality to do that! But, if you are a
Dalai Lama friend or large donor or someone from Hollywood who can make Dalai Lama cash rich...then you are
forgiven for whatever and you can do it again, if you so choose.
Comment by Author:

So what is the Dalai Lama's defense to being a life-long friend (some 60 years) of Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer?

The Dalai Lama's defense seems to be: he (the omniscient) Dalai Lama had no clue about Harrer's past at all. This
seems very unlikely as the Dalai Lama according to a document on his own website (posted below) had met Nazis
invited to Tibet by the Tibetan Lamas and government friendly to Hitler. Thus, he could not be totally unaware of Nazis
and World War II, especially since it was raging close to his Tibetan home.

Also, Harrer spoke German and according to the legend, he simply popped up in Tibet. Did the Dalai Lama think he was
there on a sightseeing expedition--in the middle of a war zone? For over 60 years did not the Dalai Lama ever ask
about the life of his good friend (Heinrich Harrer)? What kind of friend was the Dalai Lama to Harrer, if he never asked
what he did or had done.

Of course, as this website, shows, the Dalai Lama has many convenient memory lapses and/or lack of knowledge about
the criminals, terrorists and Nazis, Neo-Nazis that he has either associated with or supported.
Comment by Author:

There is a temptation here to say...so what?. There are lots of religious fakes and whackos out there. Why be so
concerned with this particular fake monk, the Dalai Lama?

There  are several reasons: First, the Dalai Lama's associations with terrorists has been contemporary. For example,
Shoko Asahara. According to reports, the Dalai Lama was able to help Asahara procure more money which then was
used by Asahara to make more poison Sarin gas which he placed into the Tokyo Subway.

Secondly, the United States was (and may still be) giving money to this fake monk to the tune of millions of dollars a
year plus almost 200 thousand personal expenses. The US is about to give another medal to this fake, in addition to a
Congressional Gold Medal in 2008. Why give money to a fake monk who associates with those whose organization have
executed American POW's?
June 21,1997 New York Times Excerpts about former Nazi Heinrich Harrer and friend of the Dalai Lama
More excerpts from June 21, 1997 NY Times article
The Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS was particularly cruel organization which tortured and murdered millions of people.
Myths of the Innocence of Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer
Myth 1: Heinrich Harrer was cleared of all wrongdoing as a member of the Nazi SS and Nazi SA by
the Simon Wiesenthal Center
This Myth is patently FALSE!  It is true that the Simon Wiesenthal Center did say it could
not find evidence of any direct wrongdoing. However, evidence of crimes by the SS and SA were
destroyed as a matter of course and witnesses executed as well. So lack of evidence of direct
wrongdoing is inconclusive. We will consider indirect wrongdoing in a later myth below.
Myth 2: Heinrich Harrer joined Hitler's Nazi SS and Nazi SA (Storm Troopers) to "coach skiing"
This Myth is so ridiculous it is hard to comment upon it. Heinrich Harrer thinks Hitler's Stormtroopers and SS were "ski
clubs". Heinrich Harrer says: according to the
NY Times January 10, 2006 Article that:

" (Harrer) joined the SS in order to coach skiing and never coached an SS member" .  

Preposterous! Harrer was a member of both terrorist groups for years, became an officer in one, but always believed
that these terrorist groups committing world wide atrocities were merely "ski clubs"?  He asked for permission to marry
from Heinrich Himmler, The Gestapo Chief and Harrer's boss, but still thought he was in a "ski-club". Total Nonsense!

Can you imagine someone going to Syria to join both Al Qaida and ISIS; remaining there for several years as an active
member; coming back to the US and claiming that he thought he was just joining a "sports club"!  The FBI would arrest
him--as they should. No one would believe such a nonsensical story about Al Qaida and ISIS being "sports clubs". No
one should believe Harrer's fairy tale that Hitler's Stormtroopers and Nazi SS Death Squads were merely "ski clubs".

