Putin Confessions
The following are secret confessions from Russian President, Vliadimir Putin
Putin Speaks on Hitler, Stalin, and Trump
" I grew up in the old Soviet Union, now Russia. I went to the University of St. Petersburg
and then joined KGB to become an intelligence officer. I also became what is known in
America as a "sport's hero" in Judo. At KGB training and at the University, I studied law,
history and other arts. Something that Americans may not be aware of is how much
Russians do not want a war with America. Russia (and countries formerly part of the
Soviet Union), suffered terribly during World War II."
"There were 16 Million civilian deaths and 11 Million Soviet military deaths. This does not
include millions of more men, women and children who were maimed or severely injured
from the War. This war was so enormous, we called it: The Great Patriotic War", and
actually have a song named after it and still popular today in Russia ("
The Sacred War").
There is almost no family in Russia which has been untouched by this horrible war.
"The reason that I bring this up is that this War could have been avoided except for one
deluded and paranoid man who had wide support. He used the cognonym, Joseph
Stalin (meaning man of steel in Russian). However, he was anything but." Before I get
started, I want to remind you that I am a very serious business man and politician and so
publicly I cannot be as honest about my disdain for Stalin as he is popular in Russia.
Perhaps because he is credited with winning WWII, (a myth) and people have forgotten
that Stalin killed millions of people and sent millions more to labor camps in Siberia."
"Josef Stalin (Josef Djogashivili, his real name) was a thin skinned bully and arrogant
and incompetent fool. Instead of "man of steel", he was a man of tissue paper who
could not stand the slightest criticism. Those who disagreed with him, including his wife,
could easily find themselves having committed suicide or perhaps being locked in the
Lubianka (Prison) in Moscow or worse."
"Stalin was admirer of Adolph Hitler. He made a non-aggression pact with Hitler. More
than that, (and this just was discovered), Stalin even secretly promised Hitler that he would
not let his regime fall (to the French, British and Americans). Stalin actually provided
significant military aid and large amounts of oil to Hitler in his war against the British"
"Stalin, as an admirer of Hitler, chose to commit massive atrocities in those areas
occupied by the Soviet Union prior to the invasion by Hitler in 1941. One of many such
places, was Ukraine" Stalin, with his henchmen, created a famine which killed Millions
of men, women and children. This helped create an enormous Fifth Column in Ukraine
and other areas which colluded with the Nazis. What Stalin did, as terrible as it was,
was no excuse for this collusion with Hitler. It is no excuse for me to invade Ukraine
either, but I will use it if necessary...this is politics. Your new President Trump is no
different than me here.
Putin Speaks on Hillary Clinton
" I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here, but Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, is a loud
mouthed trouble maker and shrill hypocrite. Now that I got that out of the way, I am
thinking that I may have made a mistake in helping her opponent, Donald Trump, instead
of helping her. But, my public support will be for Donald Trump only. Read more below to
find out why." It will be slow reading, but if you are in a hurry go read another fake news
site which will tell you nothing and just exploit your lack of knowledge. Remember, your
willingness to remain ignorant of the truth will do nothing to protect you from the truth and
its consequences. Also, if you Americans insist on remaining ignorant of the truth, I have
some ambitious plans for you that you won't like, but I and my oligarch comrades here in
Russia, and some of our American Fifth Columnist comrades, will like. Those Americans
who are intent on remaining ignorant of the truth about Russian Government intentions,
well we have a name for you in Russia invented by Nicolai Lenin..."useful idiots"
"I would like to point out that right now that there is a considerable Fifth Column in
America right now. They are more than willing to serve a leader who is willing to do
anything to get what he wants, even if it means betrayal of American ideals."
Moreover, this American Fifth Column can't refer to horrible atrocities committed
against them as an excuse. Their only excuse is obscene greed for money and greed
for power." I think you know who I am talking about."
"Getting back to Stalin...the man who almost destroyed Russia, Stalin was also a
person who couldn't ever admit error or listen to his Intelligence Services. Soviet
Intelligence has always been the best in the world. In fact, we had spies in
Switzerland during World War II, called the Lucy Network. We knew what Hitler was
up to every minute in real time.
