Dalai Lama's Hollywood Chic
The Dalai Lama has Devotees everywhere. One place filled with Devotees is Hollywood. There are a number of very
close devotees from there. Among them is
Richard Gere and another is Harrison Ford, (Star Wars and Indiana
Jones Fame).
Why don't these two Dalai Lama Hollywood Devotees speak out against the violent crimes committed by other Dalai
Lama Devotees? Why won't these two men repudiate the crimes of these violent and criminal (but favored) Devotees
and good friends of the Dalai Lama? When there was serious controversey about the Church not doing enough when
some of its Devotees (priests) were involved in pedophilia, there was an outcry. The subject  of that outcry was: Why did
not other devotees (priests and bishops) do more or say something? Perhaps
Harrison Ford or Richard Gere (or
Dalai Lama Devotee and politician
Nancy Pelosi) were one of those people who complained about members of the
Church not doing enough.

When terrorists knocked down the world trade center and claimed that they were devotees of Islam. There were many
who said that other Muslim devotees should speak out against the 19 hijackers. Perhaps
Harrison Ford and Richard
were one of those who believed that Muslims should speak out against the 19 hijackers. Maybe Dalai Lama
favored Devotee,
Nancy Pelosi felt the same way

When "The State of Islam" ( ISIS ) committed mass beheadings and institutionalized mass rapes in the name of Islam,
there were many who said that once again Muslims should speak out against such atrocities. Perhaps
Harrison Ford,
Richard Gere
and others part of the "Dalai Lama Hollywood Chic" felt the same way about ISIS, but where are they in
speaking out against the Dalai Lama's terrorist portion of Devotees?
"...Why doesn't Harrison Ford speak out
against the violent terrorist and criminal Dalai
Lama Devotees..."
It seems that when it comes to violent terrorists who are not members of Islamic or Christian sects, but rather, member of
the Dalai Lama Cult, then there is a blast of silence from the
Dalai Lama Hollywood Chic. Why is this?

To understand this, let us look at some of the violent terrorists and mass murderers who are close to the Dalai Lama
and are his Devotees. But not just Devotees, but rather Devotees
favored by the Dalai Lama. Let us also look at some
of the myths built up about and maybe even by the Dalai Lama. Maybe they are obscure individuals and
Harrison Ford
Richard Gere or by Nancy Pelosi and the Dalai Lama have no knowledge of. Maybe, these terrorists are known,
but the Dalai Lama has no relationship with them at all. Maybe all of this violence and criminality by Dalai Lama devotees
in deep in the past. Unfortunately, none of the above is true. The truth is these violent criminal Dalai Lama devotees are
well known and are even honored by the Dalai Lama and this is true even somewhat recently.
The links above go into more detail, but to summarize: we have Dr. Bruno Beger. He is a former Nazi SS Officer,
convicted mass murderer and has committed mass atrocities against men, women, children and infants. Beger does
this without the slightest remorse. The Dalai Lama has known Beger for over 70 years. More than that, the Dalai Lama
has honored him and asked him personally to come and visit with him and even published works of his on the Dalai
Lama's website. Bruno is best known for his project which is known as the
Jewish Skull Collection. His handiwork
included kidnapping men, women, children, infants to be gassed and then defleshed for his museum collection in
Even Bruno Beger would be considered too evil even among his Nazi SS colleagues. Beger's barbarity reaches across
all imagination. However, not for the Dalai Lama who is charmed by this sadistic murderer. See the story below.
The list goes on. However, Harrison Ford, Nancy Pelosi, and Richard Gere say nothing about these terrorists which
are close to the Dalai Lama.

In the Star Wars movies,
Harrison Ford fights the villains and wins. In the movie thriller The Temple of Doom, Indiana
Jones (Harrison Ford) fought the villains who did terrible things to people. However, what can be more hideous than the
Dalai Lama's good friend, Bruno Beger's
Jewish Skull Collection? Yet, Harrison Ford is silent about this...he is silent
about what his Master, The Dalai Lama, has condoned in his closest Devotees. What kind of person is this Dalai Lama.
In the movie, Star Wars, a rubber doll played Yoda. This rubber doll Yoda, has more heart than the Dalai Lama. This
rubber doll, Yoda, is more holy than the Dalai Lama.

