The Dalai Lama's Terrorist and Nazi
Friends: Shoko Asahara
Meet Shoko Asahara: The leader of the "Cult of Doom"
On the left is
Shoko Asahara
holding hands
with the Dalai
Lama. Shoko is
happy perhaps
because the
Dalai Lama
helped him get
a tax free status
for his
Shoko was then
able to use that
extra money to
create poison
Sarin gas to
pour into the
Tokyo Subway.
So what is up with this photo-op with The Dalai Lama and Shoko Asahara and
who is he?

Shoko Asahara, is a Devotee of the Dalai Lama, who formed a religion
supposedly based loosely upon the Christian Bible and then declared himself
"Christ" . He then poured poisonous Sarin gas into the Tokyo Subway
(Wikipedia-Shoko Asahara)

See Below some pictures of how this "religious man" (Shoko Asahara), whom
The Dalai Lama refers to as his friend, spreads his message of "peace, love
and compassion"
"His Material Holiness" , a article written by Christopher Hitchins on July
13, 1998. This article speaks in part about The Dalai Lama's accepting a donation of $1.2
Million Dollar gift from Shoko Asahara
April 26, 1996 Sydney Herald Article claiming that Shoko Asahara gave  $2 Million Dollars to the Dalai Lama
In the Sydney Herald, it stated that after the Sarin gas attacks by Shoko Asahara, The Dalai Lama told Kyodo News
Service in Japan that
"he (Dalai Lama) had been impressed by his (Shoko
Asahara's) seriousness and spirituality"
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Author's Note: In none of these webpages is the Dalai Lama accused of committing any crime. It is his friends,
sometimes life-long and good friends who are being accused with overwhelming evidence of serious crimes. In some
cases crimes against humanity. Some of the Dalai Lama's supporters, who will never see any flaws in their deity the
Lama, have said that because it is not the Dalai Lama himself, it is no big deal. They cite Roosevelt standing in a picture
with Stalin. So, they reason that the Dalai Lama being in photo ops with terrorists and sadistic Nazis and War Criminals
is again no big deal to them. However, it IS A BIG DEAL!  Roosevelt was not friends with Stalin, but the Dalai Lama was
or is friends with these terrorists and Nazis. The Dalai Lama wants a medal from the US Government. This requires a
higher standard of conduct than just guy on the street who just likes terrorists and Nazis and War Criminals.
While the Dalai Lama had little choice but to comment upon his friend's Shoko handiwork, he has dodged anything
having to do with the horrors of his really good friends such as Bruno Beger. Let the Dalai Lama comment upon at least
one person who suffered at the hands of his good friend Bruno Beger, such as the person pictured below.
Elisabeth Klein
Why is the Dalai Lama unworthy of the 2015 Liberty Medal?
Q:  Just because the Dalai Lama knew Bruno Beger doesn't mean anything, right? Didn't Roosevelt have his picture
taken with Stalin, Rosemary Carter with John Wayne Gacey?  

A: Roosevelt was not friends with Stalin; Rosemary Carter was not friends with Gacey and did not know at the time about
he being a serial killer...a serial killer just like Bruno Beger except not as bad as Beger.
Q:  Maybe the Dalai Lama knew him only a little bit for a short time. I heard that it was Beger who sought out the Dalai
Lama. Maybe the Dalai Lama did not he was an important perpetrator in the Holocaust and serial killer?

A: The Dalai Lama was a life long friend of the Dalai Lama as shown by the Beger Memoir and by the photos of them
together taken over a period of almost 60 years.  The Dalai Lama wants a medal for being a "great spiritual leader".
Should not the Dalai Lama ever comment upon one his good friends who has committed such great evil?
Q:  It is undisputed that Heinrich Harrer was a member of Nazi terrorist organizations for many years. But didn't Harrer
finally admit he was a member?

A:  He did, but after Stern magazine caught him in lie after lie with a mountain of evidence.
With regard to Dr. Bruno Beger
With regard to Heinrich Harrer
Q:  Should the Dalai Lama throw away his long term friendship with Heinrich Harrer because Harrer was a criminal?

A:   No, but like any good friend and spiritual advisor, the Dalai Lama should be talking to Harrer about it instead of
instructing him to basically shrug it off.  Particularly since it was reported that Harrer continued his contacts with former
members of Hitler's StormTroopers (SA)  
Q: Maybe the Dalai Lama did not know about Heinrich Harrers Nazi past until 1997?

A:  It seems very hard to believe. A man appears in Tibet mysteriously speaking German, World War ll was going on and
members of Hitler's SS had already visited Tibet at the Dalai Lama's palace (The Potala), but the Dalai Lama never asks
any questions about his good friend's past? Very unbelievable.
Q: Could Harrer have lied to the Dalai Lama about his past?

