Pick Your President  (it's easy with
electronic voting machines and just one person
can decide for a nation)
Hacking Democracy
Below is a must see movie showing the ease of
cracking into electronic voting machines and
creating as many votes as you want, easily,
quickly and without any trace of the fraud
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Second: Decide how many votes do you want to cast?  
One Hundred? One Thousand? One Hundred
Thousand? or more!  No problem! Just hack into the
electronic voting machines (easy enough to do) and your
wish is granted! and you have the President of your
It's an easy 2 step process:

First: Pick someone or something of your choice to be
President of the United States. You can choose Caesar,
or perhaps Napoleon, or Pharaoh. Maybe you like
someone more contemporary, maybe Stalin or Charlie
Chaplin or maybe Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson.
Just get their names on the ballot somehow
, and then
move to the next step.
It's a Brave New World where just one person can alter
the course of a Presidential Election by fixing just one
electronic voting machine. The process is easy and
shown below:
Now that you have seen this movie, you now know how
easy it is to hack an electronic voting machine and create
any result you want in an election....and no one can tell
you did it.  This time it is Donald Trump who benefited
from the hack. Next time it could be a Democrat.  

Suggestion: contact your elected officials and persuade
them to eliminate all electronic voting machines from the
* It goes, of course, without saying, that obviously Angel Justice is being sarcastic here and not actually seriously
suggesting that anyone attempt to hack an election machine
"The people who cast the votes
decide nothing. The people who
count the votes decide everything."

Joseph Stalin
Vladimir Putin's Predecessor
See this movie below and then come back here read the
next paragraph below:
...and who are the people counting
your vote?  It could be those same
people hacking into your electronic
voting machine...and changing
your vote for you!
U.S. Intelligence Agencies all agree that Russia has
hacked our election system with the goal of guaranteeing
Putin's friend, Donald Trump wins the Presidency. Read
what Putin's predecessor thinks about Free Elections
and voting.
Joseph Stalin
Brutal Dictator of Russia