Nixon and
The City
Trump & Distortions)
Is Cynthia Nixon helping Donald Trump to win the 2020 Election?
When you smoke any substance, you are forcing those
around you to smoke it as well, this is called Second
Hand Smoke. There is also Third Hand Smoke when you
leave traces in rooms where you smoked. You could be
forcing children, pregnant women, the elderly, toddlers,
babies, unborn babies, the infirmed to smoke your
substance as well... and to their detriment.   This is not
freedom, but rather the freedom to be criminal and violate
others. Cynthia Nixon does not seem to understand this.
This appears to show that safety is not a concern for this
wanna- be governor.
Is she calling all Law Enforcement racist?  Is she calling all or most
prosecutors and judges racist as well. Or is she calling all or most
people (black or white) racist and severely bias against black
people?  In any of these cases, she would be wrong and certainly
insulting of everyone. This is of course, flinging indiscriminate
insults is acceptable behavior by her apparent (but unwanted)
mentor, Donald Trump
Even if we assume that Nixon is correct and the drug laws have a
strong racial bias, is the answer to eviscerate those laws?  Does
Nixon honestly believe that no one will then suggest that ALL drug
penalty laws be repealed?  Do we now legalize and allow unfettered
use of Heroine, Cocaine, LSD, Methamphetamine,  synthetic
marijuana?   How about those who sell to  minors...make that legal
as well.  Nixon talks about taxing the drugs, but should we also make
smuggling drugs legal and anyone selling these on a street corner
We could carry this a little further and note that most serial killers
arrested are white. To "cure" this racial bias, should we now legalize
"serial killing"?  Most sexual assault arrests are of men. Should we
now legalize sexual assault to show non-sexist policies.  Sounds
ridiculous, but no more ridiculous than legalizing pot and any other
drug because of alleged racial bias.
Are Cynthia Nixon's political tactics similar to Donald Trumps?
Above is a picture of gubernatorial candidate, race baiter,
and racist propagandist, Cynthia Nixon at a Cannabis
Parade. She gives her Marijuana support speech while
many attendees are (illegally) smoking marijuana quite
openly and exposing others to their second hand drug
smoke. The smokers don't seem to care, but that is a
reported effect of marijuana on some users...they just
don't seem to care about much of anything!
Cynthia Nixon's Strategies Similar to Donald Trump
1. Cynthia Nixon is willing to grossly distort the
facts for political gain
More general distortions by Nixon
Author's Comment:  Really! Any White person can
smoke marijuana anywhere and any Black person
will be arrested, convicted and jailed for a similar
offense.  This is typical Cynthia Nixon racist
propaganda which should be rejected as nonsense.
Elle online magazine, April 12, 2018 in an article by Daisy Murray says that
Nixon says:

"We have to stop putting people of colour in jail for
something that white people do with impunity,' and
concludes, 'This simple truth is: for white people the
use of marijuana has effectively been legal for a long
time. Isn’t it time we legalise it for everybody else?''
2: Donald Trump willing to use racial stereotypes
for political gain and so in Cynthia Nixon
As reported by Anne Branigin of The Root on May 8, 2018, Cynthia
Nixon said:

"Now that cannabis is exploding as an
industry, we have to make sure that those
communities that have been harmed and
devastated by marijuana arrests get the first
shot at this industry,” Nixon told Forbes.
“We [must] prioritize them in terms of
licenses. It’s a form of reparations.”
Author's Comment: Slavery, which still exists to this day, is
one of the worst evils developed by humankind. Cynthia
Nixon trivilizes this and promotes a stereotype of Black
people. That is, the way of "reparations" is to promote drug
shops in the Black Community. Even many of her supporters
condemn this kind of reckless speech on her part. Nixon has
the right to speak, but that does not mean she is right to
speak nonsense.
3: Donald Trump and Nixon grossly misuse
Statistics to make a point.
Donald Trump does not have a clue that the Statistics from pre
election polling and exit polling showed  voter tallies were altered
within the electronic voter machines to favor Donald Trump. Trump
uses unscientific polls to "show" his "immense" popularity.
Likewise, Cynthia Nixon has no clue on how to read polls. For
example, she sees a statistic suggesting that there are three times
more convictions for pot for Black people than White people. Nixon
then concludes racism is at work.
Nixon sees another statistic. She claims it says that a Black or Latino
person is 10 times more likely to be convicted for pot possession.
Nixon then concludes more racism and we must stop those arrests,
and convictions and release those people from custody. However, the
study she refers to says something different. It speaks of possession
of pot in the 5th Degree. In New York that could be possession of
more than an ounce of pot or smoking it in public. Thus, she has
again distorted the truth. Is she now suggesting legalizing free lance
sales on the street and anywhere else?
Cynthia Nixon implies that is fine to legalize marijuana because it is
allegedly "safe" to use. However, there is strong evidence that
marijuana is very bad for children. Nixon might try to tell you that
she is not in favor of legalizing marijuana for children, but this is
precisely what she is doing in effect.
According to an article by Stephanie Watson in February 25,,
"Marijuana smoke contains about 60 chemicals called
cannabinoids. ( such as THC).
"Marijuana smoke is also filled with many of the same
chemicals as tobacco smoke, including ammonia,
hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde" ( which are very
dangerous poisons).  "Some of these chemicals are
now to cause cancer."
While many believe that  Donald Trump's tactics are
unconscionable, we will give evidence here of the
similarities between Trump's tactics and that of Cynthia
Nixon. We also submit that her tactics may actually help
Donald Trump to win a second term in 2020.
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The fact of the matter is this: marijuana is a dangerous drug and
testing has shown this. Smoking marijuana makes it not only more
dangerous to the user, but to everyone around the user and whatever
room the user smokes pot in. Race has nothing to do with this
discussion. Is racism a factor in pot arrests? According to the
evidence, probably not in New York, but even if it did, racism needs to
be dealt with separately. Racism is basically a hatred of oneself
projected outward. Mitigating racism by legalizing dangerous drugs
such as marijuana or even heroin or cocaine, is no answer to anything
and is only a red herring for the gullible, or greedy, or the indifferent.
Throwing people in jail for possession of small amounts of marijuana
is not the answer either, but racist propaganda, like Nixon uses, is just
a very cruel and perverted joke.