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How Putin (Could have) Rigged    
The Voter Machines
Presumably, you have read on this website how, statistically, it was virtually impossible for
Trump to have won  legitimately.  Presumably, you have also read how Russian Espionage
is top-notch and has been for years on a level almost with Great Britain and the United
States and has the ability to rig voter machines if Russia chose to do that. You also know
how Russian Espionage has learned to find
Kompromat, or compromising information on
visitors to Russia, via secret compromising videos in hotel rooms or financial traps, and
according to a respected British Intelligence Agent. Moreover, this British agent claims that
Russia has such compromising material on Trump. You have also read how top Trump
advisors and aides had continuous contact with high ranking Russian officials, including
high ranking Russian Espionage officials well before and during the election. You also
have read here how US Intelligence declared that Vladimir Putin of Russia, ordered his spy
services win the US election for their apparent asset, Donald Trump which Trump denies
but improperly tries to get the FBI to repudiate claims about Trump aides possible collusion
with Russia. Moreover, you have read
Putin had conducted cyber warfare against the
United States and in particular against Election Offices in about 20 different States.
Now that it is clear that Donald Trump did not win the Electoral College legitimately,(the
statistical evidence and resulting analysis shows this overwhelmingly to be true) how did
Trump get declared the winner in the Electoral College?  and how did Putin do it?
Putin did not need to win all or even most states for Trump. Putin only needed several close
races in the so-called "swing states" to give to Trump and just a handful of voter machines
to corrupt. So how did Putin get into the US voter machines?
There are a number of different and easy ways to do this, either remotely, or in near
physical approximation of the voting machines and voter total machines.
However, before we speak about this, let us review the powerful computer malware or
variation thereof, that could have been used by Putin.
A little bit of computer virus history is next.
A number of years ago, the United States, developed a super computer malware which was
used in an operation called, "
Operation Olympic Games", and the virus was later called in
the media as "
Stuxnet ". This super malware was intended to be virtually undetectable,
spread on its own, take over computers, become a "sleeper virus" and activate and
deactivate to make detection even more difficult.
Stuxnet was created to invade the computers of Iran and wreak havoc with Iran's nuclear
facilities in Natanz, by destroying equipment such as centrifuges while having the computers
indicate that nothing was wrong, and then deactivate to hide and activate again and then
repeat the hide and seek process.
The virus worked very well and was for a long time undetectable. Thousands of centrifuges
were destroyed by this computer malware.Problems started for
Stuxnet when it went viral
world wide via a programming error. It took some time but years ago, it was eventually
detected. One place it was detected was in Belarus. It was discovered by world renown
Russian computer experts. This was where Putin's FSB (formerly, KGB  and NKVD), got
hold of the virus and was able to analyze it and improve upon it. For our purposes, we will
call one version of Putin's
Stuxnet, "Stutnik", (not the real name). The malware used by the
Russians on our Election System may or may not be related to
Stuxnet, but we can see
Stuxnet, the capabilities of computer malware, including breaching the "Air Gap", being
virtually undetectable, and altering voter totals to favor Donald Trump.
So we see now that Putin had a super malware(s) capable of physically altering the tasks of
machines that were connected to computers. That is, Putin had the capability of changing
voter totals remotely from Russia, but how did Putin get it into our Election System?
There are a number of ways to do this. One way is to invade any voter machine
connected to the internet. However, voter machines are generally not connected to the
internet. This is called the "Air Gap". "Air Gaps" will not stop an invading malware where a
state actor, such as Russia is involved. While someone could have inadvertently
connected a voter machine, even for a second to the internet, for our discussion let us
assume that this did not happen. There are still many ways to get into the system.
One way to get in, is to invade any computer within an Election Office, which according to
US Intelligence, Putin's spy services
did just that in a number of states!  Thus, any other
machine hooked up to that computer at any time, or if a code is transferred to the voter
machine or voter total machine, (which it is so that the voter machine knows who the
candidates are), or a USB flash drive is used on an infected computer and then used on a
voter machine, then
Stuxnet (or some variation such as Stutnik) can infect that voter
machine and change the totals in Trumps favor.  As said, we know from the FBI and CIA that
Putin did invade the computers of about 20 Election Offices in the United States. While the
CIA determined that information was stolen from those computers, it could not tell anything
else without doing a forensic analysis on those machines, which was never done. Even if
Stutnik, like its American sister virus, would be virtually undetectable, unless you are
looking for it and variations may be even more undetectable.  Because
Stuxnet (and
presumably) the Russian
Stutnik has sleeper qualities, that is, the code can re-activate itself
in 2020 and remain dormant and virtually undetectable until that time.  We believe we can
expect that Trump will easily be re-elected because of Putin''s computer malware.
