Marijuana Injustice Act
In August of 2017 there was a Bill (S.1689), sponsored
Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey  proposed a new
Bill in the US Senate. It is co-sponsored by former   
lawyer for Big Tobacco, Senator Kirsten  Gillibrand. It is
entitled the
Marijuana Justice Act of 2017. As will be
shown, this Bill is one of the most perverted and racist
Bills to ever come out of Washington.
This Bill is anything but an act of justice. As will be
shown forthwith, this Bill can more likely be
considered an act of Injustice of a high magnitude as
well as an extremely racist Bill not worthy of
consideration in a true Democracy.
This Bill is purportedly designed to mitigate racism.
However, it does the complete opposite. This Bill
claims to reduce racism in the U.S. by
States into legalizing Marijuana possession (even
literally tons of Marijuana, usuage anywhere and
unregulated smoking of Marijuana and whatever
else is placed in the Marijuana cigarette.
How This Bill can easily be considered a Racist bill
On page 7 paragraph under (b) INELIGIBILiTY FOR CERTAIN
FUNDS...says (paragraph 15)  that certain States:

"...[s]hall not be eligible to
receive any Federal Funds for
the construction or staffing of
a prison or jail: and (B) shall
be subject to not more than a
10 percent reduction of the
funds that would otherwise be
allocated for that fiscal year to
covered State."
This Bill goes on to specify where cuts will be made
(Local Law Enforcement, funding for prisons etc.) to
those States violating this Bill (when and if it
becomes Law). The Bill also discloses what it
considers a "covered State"
The penalties are stiff (but don't end there) for
violating some of this Bill's provision, So what can be
so vital to the public  that such sanctions are needed
against certain "covered States"?
This Bill answers that question by stating that those
"covered" by this Bill are those:
States which have NOT legalized marijuana
Page 2; Paragraph 21-23)
There is, of course, another way to avoid the severe
financial sanctions of this Bill besides legalizing
marijuana. A State must
not have a:
" disproportionate arrest rate or
disproportionate  incarceration
rate for marijuana offenses"
(Page 7 , paragraphs 12-14)
What does the word "disproportionate" mean by this Bill. The
Bill clearly states:
"the term disproportionate arrest rate
means that the percentage of minority
individuals arrested for a marijuana
related offenses in a state is higher
than the percentage of the non minority
individual population of the State..
.  Page 5
Paragraphs 24,25; Page 6 Paragraphs 1-5).  

