Is Nancy Pelosi a Member of a Religious Cult?
Nancy Pelosi is a US Senator, but is she a member of a religious cult? In particular, the personality cult of the Dalai
Lama. The Dalai Lama has unusally strong ties to Nazis, Neo-Nazis, violent terrorists, brutal dictators, convicted Nazi
War Criminals, mass murderers and serial killers, Heads of Nazi Parties; slave owners,and other criminal types. The
Dalai Lama even admitted heading his own violent terrorist group at one time.  Is this something we want a US Senator
to do?
Nancy Pelosi has even planned to have her Master, The Dalai Lama being given a 2015 Liberty Award. With all of the
negative history of her Master, The Dalai Lama, should he be given an award with $100,000 of taxpayer money.
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Contact your Representative in the House of Representatives or US
Senator and tell them that the Dalai Lama should not be awarded any 2015
Liberty Medal
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A definition of a cult is a group led by a charismatic person (Dalai Lama) and whose devotees give blind devotion to.
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Teacher, Author.  I am a long long educator. I have written two books. One is entitled: The Secret of Life. The other
book is entitled: Angel Justice.  One book is about learning to create in practical terms, a better world and reality for
yourself and others. The other book is about (a true story) how a person with limited monetary means and no legal
Supreme Court (as his own lawyer) against corrupt judges and corrupt lawyers. This is a true story with court Supreme
Court (as his own lawyer) against corrupt judges and corrupt lawyers. This is a true story with court documents, law
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I am recommending myself because I have a talk which I believe can radically change the world for the better.
My most recent work has been investigative reporting on cults. In particular, The Dalai Lama Cult. I have been at the
forefront of this investigation which has caught on with other websites. Mine, I believe was the first website to investigate
the Dalai Lama as a fake.

My TED talk would be about the evidence that I have that the Dalai Lama is a fraud. However, that would be a small part
of this talk (although my evidence is immense). Instead, I want to talk about how the Dalai Lama talks positive, but his
actions can actually downgrade your reality and then show how you can change these actions (in your own life) for
positive results.
she wants to reward a phony religious figure with taxpayer money.
Nancy Pelosi wants to honor a fake religious leader who himself has honored unrepentant convicted mass murderers
and who had once offered safe harbor and sanctuary to a fugitive  running from British authorities.