"We knew the exact day and time that Hitler would invade Russia. Marshal's
Timoshenko and Zukov came up with a plan to pre-empt the Nazi attack. Stalin flew
into a rage and called them  madmen and demanded that they not antagonize Hitler
by even preparing for an invasion of Russia by the Nazis. When the Nazis did invade
Russia at the time Soviet Intelligence said it would happen, Stalin was stunned. Stalin
could not take responsibility for his incompetence and foolishness. He chose to blame
the man who warned him of the invasion, Marshal Timoshenko, and had him shot."
"Stalin had all the traits of someone whom I have contempt for, severe incompetence,
lack of intelligence,refusal to listen to his Intelligence Services, thin skinned temper
tantrums, willingness to blame others for his own shortcomings; a willingness to do
anything to "win" at all costs, even if others die for that "win".
"Stalin's  serious personality defects brough Russia into a horrific war. This is why I
cannot stomach traits in men like Stalin. Well, do you recognize any such similar
traits in your President Trump? That is right and that is why I cannot stand this
person. However, what I learned in KGB, was to charm such people and use them
for the interests of Russia...which is really the interest of myself and my oligarch
friends who have taken over the government of Russia." So why do I still support
someone like Trump and pretend that I like him...I will explain later--you will not like
what I have to say.
" Right now, there is more to tell you about Trump and Stalin and
why I hope Trump is impeached by you Americans.
Putin Speaks about Meeting with Trump advisors at Trump Tower
"I was reading how some Russian citizens happened to have a meeting with some
Trump advisors at Trump tower about adoption. Remember "adoption" in
Russian-American politics is really a code-word for Magnitsky Act. This Act allegedly
prevents me and other comrades of mine from accessing our alleged 100's of Billions
of allegedly stolen money. Was this Trump Tower meeting, a KGB (FSB) operation?
It would be too simple for me to tell you and I will let you figure it out. You have been
too used to simple answers, and now you need to figure it out for yourself.
"I will tell you this though: if this was a KGB operation, here is how I would do it. I
would contact the mark, in this case someone from the Trump team. If KGB or
Russian intermediaries or cut-outs had earlier contacts with the mark,then I would
use very direct language. I would make it clear that this was the Russian government.
This way, this could be no question about what the mark is getting involved with. If
relations at a later time went sour, then we would have Kompromat or material
showing that the mark had chosen to be compromised. We still could then perhaps
be able to still use the mark against his or her wishes.
The foregoing are fake quotes but based upon actual
conversations with Vladimir Putin in the dream state.
"Next, I would chosen a team of non-professional spies, so there would not be any
clear link to the Russian Government. I would have the team very valuable information,
but carry very little or information that had no value. This would come in valuable in
case the mark called the FBI.  KGB does not want to see the FBI sit in on the meetings
and maybe start making arrests. Our team would have plausible deniability you see.
The next step would be after we found that the mark accepted and attended the
meeting and there were no arrests or interference by the FBI at or after the meeting,
we would know that we were in, and could now push forward with our agenda of
infiltration of the American Government.
"You now know how KGB would have done it. You must decide. Were there a bunch of
clowns contacting the Trump team at its highest levels for "adoption", or was this a
highly sophisticated KGB (FSB) operation made to look clownish, but with the goal of
Trump team penetration? You decide."
Vladimir Putin Speaks about Rigging The U.S. Election
"Your US Intelligence Community, all 17 Agencies agree that I, Vladimir Putin,
interfered with the US Election in favor of Donald Trump.
Vladimir Putin Speaks about American reaction to secret
meetings with Russian operatives.
"Many Americans are outraged by this. Quite a few are not. They say it is just
"opposition research". I find this somewhat hilarious. When I was KGB in the old Soviet
Union, such behavior would not be debated. If you, as Russian citizen decided to
secretly meet with ex-CIA operatives, US government prosecutors who worked for the
US Attorney General and others close to the US government, this would be
espionage if not outright treason against Russia and The Soviet Union.  If
you were in Moscow, you could be walking down the street and a car could pull up to
you and men come out of the car and put a bag over your head and take you to the
Lubianka (prison). At your fair trial, if you survived and did not disappear or have a
fatal accident, you would probably could tell the Russian court your defense of
"opposition research".  Before you were laughed out of court, you would be sentenced
years of hard labor camp in Siberia...or worse. Now, could this happen in Russia
today?  If you are thinking of doing this in Russia, during your "vacation" in Russia,
your "vacation" could be extended by many years, but not with a 5 star hotel...if you
know what I mean. Maybe you will never get out of Russia...alive that is!
