Loren Christian Lectures
Loren Christian is a Advocate for Election Reform, Advocate for Social
Equality, Scientist, Statistician, Mathematician. Loren Christian also is
an investigative reporter on religious leaders and cults. Loren Christian
has at one time either been recruited by or a member of such well known
religious groups and leaders or attended meetings or services of or  as
The Peoples' Temple (of Jim Jones and Guyana infamy); Scientology;  
Guru Maharaji; "The Secret People"; "The Path of Bliss"; The Dalai
Lama; Seth-Jane Roberts-Robert Butts, E.S.P. Class of Elmira N.Y. and
more. Loren Christian has also reported on Cults that are quasi-religious
where the leader is more political than spiritual.
What kinds of Lectures does Loren Christian Do?
One of the more popular (and more controversial) are those lectures about
popular and controversial religious and political leaders (not Seth) that
have large cult followings.
One of the most popular lectures is about Seth. While there was some
in Seth class, who had cultist tendencies, Loren Christian found that
overall, the Seth Classes in Elmira were not a cult. Loren Christian
attended classes held by Seth in the 1970's in Elmira and became
friends with Seth, Robert Butts and Jane Roberts. Seth claims that he
died several hundred years but returned to be channelled through Jane
Roberts of Elmira N.Y.  Seth (via Jane Roberts and her husband
Robert Butts) have authored dozens of books which were very popular
in the 1970's and in the 1980's and millions were sold, such as
, and The Nature of Personal Reality.
Other Lectures By Loren Christian
Seth also calls himself (herself) a Speaker. Seth has explained that the
Speakers are part of our greater consciousness and have given the
human race guidance since its inception.

Seth and The Speakers have talked in many books about the "
Coming of Christ
" which according to Seth, has already started, but is
largely unknown at this time. The Speakers have predicted the coming
of Donald Trump and other like him, who would start to be known
sometime around or after 2015. The Speakers have also offered
reasons why Donald Trump and others like him are now gripping our
Earth reality and what can be done to alter this. The Speakers have
spoken as why this time period, with the rise of Nationalist Dictators, it
is so important to have a
Second Coming of Christ.