The Dangers of Marijuana
Marijuana, or Pot or Weed has been touted as "safe".  
This website will expose this myth about this dangerous
First Danger:  Fungicide Dangers
Marijuana has a tendency to sustain fungus.  Even for
the most avid  "stoner", smoking fungus on marijuana is
not relished. Marijuana growers have a "solution". That
solution is: "
While Myclobutinil does well in removing fungi from
Marijuana, there are some very dangerous side-effects
which occur upon lighting up your marijuana cigarette.
The result of heating up Myclobutinil results in the
creation of Hydrogen Cyanide (a highly dangerous and
poisonous gas which is considered weapons grade).  
Carbon Monoxide is also formed, which is also deadly.
Moreover, you have the formation of gaseous
, which becomes very volatile and deadly
hydrochloric Acid. This is the same Hydrogen Chloride
created in Hawaii by the volcano and which gas forms
hydrochloric acid which everyone is advised not to
Obviously it is bad for someone to inhale hydrochloric
acid, hydrogen cyanide, or carbon monoxide as they
smoke "a joint". It is also very bad for a pregnant woman
to smoke and expose her unborn baby to these noxious
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