" You will forgive me if I make a crude sarcastic joke here. However, you Americans
who are blessed with more freedom than most countries and certainly more than
Russia, seem so willing to give it away...for nothing." Many, many Russians would die
to have your freedom and many have died dying to obtain it...and you foolish Americans
want to just throw it away for a few empty promises! There is an American movie from
the 1930's which satirized Hitler. On the movie they said all it took for a Dictator to take
over was to: "Promise them plenty, give them nothing and take everything!" And you
Americans fell for it! As your "President" would Tweet:  "Sad!".
"If you had a clue about Russia and its government today, and what this meeting with
Russian officials was really about, you would not be so blasé about this meeting. If you
had a clue, you would not think it was so innocent and would not affect the United
States, except in an adverse manner."
"However, if you Americans care so little about your freedom and independence, I,
Vladimir Putin am more than happy to intervene and help you out...or actually help
myself out and make a pile of dough while doing it." I told you, I am not a Communist,
but actually a business man, a very, very serious business man. I was however, once a
member of the Communist Party for many years and worked for KGB. I did believe in
some of its most basic tenets, such as equality and brotherhood. However, I have
discovered making piles of money is much more important than any of that, and if bodies
have to pile up of those opposed...so be it.
Of course, I won't tell you because you Americans will believe what you want to
believe, regardless of evidence. Instead, I will give you some hints.
First of all, your US Intelligence Community said that I, Vladimir Putin, penetrated huge
numbers of local election offices in numerous states. I am not admitting anything here
for myself or for the government of the Russian Federation. However, there may have
been some Russian patriots who did something here to your election machines.They
also said that the invasion entered into local election computers and they detected that
voter registration was scanned by Russian espionage.
If you Americans had done this to Russia, there would have been an outrage all over
Russia. Instead, you had officials, who seemed to have little knowledge about real
election fraud works. I am not talking about the alleged 3-5 million illegal immigrant
votes for Hilary Clinton purported by the Trump administration. We all laugh at that
here in Russia. Russians know that such ridiculous assertions are just a pretext for
voter suppression and a pretext to grab private information on all Americans. I would do
the same thing here in Russia, but no one would be believe me and I don't want to be
the laughing stock of Russia.
"We know it is ridiculous because as former KGB, I, Vladimir Putin, know what we have
been doing for many decades. How do you think puppet regimes in Eastern Europe
totally loyal to Joseph Stalin won the popular vote? Do you really believe that the
overwhelming majority of people in those countries really wanted to be dominated by a
madman like Stalin? Who would be fool enough to vote madman into office for anything
or anywhere. Again, if you believe that those elections were honest then you really
should buy my bridge over the Volga"
Let me give you Americans a little edification here. Some of your American officials say
that the election machine computers were invaded. Your officials say that no voter
tallies were altered as far as they know.
Considering that there was no serious investigation of this, this assertion is laughable. I
am not saying that I Vlad, or the Russian government did anything, but if I was back in
KGB, here is how I would do it...and it would be easy to do.
I would probe the election office computers for weaknesses and to see what kind of
malware can be installed either in person or remotely, as did occur according to your
US Intelligence Agencies.
To cover for the probing and malware introduction, I would then go after registration
files, but do nothing with them and so it would appear nothing had occurred.
To complete the deception, I would go after only computers not involved with voter
tallies. However, once we had placed the malware in the other computers, it would not
be too long before the computers doing voter tallies were infected as well.
This is called breaching the "Air Gap".  Anyone using a USB memory bar or any other
device infected, will infect the voter fallying computers. The voter tallies could easily be
changed so that even votes for Clinton will be registered as votes for Trump.
"Getting back to your election,to further avoid detection, you have your favored
candidate scream voter fraud so that the US government will attempt to pacify the people
by claiming that the voter machines are "safe" when they are anything but safe."
"You then have your favored candidate claim that the polls are all fake, knowing that it is
the polling prior to and after the election which will reveal the fraud. Then make sure
your candidate either takes legal action to stop the investigation of the voter machines
and if winning, then make sure HomeLand Security and the Election Assistance
Commission do nothing."
"Hello Americans. My name is Vladimir Putin and am President of the Russian Federation.