A:  Possibly, but coming up with a cover story for all those years Harrer was a Nazi, seems incredible although
theoretically possible.
Q:  So if Harrer had lied about his Nazi past, how can you hold the Dalai Lama responsible for the horrible actions of his
friend, Heinrich Harrer?

A:  I am not holding the Dalai Lama responsible for Harrer's criminal activities nor anyone's actions. I am however,
holding him accountable as Harrer's "spiritual advisor". As a "spiritual advisor" who wants a medal for being a "great
spiritual leader" the Dalai Lama must be held to a higher standard than others not seeking such a medal.
Q: What do you believe the Dalai Lama should have done and/or said once he found out his friend had been part of
one Nazi group and an officer in an other?

A:  Something more than saying: "just shrug it off"
Q: Did the Dalai Lama actually say: "just shrug it off"

A: Not quite, but almost. Here is what the NY Times 1/10/97 reported:

Dalai Lama had said: "if your conscience is clear than you have nothing to fear"
Q: How do you see those statements being almost the same?

A:  It has to do with the seriousness of Harrer's crimes. Harrer did not get caught for a traffic ticket, nor for a DWi, nor for
shop lifting or anything like that. Harrer was a full member of two Nazi terrorist organizations with large responsibility for
the Holocaust and torturing, raping and killings many millions of men, women, children and infants. This also includes
the torture and murder of hundreds of American POW's. I submit that it is far from sufficient for a friend let alone a "great
spiritual leader" just to tell Harrer to forget it all if his conscience doesn't bother him...not for something as heinous as
his organizations had done to innocent people.
Q: But there was no evidence that Harrer actually participated directly in the Holocaust. So Harrer didn't really commit
any crimes? Right?

A: Wrong!  Harrer was a member of two Nazi terrorist organizations. In today's terms, it would be like someone saying
that he was a member of ISUS and an official in Al Qaida, but since you can't prove that he actually was commiting a
crime in person, then he is vindicated of all wrong doing. It is a widely accepted principle and law, if you belong to either
of these organizations, you are considered a criminal terrorist and can be prosecuted as such.
With regard to Miguel Serrano:
Q: What is wrong with the Dalai Lama going to Chile to visit friends of his, even if one of his headed the Chilean Nazi

A:  If the dalai Lama was not receiving an award for being a "great spiritual leader". What kind of spiritual leader is
always making friends with Nazis but never trying to change their behavior?
With regard to Tokyo Subway Poisoner: Shoko Asahara
Q:  OK, so the Dalai Lama goofed when it came to befriending Shoko Asahara. Besides, there was picture taken with the
Dalai what? Rosalin Carter was pictured with pedophile and serial killer, John Wayne Gayce. The Dalai Lama
had no other interaction with Asahara, right?

A:  Wrong! Here again is another donor or friend of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama
When you view the webpage about Heinrich Harrer, you will see a pattern of indifference, indulgence, complicity,  and
complacency by the Dalai Lama with his dealings with serious criminals and terrorists. You see how a member of an
illegal criminal and terrorist organization (Heinrich Harrer) was given refuge and safe harbor for years from British

Heinrich Harrer was an officer in Hitler's dreaded Nazi SS. Hitler's Nazi SS was started in 1925 as Hitler's personal Body
Guard. Later, the SS expanded, using all black uniforms which became the dread of all inhabitants of Europe, Russia,
The Balkans and nearby countries. The SS moved into the business of Death Squads and running Death Camps,
raping, torturing many millions of people. This was the terrorist organization that Heinrich Harrer voluntarily joined, when
he met the Dalai Lama.

Earlier 30 Nazi SS members were invited by the Lamas to travel to Tibet (including Bruno Beger). Their goal, in part, to
bring weapons to the Lamas and encourage them to attack the British in the event of war between Germany and Britain.

When war broke out, Heinrich Harrer was sent by Heinrich Himmler (head of the Gestapo and SS) to India. Harrer was
perfect for the job as he was an experienced mountaineer. Himmler's SS and other Nazi agents were in India to recruit
Indians to turn against the British and fight for Hitler. Harrer might claim that he was on a "vacation" in India during war
time just skiing (Harrer when exposed as a Nazi officer, Harrer said he was "just a ski instructor"). The cover story
though was that Harrer, a Nazi Officer and while at war with Britain, France and Poland, was simply climbing mountains in
India. It is far more likely that as an Officer in Hitler's elite SS unit, that he was part of the mission to undermine India and
recruit for the Nazis. The 30 SS Officers, including Bruno Beger were withdrawn from the Tibet region once their mission
was complete and Germany invaded Poland.

It was quite successful as recruits were found to illegally ship contraband for Hitler, including materials for Hitler's Atom
Bomb Project. Also, a Provisional Government (puppet government) of renegades was set up which actually declared
war on the United States in 1943 (while the rest of India fought with Britain and the United States against Hitler). This
group of renegades were even able to raise a small army to fight for the Japanese Empire and against the British.