In the Temple of Doom,
Harrison Ford was turned into a mindless zombie blindly devoted to the main villain.
Eventually, he was shocked back to reality by his friend and defeated the villains. However, in real life, he seems to be
blindly devoted to the Dalai Lama...simply ignoring all the very bad things the Dalai Lama does and the friends of the
Dalai Lama do and quite literally helps the Dalai Lama.  I hoping at some point that Mr. Ford and Mr. Gere see the light.
Harrison Ford, Nancy Pelosi and Richard Gere are also silent about Heinrich Harrer. This is the Dalai Lama's
favorite Nazi. He has photo ops with the Dalai Lama and Adolph Hitler. He lied about his role as an offcer in the Nazi SS  
and HItler's Storm Troopers and then claimed he thought he was just a "ski instructor". He was a close friend and
extreme Devotee of the Dalai Lama. He was also a Devotee and admirer of Adolph Hitler.
First, Beger settles in for supper with the Lamas in Tibet under the Swastika. According to Bruno Beger's Memoirs,
this is where he first meets the young Dalai Lama.
Next, Beger starts
measuring skulls to
see who should live
and who should die
in Tibet according to
Nazi ideology
crimes against humanity where he was

To the right could
easily be the result
of Dr. Bruno
Beger's handiwork.
First, kidnap,
measure skull,
abuse, kill and
then mutiliate.
Then, write books
about how spiritual
he is because of
his Master, The
Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama is apparently congratulating Bruno Beger and
embracing him on a job well done. We will hope that he is
not congratulating for completing his Jewish Skull Project.
However, given The Dalai Lama's lust for the company of
Nazis, Neo-Nazis, terrorists and other violent criminals...one
has to wonder. To the left of The Dalai Lama (but not
shown here) is Augusto Pinochet, "The Butcher of Chile".

the closest friends and devotees of the Dalai Lama, Nazis, mass
murderers, and sadistic serial killers The Dalai Lama inviting Dr. Bruno
Beger, SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer and Chilean Nazi Chief, Miguel
Serrano. Bruno Beger is then honored with being offered the
opportunity for him to publish his memoirs on Dalai Lama's official site
Bruno Beger)
Later, after the Allies land in Europe, Heinrich Harrer's
SS has to show America that American's are not immune to
the actions of the Dalai Lama's friend's terrorist group.
Above is some of the handiwork of  
Heinrich Harrer's Nazi
SS in Belgium where hundreds of American POW's were
executed, or tied to trees and bayonetted, mutilated alive or
used for target practice by Dalai Lama's devotee, Heinrich
Harrer's Nazi SS.     
The above is only a small summary of the hideous crimes committed by an unrepentant Dalai Lama Devotee and while
convicted by a court of law, was apparently "absolved" according to Dalai Lama Cultists for these crimes by the Dalai
Lama and free to continue commit more crimes and be honored by the Dalai Lama.

Where are
Harrison Ford, Nancy Pelosit and Richard Gere with their comments about another Dalai Lama
committing immense evil while declaring that he is a devoted Devotee of their Master, The Dalai Lama. The answer:
Nowhere! They are completely silent!
When The Islamic State (ISIS) devotees commit theocratized beheadings and institutionalized rapes of civilians (of all
ages), there are Muslims who DO speak out and say ISIS does not represent them. When Dalai Lama devotees
commit similar or worst crimes, where is the Dalai Lama on this? Where are Dalai Lama's other decent devotees such
Harrison Ford or Richard Gere or Nancy Pelosi on this? Nowhere to be found. They are silent! This is wrong
See the picture story below of Nazi SS Officer, and Dalai Lama devotee,      Heinrich Harrer.
Heinrich Harrer  is an admirer of both of his Masters...The Dalai Lama and Adolph Hitler
Is the Dalai Lama Inspiring "The Islamic State" (ISIS)?

This is Bruno
Beger not  
dentist. He is
instead still
checking to see if
this woman is an
Aryan or not in
which case she is
only fit to be a
slave or die in
Beger's sick and
twisted world

Dalai Lama friend Heinrich Harrer joins Hitler's SA (Storm Troopers) in 1933.
Above are just some of the activities engaged in by Harrer's SA     
1 ------->
Later, when Hitler disbands his Storm Troopers, Dalai Lama friend Harrer joins Hitler's Nazi SS as an officer and has a
photo op with him. Dalai Lama friend and Devotee, SS Nazi Officer,
Heinrich Harrer is on the immediate left of his other
Master, Adolph Hitler
2 --------->
Heinrich Harrer is so proud to be a member of Hitler's Elite rapists and
murderers, he wears his Nazi SS Officer's uniform proudly. Next to him is
an older version of Harrer and his Master, The Dalai Lama        
3 -------->
Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS then takes the show on the road. Above is a member of Heinrich Harrer's SS executing a
mother and her baby. Other members of favored Dalai Lama Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS are murdering other civilians.
4 --------->
More of the Dalai Lama's friend, Heinrich
Nazi SS and showing off their

 5 ------------------>
looming in Europe,
Bruno Beger and his
30 other Nazis are
called back from
Pro-Nazi Tibet. It is
here that he
continues his
depraved work of
kidnapping civilians,
including men,
women, children and
infants to abuse
them and then
murder them. To the
right is one of his
victims, Elisabeth

Above, are more bodies that could easily be the
result of Dr. Bruno Beger's mass murdering
tendencies. Beger wrote a book for his Master, the
Dalai Lama called: Ocean of Wisdom. More likely a
better title would be "Ocean of Dead Bodies"
6 ---------->
A more recent picture of the Dalai Lama with his friend and
Devotee, Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer in civilian wear. Here
they are "
grinning and bearing it". This what Harrer said he
would do concerning his part in the Holocaust..."Just
Grin and
Bear It" (Source: NY Times)
Yes, for depraved Nazis and their twisted admirers, The
Holocaust is something funny to grin about!