I am going to speak to you on this website in a way you have never heard. I am doing this
because in part I feel somewhat responsible for placing Donald Trump in power, who I still
support, but is more unstable than I figured and his Presidency may not be as good for
Russia (and me and my oligarch comrades) as I initially figured. I may be a greedy man,
but I am not a bad man and I am having a pang of conscience for some of things I have
done in the name of greed that includes knowing some people were doing some very,
very bad things to innocent people in my name. This also includes possibly unleashing a
madman upon America and the world. This website is apparently the only website in the
world which publicly announces the truth about your elections. That is, your elections
were far more compromised than you have told by your leaders. So badly compromised,
that someday it may come out that the actual voter tallies were altered in favor of Donald
Trump. In other words, Donald Trump did not actually win the electoral college vote
legitimately win your election and is an illegitimate president. I am not saying that I or the
Russian Government did this, but Russian Intelligence is very aware of this and we did
not tell your leaders about this bad situation, when we could have. Also,  this is a
Pro-American, Fake News site which purports to stand for World Peace and Equality and
Universal Brotherhood and Love of Humanity.  Therefore, you will never know for certain
whether I am really saying what I appear to be saying here." Interviewing here also gives
me some protection from other power figures in Russia who would be scandalized by
what I am saying...and that is dangerous even for me, Vladimir Putin. There are at least
four other power brokers in Russia who would consider what I am doing here as treason
to Russia...very dangerous even for me, Vladimir Putin.  Is everything on this page a hoax,
or am I using a hoax to cover my tracks and protect me from other Russian oligarchs who
don't want the truth about the full extent of Russian involvement in your American election
to be known?  You can be like someone on the Titanic and deny over and over again that
the ship is sinking. This will not save you though. The only way to know if what I am
saying here is true is for you to do research and use your intelligence to discover the truth.
"Maybe you Americans think it is OK to make your life about gaining material
possessions and very little else matters, including other human life. I have got a bad
surprise for you! This is exactly how I think, or used to think. I am reported to have over
200 Billion dollars in assets. I am the richest man who ever lived, but I still feel empty.
So many of you Americans, especially those who have the political power to show
leadership, but sink into a sewer of greed and indifference. This only makes it very
difficult for me, Vladimir Putin, to change what I am doing. It only convinces me that I
am acting in the name of justice if I exploit Americans who insist upon being ignorant
and greedy and show almost depraved indifference to their fellow man and woman.
"Let's be honest with each other American. If you could trade places with me, you
probably would. You could have almost absolute power over the lives of 100's of
millions of people and perhaps 100's of Billions of dollars in assets, (assuming those
financial reports are true about me). All you would have to do is eliminate a few
hundred or few thousand malcontents that no one will miss to do it.  I am not admitting
to anything mind you. Maybe it is ISIS during the dirty work. I don't know. Also, I have
supporters, like any other beloved leader, and those supporters and vigilantes don't
like people criticizing their leader and they may take executive action against those
critics, regardless of how I would not want them to do this. So, American, get off your
high horse and stop turning your nose up at me as if you are so superior to me. You
would do the same thing for vast riches...admit it!
" I learned a lot of History at St. Petersburg University in St. Petersburg (formerly
Leningrad), which I will not forget. Leningrad suffered greatly in WWII, perhaps more
so than most Russian cities.  I learned to despise war and mediocre commanders
who cost many lives unnecessarily. "At the start of WWII against America, there was
a mediocre General, whose incompetence, virtually turned the Philippines over to the
invading Japanese Imperial Army. His name was General MacArthur. Near the end of
the War, he needlessly invaded the Philippines, apparently for political reasons and
cost the lives tens of thousands of Americans, Filipinos, and Japanese.  After the
War, he led American forces in Korea.  He told then President Truman, that he was
prepared to use Nuclear Weapons to destroy many cities in China and kill tens of
millions of people, in order to win in Korea. MacArthur was then dismissed...as he
should have been. Despite all of his incompetence, it was only when he wanted to
use Nuclear Weapons, was he finally put into his place. We also had many
incompetent Russian Generals, but just one Russian leader who seriously wanted to
use Nuclear Weapons. His name was Josef Stalin.
"When Stalin talked seriously about using Nuclear Weapons against the United
States, suddenly something happened to him and he did not survive. Perhaps it was
bad health or who knows. Do you Americans really think Stalin died of natural
causes, given the history of how sucession in Russia has occurred in the past? His
second in command, Lavrenti Beria, head of the dreaded N.K.V. D. (forerunner of the
KGB) was also impeached "Russian style".