Harrer was captured, but escaped over the mountains to Tibet where he knew about the Lamas sympathies toward Nazi
Germany. The Dalai Lama welcomed him and hid him from the British authorities for years. The Dalai Lama even took
pride in hiding this fugitive who belonged to a criminal organization which tortured and butchered American and British
POW's. The Dalai Lama's criminality was romanticized in a movie entitled:
My Seven Years in Tibet. Of course, the story
in this movie was highly scrubbed and it made a criminal sound and look like Indiana Jones--which Harrer was anything
but. When the Dalai Lama was questioned about this by the media, he pretended, (like Sargeant Schultz of Hogan's
Heroes fame) that "He knew Nothing!". The Dalai Lama then basically shrugged the whole matter off. And why
not?...The Dalai Lama is a Deity and too busy meditating to be bothered about harboring fugitives from justice, being
good friends with terrorists and Nazis, hanging out with The Tokyo Poisoner (Shoko Asahara). These are matters for
mortals and not gods like the Dalai Lama.

Had the fugitive been a member of another criminal organization, say ISIS or Al Qaeda, it would be clear to people of
today, that the Dalai Lama had acted improperly, even criminally in offering sanctuary to such a person.

The Dalai Lama Cultists would have you believe that Harrer was just a "kind" man, who just happened to come to Tibet
and find the "compassionate" Dalai Lama by complete chance--another fairly tale spun by a Cult whose Master is a
Master of Deceit--The Dalai Lama.
When you go to this webpage, you will see of an officer in Hitler's SS who convicted of serious war crimes, but still is
being honored by the Dalai Lama.
Let us go one step further with the Harrer story of being in India during the war while he was an officer in Hitler's SS.
Harrer always liked to say that he was just a "ski instructor" in the SS, but never instructed anyone. His probable alibi for
being in India as a "ski instructor" or "on vacation" from the German military (Hitler's Body Guard no less) during World
War II), is most unlikely.

The scheme for recruiting Indians for breaking the British embargo of German weapons such as Uranium actually
worked. The degree of Harrer's involvement, if any, in such a scheme is still sketchy at this point. The uranium later went
to Japan for their Atomic Bomb project. The Post Standard of Syracuse reported that on August 6, 1945, the Japanese
had exploded an atomic bomb (the same day Hiroshima was Atomic Bombed)  in now North Korea (which is impossible
then or now to confirm).  The Uranium could have been used to create more such bombs to be used against US west
coast cities such as San Fransisco. In fact, there was a plan to do such that with "dirty" radioactive bombs. The
Japanese had the technology with aircraft carrier submarines unknown to the US intelligence sources at that time. This
would have tremendously escalated the War. Certainly, exploding an Atomic Bomb on San Fransisco or Los Angeles,
would have been devastating for the US and Japan. If this was the result of Harrer's work, then the Dalai Lama's most
devoted Devotee would be in part responsible for super Holocaust Nuclear War in 1945, killing perhaps 100's of millions
of people. Instead, he was an Officer in Hitler's Nazi SS, which was responsible for perhaps 10's of millions of murders.
Maybe not exactly what the Dalai Lama had in mine about peaceful coexistence. Maybe, The Dalai Lama goofed in
heaping praise after praise upon this long time Nazi Devotee of his.

While Heinrich Harrer may not have known about the final results of his work, he knew he was working for Adolph Hitler.
This made him his work and himself a major criminal which the Dalai Lama proudly hid from justice.
Author's Note: The Dalai Lama Cultists claim that Harrer was just a "German National" found by the British in India.
Harrer was a member of Hitler's SS--that is not civilian in anyone's book except a Cultist's book. If Harrer was in civlian
clothes then he of course could have been considered a Nazi spy.
Author's Note: During WW II, India was a colonial possession of Britain. While most of India was pro-British and sent
many soldiers to fight Hitler, because the colonial rulers could be at times like the Dalai Lama--cruel to his
subjects--there was a willingness among some members of Indian citizenry who wanted to take up arms against the
British. They were usually offered freedom for their country in exchange for their service to the Fuhrer. Of course, Hitler
had no intention to keep any such promise to anyone. But one can understand why someone might be desperate and
believe lies told to them. In the same way, one might be willing to believe the lies of the Dalai Lama when he talks about
peace and compassion when he clearly doesn't believe in those two concepts.
Author's Note: To Heinrich Harrer's credit though, he was shocked by the brutality of the Dalai Lama regime. When he
escaped to Tibet, he saw a man steal a butter plate.
The Lamas amputated his arm and then later tortured the
man to death and threw him into a ravine. This shocked even a man like Harrer, a member of Hitlers Body Guard. So
much for the "man of peace", "His Holiness or His Nothingness, The Dalai Lama".
A good website to view is a translation of an article about the Dalai Lama in Stern Magazine.
Victim of the Dalai Lama Cult member, Bruno Bege
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