Another way into the computers and breaching the " Air Gap", is for Putin to invade the
system of any computer which uses any remote wireless switch, which many Election
Computers use. Moreover, Putin could have used radio waves from a computer within the
Election Office. One just needs to be somewhat near an Election Office with a device to
intercept those radio waves from the computer.  Again, once inside the Election Office all of
the computers and voting machines can be easily compromised.
The Iranian computers are reported to have someone use an infected USB cable memory
stick perhaps without realizing it was infected or someone intentionally used an infected USB
Memory Stick. Someone could use a computer infected with
Stutnik and then a USB memory
stick and infect the memory stick, which is then used for a voting machine. Parts of a
computer, infected, could be sent in the mail to the Election Office. A repair person or
maintenance person could do this.
Of course, one of the easiest ways to infect the Voting machines with Stutnik is to physically
replace a chip in the machines. This can be done easily, without trace, and any paper trail
can be altered as well to hide the fraud, (See
Hacking Democracy)
Can someone just walk in and do this? Depends.  I know for a fact that voter machines that
were supposedly safe actually had students, teachers, friends and relatives of teachers and
perhaps others in the same room as the voting machines for hours on end, as they were
taken out of storage too quickly. Anyone, if they had a mind to alter the machines, they
could. However, I don't believe anyone did alter the machines, although one of the
supervisors complained about students playing with the voting machines. My experience is
probably not unique and many other places for Election machines are just as vulnerable to
physical tampering. I have read about one professor who claims one of his students is able
to get physically close to voter machines all the time. There is also nothing stopping an
election worker, sympathetic to Trump or Putin, doing something.
Hacking Democracy  (An HBO documentary) showing how easy it is to quickly change totals on a voter machine without
leaving a trace.
Zero Days (A Showtime Documentary) showing how easy it is to remotely spread the Stuxnet virus and what it can do
including change voter machines without leaving a trace.
While the evidence is not absolute, one sign of possible guilt is that Trump is doing
everything he can to stop  investigations into his and some of his associates' alleged
questionable dealings with the Russians. This includes improperly asking the FBI and chairs
of investigative committees to contact the media to proclaim his "innocence" instead of
clearing it up in a transparent manner. In any case,we get the same result every time we toss
the dice: Putin, Trump, Election Fraud.
To cover up this Election Fraud, Putin perhaps suggested to his apprentice, Donald Trump,
that he scream Election Fraud against himself all the time and saying that Clinton had 3 to 5
Million illegal voters on her side, without producing a shred of proof. This way, perhaps
Putin reasoning is that election authorities will flock to the media and claim that there can be
no such fraud like. They would be correct,...the fraud is on the side of Putin and Trump with
computer warfare.
Invasion of Election Office computers is probably the most likely way the Kremlin could have
Stutnik malware  introduced into the system. It was a risk for the Kremlin, but was likely to
succeed on several levels. We know the Kremlin had invaded the computers of a number of
election offices in a number of states, (See US Intelligence Report of 1/6/17).
See also CBS
report of 9/28/16. First, the Kremlin could use an old MI5 trick*. That is, knowing the invasion
will be discovered, go after a non-voting machine computer, but do something only slightly
malevalent, such as stealing voter registration information. This would be the distraction,
while something more malevolent was done, such as planting
Stutnik malware in the
computer to be then used to infect voter machines in the same office. Secondly, the Kremlin
probably reasoned that US Intelligence would not do any forensic analysis on the computers
attacked and therefore not find the Kremlin infection. One reason could be that it
embarrass US Intelligence if
Stutnik was found to be derived from the US made Stuxnet.
* This is not to imply that MI6 would interfere with elections. This was used to illustrate the art of distraction in espionage.