If you join the Ku Klux Klan, by definition you are a racist! If you join ISIS, you are a terrorist by definition! If you join Al
Qaida, you are a terrorist by definition! You are not joining country clubs!  By the same token if you join the Nazi SS
and Nazi SA, you are a Nazi, terrorist and criminal by definition. Why some Dalai Lama cult followers accept this
nonsense about Harrer wanting to ski, so he becomes an officer in a terrorist, criminal organization, is mind boggling.
Here we see how blind devotion to the Dalai Lama Cult trumps reason, logic and intuition.
Myth 3: Heinrich Harrer is not guilty of any wrongdoing because no evidence of
personal wrongdoing can be found
While evidence of personal wrongdoing by Heinrich Harrer is lacking, there is wrongdoing by merely being a member of
a terrorist organization. In the United States, it is considered a crime by merely joining ISIS or Al Qaida--as it should be.
It is a crime against humanity to join the SS or SA, whether Dalai Lama Cult followers wanto accept it or not.
It is far beyond belief that Heinrich Harrer could be a member of these two most evil organizations and not know what
almost everyone else in the world knew--that the SS and SA were terrorists who committed mass murder
and atrocities  against men, women, children and POW's in captivity.
Apparently, at some point, Harrer realized that for all those years as a member of terrorist groups--that they were not
"ski-clubs". We know this because when in 1997, Germany's esteemed
Stern  magazine asked him about his
membership in the SS and SA...Harrer denied it. If Harrer thought they were still "ski-clubs" there would be no reason
to deny it, of course. Harrer kept denying it until the mountain of evidence against him forced to confess. He then said
he regretted it. Apparently not enough regrets to denounce those terrorist organizations, or to seek forgiveness from
those his organizations victimized, nor to offer restitution of any kind to victims of his terrorist organizations. Not
enough though to go to Europe, the Balkans or countries of the former Soviet Union, which were devastated by
Harrer's SS and to volunteer or offer other assistance. No,Harrer told the Dalai Lama he didn't need to do anything as
he "had a clear conscience", and that he would "grin and bear it" despite years of promoting hatred, war, atrocities and
murder. The Dalai Lama accepted that non-excuse very readily. And why not...The Dalai Lama has dirty hands himself
as he led his own terrorist group in the 60's and 70's. (
See Main Dalai Lama Page)
                            Take Action!
Presently, the US Government is set to give a second medal (Liberty Medal) to the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama is not
worthy of these medals. The Dalai Lama trivializes the Holocaust and murders of American POW's by dismissing the
heinous crimes of his friends by more or less telling them to shrug it off.