Some of the more hateful devotees who are favored by the Dalai Lama are:

Jorg Haider, alleged Neo Nazi and Chilean Nazi Head, Miguel Serrano
Favored Dalai Lama Devotee and alleged Neo Nazi and
major politician and leader in Austria,
Jorg Haider .
Jorg speaks well of Hitler's Nazi SS. He does this
despite the atrocities committed by them. The Dalai
Lama would never think of repudiating his strong
Devotee, Jorg Haider.
Harrison Ford and Richard
apparently feel the same way and have not said a
word about it.
Miguel Serrano. Strong admirer of the Dalai Lama and Adolph
Hitler. He is also the Chief of the Chilean Nazi Party. He is also a
good friend of the Dalai Lama and favored Devotee by the
Dalai Lama
How can this be right? How can Richard Gere and Harrison Ford in good conscience keep silent about their Master's
lack of compassion for victims of his most favored Devotees and the Dalai Lama's complete silence about their crimes?
Myth 1: Richard Gere and Harrison Ford and Nancy Pelosi are just ordinary devotees with no clout inside the Dalai
Lama organization.
Answer:  This is clearly false. Both of these men are major players within the Dalai Lama organization. They make
movies about the Dalai Lama with the Dalai Lama's blessings. Richard Gere does major fund raising and both are well
known Hollywood actors. What they say and do within the organization has great impact. By their silence, it is most likely
Myth 2:  These criminals are friends of the Dalai Lama, and so they must have received "absolution" from the Dalai
This is a ridiculous assertion. No person can offer "absolution" to another. The Dalai Lama is not Divinity, no matter his
Cultists say. He can't offer forgiveness either. This is up to the victims of the crimes committed by the Dalai Lama's
Myth 3:  The criminal activity of the Dalai Lama devotees is long ago and is all past history now.
There is a grain of truth here, but only a grain. Most of the Dalai Lama's known relationships with terrorists, slave
owners, Nazis, was started some time ago. However, they lasted many years and most of the known terrorists and Nazis
died within the past few years (one is doing life in prison for mass murder). However, the damage has been done and
Ford or Nancy PelosiFord or Nancy Pelosi) blow the whistle on these criminal devotees) blow the whistle on these
criminal devotees
Myth 4: Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, and Nancy Pelosi should not say anything because the Dalai Lama has not
said anything. After all, the Dalai Lama is perfect. You must trust your Master or Guru and not yourself. You will deceive
yourself. The Master is infallible. So if your Master does not repudiate the evil in his organization then you should not.
Answer:  This is almost too ridiculous a reason for words.
Myth 5: The Dalai Lama himself admitted to being a violent terrorist, (NY Times 10/2/98 ), but that is OK since he is the
Dalai Lama and no laws apply to him and he was only trying to use violence to create a non-violent Tibet.
Answer: Of course laws apply to him, just as they do to Dick Cheney who used the same defense. Moreover, every
dictator has always used that same old defense of the ends justifying the means and it doesn't work.
Myth 6: Just like Jesus in the Bible, The Dalai Lama has followers who weren't exactly The City Fathers.
Answer: There might be something to that Myth were it not for the fact that the Nazis and criminal devotees of the Dalai
Lama have not indicated in the least that they are changing for the better. They kept their positions as unrepentant
killers or stayed in the Nazi Party or continued their association with Nazis until the very end of their days. The Disciples
of Jesus actually were trying to turn their back on negative aspects of their lives.
Myth 7: The Hollywood (Dalai Lama) Chic need their Master (Dalai Lama) as he is the only mediator to God. Without
him, they cannot connect to God and therefore they must not upset "His Holiness" by suggesting that he is cavorting
with  unrepentant violent terrorists and Nazis, even if true.
Answer:  Of course this is also ridiculous. No one needs a Master nor Guru to connect to their Inner Self or Greater Self
or to God. That is an illusion. You are always connected to God and your Greater Self, whether you admit or not.
Myth 8: You are nothing and "His Holiness",the Dalai Lama is everything. He had reincarnations as other Dalai Lamas.
Thus with all of those centuries of accumulated knowledge, he knows more than you. Hence, if he thinks condoning the
crimes of the Nazis is OK...then who are you to say anything different?
Answer: This of course is another ridiculous reason to trust the Dalai Lama or any Guru, more than yourself. If you find
condoning crimes of the Nazis, whether they are friends of the Dalai Lama or not, to be repugnant, then you have a
right to repudiate those crimes of the friends of the Dalai Lama.
favored Dalai Lama devotee, Miguel Serrano
meeting with the Dalai Lama. Serrano also
received a special VIP invitation later to meet with
the Dalai Lama with other Nazis and even some
mass murderers as well.
More of Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS

To the left is a picture of
Shoko Asahara.
After giving several millions
of dollars to his Master, The
Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama
proclaimed what a great
spiritual leader was Shoko.
Shoko apparently taking in
Dalai Lama's concept of
"love and compassion" and
"kindness" decided to
spread some of that
"kindness" to the patrons of
the Tokyo Subway with
poisonous Sarin Gas. Is this
a result of the Dalai Lama's
fake teachings? Perhaps,
as the Dalai Lama has  
great amounts of
compassion and love
toward Nazi killers and
terrorists, but little love or
compassion toward their
Above and to the right is some of the handiwork of  favored Devotees,Heinrich Harrer and Bruno Beger's Nazi SS. This
is the same Nazi SS that Jorg Haider, favored Dalai Lama Devotee, speaks so fondly of. You never the hear the Dalai
Lama speaking about compassion for the mother and child being murdered above by his Devotee's organizational
associates. So much for compassion from a man who heart seems to be made of rubber. So much for courage from
Harrison Ford and Richard Gere in speaking out against these Devotees or the Dalai Lama or even showing
compassion for their victims.
More mass murderers and Nazi sympathizers and Nazi Party Chiefs below where The Dalai
Lama, Richard Gere, Nancy Pelosi, and Harrison Ford are silent about.
Myth 9:  All religions are the same. If Harrison Ford, Nancy Pelosi and Richard Gere want to worship their Master, The
Dalai Lama...so what?  Who is it hurting? They could be worshiping Jim Jones of Guyana infamy or even Osama Bin
Laden. So what?
Answer:  Not all religions are the same. These people and other devotees have been pushing for official recognition of
their Divinity and Master...The Dalai Lama. What if Hollywood Chic and Congress pushed for official recognition of
Osama Bin Laden or Jim Jones.
Question: But Osama Bin Laden and Jim Jones have Devotees who have committed terrible crimes, unlike the Dalai
Lamas devotees. The Dalai Lama speaks of peace, compassion and love.
women and children to drink cyanide. Moreover, while the Dalai Lama speaks of those florid nice things, some of his
closest and most favored Devotees have perpetrated truly horrific crimes. This webpage and others on this website
show this again and again along with indisputable proof.
the links below. Then you can follow the stories of depraved mass murderer and favored Dalai Lama Devotee, Dr.
Bruno Beger
"...Yoda, the rubber doll from Star Wars is
holier than the Dalai Lama..."
Myth 10: The Dalai Lama is a "god" and he can turn you into one as well by believing in him and/or being in his
Answer: This is another ridiculous myth...and a dangerous one too. According to this myth, the Dalai Lama and
Devotees can commit any misdeed and all is forgiven or absolved because he (and you ) are gods. This is the same
kind of rubbish that Jim Jones, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden believed. These people believed that all
violations and violent crimes, such as mass murder is all justified since it is in the name of their god. Not much different
than the Dalai Lama who honors mass murderers if they happen to be his Devotees.
Myth 11: Because the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize and so many politicians and Hollywood people praise
him, he must be a "good egg"
Answer: At one time Roosevelt and Church spoke praise of the Dictator Benito Mussolini (Source: Evolution of Evil:
airing on American Hero Channel).  Loyd George (Prime Minister of England) spoke the praises of Hitler at
one time. Kurt Waldheim won the Nobel Peace Prize, but he was an admitted mass murderer in occupied Yugoslavia. So
winning prizes and having politicians and Hollywood celebrities speak well of the Dalai Lama have very little weight in
judging a person's character. You must decide for yourself.
Heinrich Harrer, Dr. Bruno Beger, Shoko Asahara are names of top Dalai Lama
Devotees and are also convicted mass murderers, or serial killers, or terrorists, or
members of criminal and terrorist organizations.
The Secret Truth about
Russia rigging the voting
totals in the US
The first three people on the left are
Dalai Lama friends; brutal Dictator
and indicted by Spain's top court for
mass murder, Augusto Pinochet;  
fake monk, The Dalai Lama;
convicted sadistic serial killer Nazi
SS Officer, Dr. Bruno Beger and
convicted Tokyo Subway Mass
Murderer, Shoko Asahara.
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Coming of Christ as according to
the Speakers and Seth, which is
happening now. Also find out more
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