What You Can Do
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If you have arrived at this page, you are either curious, or really
seeking a solution to the new era of rule in the United States. We will
be trying to provide some paths for progress here. One thing you will
NOT see us do and say: just send so and so, lots of money and
forget about it and all will taken care of for you. You may send some
or lots of money to places and perhaps little or nothing will be done.
You will have to be one to do something! If you don't do something,
then don't expect anyone else to do anything no matter how much
money you send to them!
Something, you will not see here: You will not see us tell "just get out
and vote". Depending upon where you live in the United States, your
vote not only is vulnerable but is probably already lost if your area
uses electronic voting machines. If you have been viewing the pages
in this website, the case has been strongly made that electronic voting
machines are so compromised that they cannot be trusted at all.
Step 1: Write and/or call your representative in the US House of
Representatives, in the US Senate, and in your State legislature
that you believe that Electronic Voting machines should be
There are other options besides banning these machines, but we will
consider those later. Your representative may tell you just how safe
these machines are...They probably are NOT!. You could send them
a link to this site in order to buttress your assertion that electronic
voting machines should not be ever used. Depending upon your
representative, you could also let him/her know how you feel about
the Trump administration.
Step 2: Don't allow yourself to act like Donald Trump.
The above could easily be step 1. You must set the example. You
cannot wait for your president to lead. You must lead and set an
example in your daily interactions with people. It has been said that
we need a "Revolution of Love". I whole heartedly agree with that.
                           More Advanced Steps
Step 3:  Get together with people of like mind. Talk about
these concepts and actions to be taken. Angel Justice,
under certain conditions will volunteer time to give free
webinars on these topics. We are at:  
Step 4:  Stay informed.
There is lots of "fake news" out there. There are Trump pundits who
suggest "alternative facts". Remember: "alternative facts" are no more
facts than "a cat is a dog", "the moon is made out of green cheese". I
am certain you can come up with more. Remember: "alternative facts"
are the very least "falsehoods: and at worst, outright lies! Educating
yourself on the issues will go a long way in dispelling "alternative
Step 5: Do what you feel comfortable doing:
There are going to be friends, family, relatives, strangers, celebrities, websites,
news media urging you to do this or that. You will see celebrities on television
or on the internet always asking you to give large sums of money to places
where you don't know what they do with your money.
IGNORE those
They may have a lot of money to throw around, but if you
don't...stop listening to them! Save your money! Learn to do what you feel is
right and comfortable. Don't let some celebrity push you into something you
don't want. Stand up for yourself. Otherwise, you will get burned out (and
maybe lose a lot of money) in a short time and maybe give up on stopping
You can do much more by so called random acts of kindness with people you
meet in your daily life than sending large sums of money to unknown places. If
you feel the need to spend money, then consider spending on something that
you are doing to counteract the Trump Doctrine , and not some celebrity, or
organization, thousands of miles away from you.
Alternative Facts: Calling Trump's
Bluff on Election Fraud
            (About Donald Trump)