You can call or write or email your Senator or member of Congress about this.
Author's Comment:    So what does the Dalai Lama think about his life long friend, Heinrich Harrer's 12 year career as
a member of two criminal and terrorist Nazi organizations?  Not a whole lot. The Dalai Lama asked him about it and
Harrer said he had a clear conscience and although "unfortunate", he was going to "grin and bear it" and that was the
end of it for the Dalai Lama. He could not seem to care less about his life long friend, Heinrich Harrer being in an
organization that took a major part in the Holocaust and in executing American POW's. The Dalai Lama shrugged it off
and told Harrer to shrug it off. The Dalai Lama seemed to be more interested in what he would have for lunch that day.
This is not the kind of person who should be granted another medal (2015 Liberty Medal) from the US Government.
To the left is a picture of one of the victims of Dr. Bruno Beger, life long friend of the Dalai Lama.
Her name was Elisabeth Klein. Bruno Beger scheme was to gas her and then deflesh her to make her bones part of his
Jewish Skeleton Collection.
This occurred while the Dalai Lama knew Beger. As usual, the Dalai Lama was completely silent about this atrocity. If
this atrocity is not important enough for the Dalai Lama to confront his good friend Beger on his deranged
behavior--just what really is important to the Dalai Lama outside of the large donations he seeks and medals attesting to
his purported "spiritual prowess" that did not seem to be effective in stopping his friends from joining terrorist
organizations and murdering people for fun.
This kind of lack of interest in humanity is not deserving of a medal in anyone's book...except perhaps Adolph Hitler's
The person above  
does business as: The
Dalai Lama. To the
right, dwarfing The
Dalai Lama's picture
and dwarfing the Dalai
Lama in terms of
courage, is a woman
Elisabeth Klein
sometime after Bruno Beger met  the Dalai Lama, he left Tibet for Europe. There his henchmen kidnapped Elisabeth
Klein( above). Elisabeth Klein was tortured, but the deviant mind of Bruno Beger decided that the nightmare for
Elisabeth should only just begin. After Elisabeth's torture, Beger had her gassed, but that was not the end of the
nightmare either. Bruno Beger was intrigued by Elisabeth Klein's looks, he had a special nightmare for her.
Dr. Bruno
Beger, who knew  Dalai Lama while he had her murdered. Bruno Beger then defleshed her to grotesquely place her
on display in a museum in what has been termed: "
The Jewish Skeleton Collection" or "Jewish Skull Collection". Beger
gassed and defleshed many men, women, children and infants for his sick  and perverse pleasure. All of this to prove
Aryans were the Master Race and the rest of humanity were to be the Slave Class. His good friend, the
Dalai Lama has
never commented upon his friend
Bruno Beger's depraved behavior and may never even said anything to Beger
about this, perhaps because he never thought it was important enough and didn't really care about it.  The
Dalai Lama
may have advised him to shrug it off, as he did to Heinrich Harrer when he was confronted by the media about his
criminal activities (
NY Times  1/10/06). The Dalai Lama even invited Bruno Beger to do photo ops with the Dalai Lama
after his conviction for mass murder and mutilation. One such photo op is posted below). Would the Dalai Lama invite
Osama Bin Laden to do photo ops with him too? Probably not, although Beger's crimes can match Bin Laden's.
crimes in terms of depravity. No, the
Dalai Lama would not want to endanger the millions of dollars in US taxpayer
money he might still receive (plus his $100,000 cash prize with his medal). He also doesn't want to perhaps alienate all
of those Hollywood celebrities (that he has deluded) whom he uses to bring in all the huge receipts from those
appearances he makes in the US where he babbles about "peace and non-violence", but embraces those (especially
who donate large amounts of cash) mass murderers, serial killers, terrorists, repressive dictators, Nazis, Neo-Nazis,  
sadistic slave owners, and
even headed a violent terrorist group himself. Moreover, the Dalai Lama wanted to still be
able to accept the Congressional Gold Medal and return again for another 2015 Liberty Medal in October 2015. To
make matters worse, The
Dalai Lama has another Nazi SS life long friend named Heinrich Harrer, the subject of this
web page expose`. When
Beger was arrested and had to stand trial and was convicted of these crimes against
humanity, Beger tried to blame his arrest on "Jewish Lawyers", and not Beger for commiting these hideous crimes.
Heinrich Harrer, (see below) on the other hand tried to hide his Nazi past to avoid arrest.