"The term minority individual means an
individual who is a member of racial or
ethnic minority group.
(Page 7: paragraphs 4-6)
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What does this mean that "a State must not have a
disproportionate arrest rate" ( or disproportionate arrests
of minorities or of low income people)? It means that
Law Enforcement cannot arrest someone guilty of a
crime involving marijuana if they are a minority and Law
Enforcement has already exceeded its quota of arrests
of minorities. The subject could be smoking marijuana
in an elementary school, but you cannot arrest this
person without Federal sanction if the quota is
exceeded. This places an impossible burden on police
as they must constantly check the latest arrest status for
their State on all minorities, those who claim minority
status and non-minorities. Without accurate up to date
statistics, Law Enforcement can't possibly act to protect
our children and the public, in any effective manner
from those selling, or smoking marijuana containing
cancer producing agents, next to them.
If this isn't bad enough, this Bill permits and
authorizes civil suits in District Court by someone
claiming to be a minority arrested under unequal
statistics (the
"aggrieved"). This apparently includes
even those who have been found guilty of, or even
confessed to perpetrating serious crimes including
even selling or smuggling tons of marijuana into the
country. This could even include even being found
guilty of related crimes such as serious violence.
The "
aggrieved" could force sanctions against the
State regardless of outcome or evidence.
See Page 9; (2) RELIEF Paragraphs 17-24.
Page 10 Paragraphs 1-6
There are even more ridiculous barriers to dealing with
marijuana in this Bill but already enough has been
shown, it is submitted, that will make reasonable Law
Enforcement virtually impossible and create legal
chaos in the United States.
A Study on how a Federal Bill can disrupt reasonable
Law Enforcement from protecting the public, and
create chaos and  exacerbate racism in America
A Racist Bill
What if the arrestee does not make their ethnic nor
minority status, nor low income status known? To
make the arrest, Law Enforcement places the
State in the position of overturning the arrest
and/or conviction and exposing the State to lawsuit
specifically encouraged and permitted by this Bill.
Cynthia Nixon calls Legalization of
Marijuana---Reparations for Slavery
Page 7; Paragraphs 15-25;  Page 8; Paragraphs 1-5
Without citing any of the research showing how
dangerous marijuana is especially to kids... smoking
anything is bad for you.  Just take the example of a
painted piece of wood. Most people can sit in a
painted wooden chair. However, that same chair
becomes extremely dangerous when you burn it and
breathe in the very poisonous fumes (chlorinated
So far, we have spoken about hampering Law
Enforcement in protecting the public, but this Bill
also creates more mayhem for any conviction
concerning Marijuana possession.
"Each Federal court shall
issue an order expunging
each conviction for a
marijuana use or possession
offense entered by the court
before the day of enactment
of this Act."
Page 8 Paragraph 16  (c) EXPUNGEMENT OF
In other words, a person could have been smoking in
an elementary school class room or be a smuggler in
possession of  literally many tons of marijuana...but
that conviction must now be expunged.
This Bill requires all Marijuana Convictions be
Expunged. This is true whether it is for using
Marijuana or possession of
any amount as is more
fully seen below:
While there may be insufficient proof that Marijuana is a
gateway drug to other worse drugs, it is true though that
those who go on to use worse drugs, started with
Marijuana. Worse, this Bill sets a precedent so that
Heroin, Cocaine, LSD, Hashish, Methamphetemines,
synthetic marijuana etc. could be forced into legalization
by this racist Bill.
A person could be smoking Marijuana laced with
Hashish, Cocaine, Heroin or even a poison such as
Anti-Freeze (Ethylene Glycol) and police cannot do
anything if that person is a minority or is in the 15 tax absurd.
We will start off with just some of the Federal penalties
for States which refuse to be bullied to permitting
unregulated usage of Marijuana and possession.
There are problems with Marijuana enforcement and
sometimes overreaching with arrests and convictions
and their consequences. There may be racism involved,
how this Bill is definitely racist in nature. This racist Bill
however, can only make those problems much worse.
There is a saying: "Two wrongs don't make a right".
Thus, according to this Bill, a State will be immunized
from being penalized if that State legalizes marijuana.

All a State has to do is to legalize Marijuana and permit
smoking with cancerous agents, anywhere at all and
around children, and it will not be penalized by this Bill.

All a State has to do is to unleash a drug which contains
hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, and formaldehyde and
other poisons on the public, especially children, toddlers
and infants, and if the State does this, it will avoid being
penalized by the Federal Government.

All a State has to do is legalize smoking Marijuana
whose Second and Third Hand Smoke puts at risk,
Children, Pregnant Women, Unborn Babies,Toddlers,
Infants, the Elderly, the Sickly, the Weak, and everyone
The proponents of this Bill insist that Marijuana arrests
are racially motivated and cite some  statistics, but make
unsubstantiated conclusions from those statistics. There
are no allegations of police mis-conduct nor that the
arrested and convicted were not guilty. The proponents
just cite race as the reason for the arrest.
This Bill also says a disproportionate arrest rate occurs when:
"the percentage of low income individuals
arrested for a marijuana offense in a state is
higher than the percentage of population of  
that are not low income individuals".
  Page 6
paragraphs 6-11
"the term low income individual means an
individual whose taxable income is equal to
or below the maximum dollar amount for the
15 percent rate bracket"
... page 6 paragaphs18-25
Hard to imagine that this Bill could get worse, but it does.
Throwing out all arrests and convictions involving marijuana
The police have a different  & plausible explanation:
They are called in high crime areas which are often more
populated by minorities. Hence, more arrests. Moreover,
if the arrests were racist then most Law Enforcement,
DA's Judges, and Juries are also racist...this is a
ridiculous notion. You might as well say that serial killers,
who are almost all white, can never be arrested lest
racism be claimed by the admitted serial killers.