"The people who cast the votes
decide nothing. The people who
count the votes decide everything."
Joseph Stalin
Predecessor of Vladimir Putin
How could a single hacker change
the outcome of an election in the
United States or elsewhere?
Here is a plausible scenario based upon the
known vulnerabilities of electronic voting

If a machine is connected to the Internet, then a
hacker could introduce malware into the
memory of the voting machine. The malware
could give the hacker the ability of deciding how
many votes (s)he wanted to the machine to
record and to whom. For example, such a
machine could be programmed to give literally
thousands of votes to Donald Trump or to
Hillary Clinton and provide the paper backup to
further hide the fraudulent result. The malware
could programmed to be inactive prior to the
election (and most probably undetectable
without a serious forensic search). After the
election, the malware could be programmed to
delete itself out and thus eliminating any trace
of the fraud.

If a machine is not connected to the Internet,
then any person, could physically introduce the
malware to the electronic voting machine to
obtain the same result.
Hacking Democracy,
(the movie below) showed how  quick and easy
for virtually any person to do.

You don't need to hack more than a handful of
voting machines. You just need to pick those
states where the polls predict a somewhat
close election and fix it for your candidate. You
will want those states with close polls so that
polls won't detect the fraud so easily. In the
2016, there were several such states.
However, if the hacker picks states such as
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin where
Hillary Clinton was far ahead of Donald Trump
in the vast majority of polls...then we have a
suspicious situation, if suddenly Donald Trump
wins the election in those states as contrary to
the polls.
Hacking Democracy:  The movie that
shows how easy and quick it is to hack an
electronic election machine, and leave no trace.
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Pick Your President (by picking the machine)
...and who are the people counting your vote?  
It could be just a single hacker breaking into
your electronic voting machine...and changing
your vote!
Joseph Stalin
Brutal Dictator of Russia
All of America's Intelligence Agencies have determined that Russia has hacked
the United States Presidential Election in order to elect Donald Trump as
President. These agencies have also determined that the ruler of Russia,
Vladimir Putin personally gave the order to hack into the US Elections. Read
the quote below from Vladimir's Putin's predecessor, Joseph Stalin and how he
felt about free elections.