The Dalai Lama's Pro-Nazi Tibet
According to the book about Heinrich Himmler (head of the dreaded Gestapo and Nazi SS)...

"Himmler was also attracted by the myth of Tibet--the idea that was widespread in a variety of versions that in the
mountains of Tibet an advanced civilization had once existed possibly the product of sophisticated race that had sought
refuge there from a global catastrophe. In Himmler's view it was clear that the civilization question must have been
connected to the legend of Atlantis and the established ruling class of Atlantis had spread out from there to Europe and
East Asia"

"Himmler pressed strongly for the discovery of proof that the central role of Tibet as the land of origin of Germanic and
Asiatic elites.    One of the team was
 Bruno Beger, an employee of the Race and Settlement Main Office, who was
conducting anthropological research primarily aimed at proving the inhabitants had Aryan racial elements.

"Himmler had given Schafer a special mission along with 30 SS troops and considerable arsenal of weapons he was be
to be smuggled into Tibet through the Soviet Union in order to stir up unrest among the population of against the British
stationed there."          

Heinrich Himmler:  Oxford University Press (published 2012) by Peter Longerich pages 281 and 282.
Statement of Purpose:
These pages have been used to show that the Dalai Lama is a fraud. But more importantly, to point out just what he is
doing to destroy peace and promote discord, hate and violence (the opposite of what he says he wants to do). More
than that, in the end,the goal here is  to promote those concepts of peace and love and compassion that he says he
wants...but unfortunately practices the opposite.

One very important manner in which the dalai lama promotes war and violence and hate is how he has such mind
control over so many of his devotees.This of course is the definition of a cult. You have a charismatic person who has
control to various degrees over his devotees and his Devotees offer blind devotion to their Guru or Master (in this
case, The Dalai Lama).  This is not unusual when dealing with a Cult of Personality such as the Dalai Lama. Cult
leaders gain control by convincing their devotees that he/she is Divine or Semi-Divine and therefore can do no wrong.
Some of their devotees will do anything for their Master and I mean anything! (just look at 9/11 hijackers). This is typical
of how Jim Jones, and Osama Bin Laden and Charles Manson do it. More than that, they convince their devotees that
he/she can provide absolution of all sins, crimes, violations merely by offering material wealth to their Master or Guru,
or other favors and even by being in their presence. This is a dangerous concept that allows anyone to perpetrate any
crime, no matter how heinous, but receive absolution or complete forgiveness from God, from their Master or Guru and
in this case, the Dalai Lama. But it could be another fake Divinity such as Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Osama Bin
Laden. These Gurus had their devotees perpetrate horrible crimes, but their devotees believed that they would receive
absolution from their Guru and be rewarded in the After Life.

Thus the goal of this webpage is to show that The Dalai Lama was never a Divinity and the myths about him being such
are just that...Myths and are totally fictional.
Let us start with the Dalai Lama growing up in Tibet. The movies or propaganda put out by the Dalai Lama
propagandists are almost laughable. What stops these movies from being totally laughable is that they trivialize some of
the worst aspects in Dalai Lama's Tibet. For example, in one movie, the Nazis who are invited to Tibet by the Pro-Nazi
Tibetan regime at the time, are depicted as adventurers somewhat like Indiana Jones instead of members of a ruthless
terrorist organization which murdered millions of men, women, children and infants.

In another Dalai Lama propaganda movie, one of the people who was having a a Medieval torture applied to him
seemed to act like it was a joke and did a little dance for the Dalai Lama. These were cartoon type movies and cartoon
type villains or James Bond type villains. You can probably guess who the villains were in these movies (and it was not
the Dalai Lama's henchmen or Lamas who used to mutilate, starve, beat and torture disobedient slaves and serfs). One
Hint: Who do some paranoid Dalai Lama Cultists first blame when someone criticizes their Master? Answer: When Dalai
Lama Cultist and close friend of the Dalai Lama,
Heinrich Harrer was approached by Stern Magazine in Germany
about his being a member of two terrorist organizations (The Nazi SS and the Nazi SA or Hitler's Storm Troopers,) his
first response was that
Chinese agents were sent to destroy his reputation.  This has been my own experience with
Dalai Lama Cult members for the most part. Anyone who does not agree with them or does not believe that their Master,
the Dalai Lama is a Divine Being, according to these Cult members, they rudely tell me that such people must be a
Chinese agent, (and probably sent to the Americas, Europe and Australia by Chairman Mao himself!).