Heinrich Harrer, good friend of the Dalai Lama, tried to hide his membership in Hitler's terrorist Brown Shirts or
Stormtroopers (SA) and Nazi SS, until 1997 when
Stern magazine confronted him with overwhelming evidence of his
involvement with terrorist and criminal organizations. Harrer's excuse was that he thought he was just going to be
"coaching skiing". That's it? Harrer wanted the world to believe that the world's worst terrorist, racist and criminal
organizations were merely "ski clubs? The
Dalai Lama of course seemed to buy this ridiculous excuse and shrugged off
the whole matter and told Harrer to essentially shrug it off as well if his conscience didn't bother him (Source:
NY Times 1/10/06). However, the Dalai Lama does not want to shrug off another medal from the US government which
he has fooled into thinking that the Dalai Lama is a real spiritual leader instead of the con-man and charlatan that he
really is.
In this page we will explore the Dalai Lama's relationship with Nazi SA Brown Shirt and Nazi SS Officer
Heinrich Harrer
whom fled British authorities for his criminal activities and was given illegal sanctuary in Tibet by the Dalai Lama.
In the story below, the
reader will see how this
courageous woman is
part of this story about
The Dalai Lama. A story
that carries a secret
about The Dalai
Lama--A very horrible
and depraved secret that
the Dalai Lama would
prefer to keep hidden,
but will be exposed here!
"The Dalai Lama told his friend that if his conscience was clear, he had nothing to fear, The Independent, the London
newspaper, reported. Mr. Harrer said that it was" (Source: NY Times 1/10/2006)
The Horror of Harrer
John Wayne Gacey, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Damer. These are names of well-known American serial killers whose careers
consisted of prolific sadism that captured world attention. However, there is one man, strongly connected tied to the
Dalai Lama whose crimes and sadism and depravity eclipse all of these serial killers combined. His name is
Bruno Beger. Bruno Beger was a prolific mass murderer of unbelievable depravity. He was also a devotee and good
friend of the Dalai Lama--something the Dalai Lama doesn't want you know. Bruno Beger needed an outlet for his
murderous impulses and so he joined Hitler's SS, just like some other Dalai Lama devotees, such as Heinrich Harrer.
Bruno Beger chose numerous victims and kidnapped those he wanted to torture. Beger didn't stop there. After torture
he would gas his victims to death--but that was not the end of his depravity. One such victim is pictured above-Elisabeth
Here is Heinrich Harrer and the Dalai Lama "grinning
and bearing it". After being exposed as being part of an
organization perpetrating the Holocaust and torturing and
murdering millions of people, Harrer said that it was
"unfortunate" but he would "
grin and bear it". (Source: NY
6/21/97) The Dalai Lama implied that he should
just shrug it off if his conscience didn't bother him.
Myth 4: Heinrich Harrer was a repentant Nazi & didn't know what happened in Europe

" Furthermore during his time at the Indian internment camp, Harrer boasted to have been there when the Graz
synagogue  (Source: Western Shugden Society)was burnt down in the Crystal* night. His contacts to the SA troup came
about through the 'Graz Gymnastic Club' which was spearheading the (at the time) illegal Nazis in Austria. He remained
a member of this club until his death." (this is where Harrer apparently got the idea to say he thought the SS was like a
"ski club"). Apparently forgiveness by the Dalai Lama means it's OK to continue his former Nazi contacts.

* Crystal Night or Krystal Nacht was the first time that the Nazis burned over a thousand synagogues and imprisoned
10's of thousands of Jewish men for no other reason that they were Jewish.
"Grin and bear it" as
Harrer says. NY
Times   6/21/97
Myth 5: Heinrich Harrer is innocent because the Dalai Lama has forgiven him or absolved him
This of course is another ridiculous myth. This is what some of the Dalai Lama groupies have indicated to me. Their
reasoning appears to be an amalgam of "Medieval Indulgences" (where you buy forgivenness by giving more money  to
the Church...in this case, the Dalai Lama) and a Dalai Lama perversion of "Dharma", where all is forgiven by being a
friend or having been once in the presence of "His Holiness", the Dalai Lama--Pure rubbish! According to this perverse
doctrine you don't have to give restitution to your victims, nor ask for their forgiveness from your victims or their families,
nor even change your negative behavior. You can keep on committing horrendous crimes like Bruno Beger and still kill
and mutilate people...for fun!
Heinrich Harrer said:

"That is an invaluable reward for us,
to see the Führer and be permitted to speak to him.
"That is an invaluable reward for us, to see the Führer and be permitted to speak to him" Quote of Heinrich Harrer
after having his picture taken with Adolph Hitler.
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