"You Americans have had many Presidents, but other than Truman, none have been
so willing to pull the trigger other than Trump. Fortunately, you Americans a
non-violent Impeachment clause in your Constitution. You should be ready to use it at
the right time. I cannot help you with that, because I must show at least some nominal
support for Trump for the sake of appearances. I am not happy about Trump signing
the sanctions bill which could interfere with my access to my overseas assets. I made
some smart investments, some wealthy Russians decided to give me most of their
money for reasons I don't know. I therefore have lots of money overseas that I cannot
touch. Trump could have done something about it...I don't know what, but Trump
needs to do better by me with all that I have done for him, including making him
President. One more thing that really embarrassed me and Russia and our support
for Trump: his public diatribe and mocking of a disabled person on television. How
low can you go! Even Stalin, yes
even Stalin would not sink that low, but Trump did!
I was nauseated by Trump's behavior, but pretended that it did not bother me,
because I was hoping for Trump to repay me by removing sanctions and allowing me
to use my vast riches. Go ahead, Americans, use your obsolete  Constitution and
impeach Trump. He has used up his usefulness for me and my oligarch comrades... I
don't care about him and neither does Russia. I will get Pence and I think we can
mold him and he will be better for me and my comrades."
"You Americans are so convinced that no one can breach the AIr Gap and that your
computers are safe if they are not connected to the internet. Here in Russia, cyber
experts laugh at you Americans.
" Let me give you a couple of historic examples that I learned in school. During WWII, the
French built the so-called, Maginot Line to protect them from Germany. It cost Billions of
dollars and was nothing more than a very expensive ditch it turns out. The Germans
simply went around it. The French and British refused to believe that this was
possible...just like you Americans believe it is impossible to plant malware in a voter tally
machine just because it is not connected to the internet--very foolish thinking. You
Americans must badly want me to decide your elections for you.
"I will give you Americans another historic example. During WWII, the "Air Gap" referred to
the area in the North Atlantic where American convoys could be not  from Nazi U-Boats
by airplane. The Nazis were convinced that they were safe. However, when a new
technology permitted American airplanes to cover the "Air Gap", mayhem broke loose
upon German U-Boats and they for a while refused to believe that German U-Boats were
being sunk by Allied planes. Again, just like you Americans who refuse to believe that
your election tally machines are safe. They are as safe a hen house with sign on it
saying...welcome Foxes, and enjoy your meal!"
"Just one more point: you Americans screwed up a chance for Democracy in Russia
circa 1917. You Americans think that you are so superior to us Russians, but it was you
who insisted that Russia's hope for Democracy, Alexander Kerensky, stay in a war
against Germany that Russia had no stomach for and could not possibly win. This
brought about the Bolsheviks (Communists) into power with Lenin and of course Stalin.
Thank you America for that! You then invaded Russia with American Doughboys
around the same time and called it an "intervention" and you sided with the Tsarists.
Thank you again for helping Stalin and Lenin consolidate their hold on Russia.
"You Americans had another chance with Gorbachov and Boris Yeltsin in the 1990's
when they tried to establish a Russian Democracy. When these two men tried to
dismantle the Soviet Union, you could have helped out. Instead, you allowed oligarch
wannabees to literally buy up property of the Russian people for pennies on the dollar.
I put a stop to that and made sure it was almost all Russian oligarchs. I did it at a low
cost of lives taken and people imprisoned who were too critical of our new way of life.
You should thank me America because I could have been as bad or worse than Stalin.
Then what would do?
"Face it, I am just using America's business model for my new Russia. Stalin killed
tens of millions; some ruthless capitalists promoted tobacco and nicotine use with the
deaths of over 100 Million people. I am a serious business man who has little use for
Communist ideology...it is hard cash I seek. You new President follows my model as I
follow your country's model. If you don't like what I do or what Trump does, look at
yourself first before you start casting stones out.
              Hoax or real interview?
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Putin Dream Commentary
"Sometimes your American TV talks about Lidice in the Czech Republic or a town in
Belgium and how the Nazis massacred men, women, and children indiscriminately.
However, Russia had literally
thousands of Lidices. We in Russia know the real price of
hatred and resulting war. I have helped put in an American President whose platform is
soaked in hatred that it even turns my stomach...and I am no innocent. I have used
hatred also to gain political power and am in no position to lecture anyone. But you
should listen, or you may reap the spoils of hatred when you could avoid it. I wish I had
listened. I am caught in a gilded cage of my own making. Don't let it happen to you!