Is Donald Trump an Illegitimate President?
Did Russian Espionage give Donald Trump the Election?
The above is a very important question to be addressed about a new President
whose behavior has given pause to many intelligent observers as whether
Donald Trump is a legitimate President. There have been several avenues
concerning this. Some say (US Intelligence) that Russian Espionage (FSB and
GRU) worked hard to get Trump elected and the evidence from US Intelligence is very
strong. Some say that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president because of Donald
Trump's behavior, including asking Russia on National Television to help win by
committing espionage against the United States. Perhaps because he will bully even
disabled people on National Television. Or perhaps, Trump's rhetoric sound to some as
a throw back to "white nationalism" and hatred.
However, few have claimed that Russian Espionage has actually rigged the
voter  machines in favor of Donald Trump thus making it
impossible for Hillary
Clinton to win the election...regardless of how many real votes she had. This
approach will be taken here and using evidence overlooked by the "experts".
The Case That Russian Espionage Rigged the Electronic
Voter  Machines in favor of Donald Trump
Point 1: The Statistics show that Donald
Trump had at best barely above a
chance of winning
just before the Election
This is perhaps the strongest point showing foul in the 2016 election. This is evidence
not spoken of in the media, yet it is the most important. The poll results of numerous
Pre-Election Polls in just Pennsylvania alone, show that just before the Election, that
Donald had a poll rating well below winning. However, the election results then show
he jumps numerous points
well outside the Margin of Error. Because so many
INDEPENDENT polls showed this be very unlikely, the aggregate of these polls
(multiplying the results), show that this is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to do, by the definition
of Probability and by the definition of INDEPENDENCE in Statistics.
If you then consider other states he won by this huge leap outside of the margin of
error, such as North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin, then Trump's chances of
winning the election are even much closer to
Point 3:  US Intelligence shows that Russian
Espionage had hacked computers which feed into
voter  machines in local election offices. Moreover
Statistics show that there is almost a
100% chance
that the electronic voting machines were rigged in
favor of Trump
So if it was impossible, according to statistics,for Donald Trump to have won fairly, what
could have happened?  As pointed out in other pages herein, US Intelligence did not
detect hacking into vote tallying machines per se. However, it is NOT necessary to hack
into the voter  machines, to actually change the voter tally in Trumps favor by whatever
amount you want to change it. You need only to hack into a computer used by an
election office to feed information into a voter machine, to alter the voter tally without
leaving a trace. If that computer was then connected any time to the Internet, then it
could be hacked, and according to US Intelligence, they
WERE hacked by Russian
Espionage (See
Gremlins from the Kremlin within this site). We defer to an expert on
Cyber Security at Princeton University     to back this up this assertion that Russian
Espionage (or anyone using the Internet) could change voter tallies without actually
hacking into the voter machines themselves and leave no trace of their fraud.
See also
evidence of Kremlin malware used in our elections.
While there is not conclusive proof that Russian Espionage gave the election to Donald
Trump, it is submitted that a very strong circumstantial case has been made. That strong
circumstantial case makes it hard to avoid the conclusion that Russian Espionage gave
the election to Donald Trump.
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I really want to emphasize the point here about the impossibility that Donald Trump
could legitimately win
according to the statistics. Some people want to average the
polls. This is a snapshot of the polls, but it is NOT how you calculate the probability of
all or most of these polls being incorrect. You MUST multiply the error in each case
because the polls are INDEPENDENTLY done. This is a basic cornerstone of
probability and statistics. Thus, for example, if each poll showed  had less that 1%
chance of being wrong (that is Donald Trump wins), then if you have 10 reliable and
INDEPENDENTLY  taken polls, which say Trump won outside the
Margin of Error, then
you must MULTIPLY those errors together. You then come up with 1% x 1%x...1% (10
times) which = 1 chance in 100 Million Trillions that Donald Trump won the election
legitimately. Multiply then by independent poll results in each swing state and the odds
against Trump are astronomical. In other words, you are more likely to be abducted by
aliens from another galaxy than Trump having won the election legitimately.
"The people who cast the votes decide Nothing. The people who count
the votes decide
Joseph Stalin (Predecessor of Vladimir Putin)
There are those who will  delude you that global climate change is a hoax or it is not
man-made They urge you to ignore scientific and statistical data. They suggest you don't
use your intellect nor intuition. They may hope to gain substantial financial profit from
continued vast use of fossil fuels. The result of this will eventually be destruction of our
planet. Similarly, there are those who will delude you that the US voting system is safe
and completely protected from fraud and hacking. They too will also urge you to ignore
scientific and statistical data and other evidence to the contrary. They also suggest
ignoring your intellect and intuition. By the public ignoring statistical data, their own
intellect, and intuition, these people may hope to gain authoritarian control over you and
end Democracy. Indeed, if we ignore the obvious, and do nothing, the eventual end of this
WILL be the end of democracy in the US and perhaps worse.
Now, this strong circumstantial case is not absolute. But action should be taken now. If we
wish, we can wait until 2020 and find out that Donald Trump, a hugely unpopular ruler,
has won the election once again. Once again the polls will seem to be systemically
incorrect, when they are
actually pointing to election fraud instead.
But at that time, we will finally have absolute proof of election fraud aiding Donald Trump.  
Do you really want to wait until then to find out for certain that the US voting system has
been compromised? Do you really want to wait until 2020 and find out that Donald Trump
won again with perhaps a huge majority in the same Stalinesque way the Saddam
Hussein or Vlad Putin can claim? In other words, a rigged election.
Moreover, as shown in the movie Hacking Democracy from HBO, in certain states you
may need just one machine to hack to change the entire outcome. Also, a person
physically present could easily change the voter tally without leaving a trace. When you
watch this movie you will see just how quick and easy it is to change voter totals on
electronic voting machines, without leaving a trace, even if there is a paper receipt. Also,
some claim that
all of these voter machines are always locked in a secure place in the
US. Angel Justice knows for a fact from personal knowledge that this is
not true.
Point 2: The Exit Polls, taken just after the
, (using the same reasoning as above), show
that the probability that Trump had won was at about
0% but Trump won anyway. An analysis of the CNN exit polls are
done on this site
The cover story apparently invented the Trump team to explain how someone with a 0%
chance of winning, actually won, went something like this: " Vast numbers of Trump
voters are ashamed to tell pollsters that they either voted for or did vote for Trump".
Interestingly enough, Trump voters were ashamed to talk essentially in regions where
voting machines were electronic and paper ballot--An astonishing coincidence! In other
words, these "Alternative Trump Facts" are just pure nonsense...just like the claim that
Trump won legitimately.
Moreover, if you look at how in state after state and county after county how mostly
Trump performed as the polls predicted when a paper ballot was used, but out performed
when electronic voting machines were used, you then have another situation where
statistically, Trump had about a
0% chance of this happening by chance and an almost
100 % chance of fraud at the electronic voter machines  that aided Donald Trump.
Incidentally, statistically speaking, Trump's claim about Trump supporters ashamed about
voting for Trump...this also has been shot down and shown to be highly implausible at
best. This is probably a cover story given to Trump by his KGB (FSB) Puppet Masters.
Too bad for Trump that this baloney story about "being ashamed of Trump" so that his
supporters would lie to pollsters... is just another Trump/Kremlin hoax.