Now, when Heinrich Harrer was confronted with overwhelming evidence that
Heinrich Harrer had lied, he finally
admitted lying and confessed. He then said he would "grin and bear it",(
NY Times 6/21/97) Yes, something to "grin
about"...being a member of criminal and terrorist organizations. The Dalai Lama just urged him to shrug it off and not to
care about it. Why should a spiritual leader such as the Dalai Lama care about his devotees being involved with
organizations perpetrating mass murder and torture of men, women, children and infants? The Dalai Lama just believes
in showing "compassion". Not compassion for the millions of victims of Heinrich Harrers criminal organizations...No, The
Dalai Lama only wants to show compassion for
Adolph Hitler; for the Butcher of Chile  (Agusto Pinochet) and then
party with other terrorist large donors (
Shoko Asahara), other Nazis (Miguel Serrano) and Neo Nazis (Jorg Haider),
and convicted Nazi War Criminal (
Dr. Bruno Beger), and Nazi Officer, Heinrich Harrer.
The dalai lama was born in 1935 and was visited by about 30 Nazis  from the SS (Hitler's former body guard and then
leaders of Death Squads) invited in by Tibetan leader. One of whom,
Dr. Bruno Beger said he met the Dalai Lama at
that time. (Much more will said about the good doctor who essentially had a PH. D in torture and murder).
According to The Nazi Hunt for Atlantis,and Hitler and the Hunt for the Aryan Myth, the Nazis were looking for the lost
continent of Atlantis survivors for they might be the Master Race and Hitler wanted to justify the Holocaust with this
What the Nazis saw, they in part made a record of it in a movie called: Geheimnis Tibet (Secret Tibet) and wrote a
book by the same title. It showed how horrible the conditions were under the Dalai Lama. Not at all like the comic book
version of Tibet shown in the Dalai Lama's propaganda movies.
The Dalai Lama:  The Early Years in Pro-Nazi Tibet
The Dalai Lama Propaganda Movies about his growing up in Tibet
         Why the Nazis wanted to come to Tibet
Bruno Beger and his 29 other Nazi SS men then received an invitation from the Pro-Nazi Dalai Lama Tibetan
government. (
Bruno Beger Memoir posted by the Dalai Lama on his own website and now made part of this website,
Above are pictures of convicted mass murderer and Nazi War Criminal and close friend of the Dalai Lama, Dr. Bruno
Beger in Tibet checking for "Aryans" by measuring skulls. He later would murder these people in order to examine their
skulls more closely
Author's Note: The term of Nazi Tibet or Pro Nazi Tibet is used here for a reason. While countries may invite envoys
from other countries, it is highly unusual to invite members of Hitler's SS with an arsenal of weapons while Hitler was
swallowing up countries. In fact, the only countries that would do that would be Pro-Nazi countries and in this case, Dalai
Lama's Tibet. There is other evidence of the friendiliness that Dalai Lama's Tibet had with Adolph Hitler.
To the right draped
in Swastikas, is the
Dalai Lama. To the
right are Pro-Nazi
Tibetan leaders
and Lamas in the
Dalai Lama's Tibet
with some of the
Nazi elite killers
they asked Hitler to
send to them with
weapons. Note the
Swastika over the
dinner table.
In the next page in this series, we will view what the Nazis saw in the Dalai Lama's Nazi Tibet. It will be grim for that is
what Dalai Lama's Nazi Tibet was about...despair, grimness, poverty, slavery, serfdom, torture for the masses and riches
for the Lamas or slave owners.
To the left is a picture of
Bruno Begers War Crimes
Trial where he was
convicted. To the right is a
picture of the same Bruno
Beger being honored by
The Dalai Lama
Author's Note: Please don't send me letters telling me that Chairman Mao is
dead...I know. I am just making a point that some of the Dalai Lama Cultists are
so brain-washed by the Dalai Lama, that anything told to them by the Dalai
Lama they uncritically accept as true and anything critical of the Dalai Lama is
always false. So, if told by the Dalai Lama that Chairman Mao is alive and well
and coming over to their residence to get them..they might actually believe it!
Above is Dalai Lama with Fascist leader Augusto
Pinochet, Nazi SS Bruno Beger and Tokyo Mass
Murderer, Shoko Asahara.