The person to the left draped in Swastikas is known
as the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama has been hailed
as a hero by some and a fraud by others. He has
received many millions of dollars, courtesy of the US
Taxpayer  despite his ties to  violent terrorists, Nazi
SS Officer (
Heinrich Harrer) and Nazi SS Officer,
and convicted Nazi War Criminal
(Bruno Beger),
criminals, including terrorists who have tortured and
then butchered many American POW's
Photo on right is a Tibetan slave  in leg-irons, under the "enlightened" rule of the Lama
class before the Dalai Lama was forced out of power in Tibet. Under the  Lama class,
run away slaves could expect to have their eyes gouged out, and tongue cut out, and
limbs amputated by the  Lama class "enlightened", and "compassionate", and "peaceful"
Heinrich Harrer's SA thugs
enforcing a boycott of Jewish
owned businesses
The picture above taken circa 1994 once posted proudly
on the Dalai Lama's website,  shows a number
of admirers of the Dalai Lama smiling for the camera.
From this picture, there are two Nazis from Hitler's Third
Reich and one Neo Nazi heading the Nazi party in a
South American country,
Miguel Serrano. Nazi SS
Bruno Beger and Nazi SS Officer
Heinrich Harrer are in the above picture.
    Forbidden Secrets of
       The Dalai Lama
What the Dalai Lama's friends terrorist organization, Hitler's SS did to American POW's
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There are several pages of this website which are dedicated to showing how the Dalai Lama was closely
associated with terrorists, violent criminal organizations and Hitler's SS. The SS was known for atrocities
across Europe, Russia and nearby countries. Murder by the millions, of men, women and children and
infants by the SS was well known in the 1940's. What is not so well known is what the
SS did to American POW's

Above is a link to Wikipedia's description of the SS massacre of American
POW's at Malmedy Belgium. This was one of many sites where American
POW's were tortured and then either tied to trees and bayoneted or used for
target practice by the SS, or were simply executed after being tied and bound.
Above: American Soldiers
surrendering to the SS in 1944 during
the Battle of the Bulge
Above: Scenes of massacre of American POW's by the SS in 1944
Above: Pictures of the trial of just some of the SS perpetrators of the
massacres of American POW's, who were caught by the Allies and their trial
where almost all were convicted of war crimes with overwhelming evidence
against them, but sentences later reduced after intense lobbying by corrupt
American politicians some of whom were discredited completely by General
and then later President Eisenhower
Above: A mother and her child being murdered by the SS and then more
civilian murders. These are just some of the many thousands of scenes
where the SS committed atrocities and murdered literally millions of men,
women, children and infants across Europe, Russia, The Ukraine, The
Baltic States, Belorussia, and the Balkans in the 1940's. (See link to
Wikipedia about Hitler's SS, the criminal organization of many of the Dalai
Lama's closest friends)
Q: So, this Dalai Lama guy says he is some kind of big religious what if he is a fraud ? Why should anyone care?

A:  The answer to that is this: The United States via the CIA has been funnelling millions of dollars per year to the Dalai
Lama for weapons to attack Chinese citizens and for the Dalai Lama's "personal expenses". (See NY Times Article of
October 2, 1998 below)
Question: OK, so the American taxpayers are giving millions of dollars to this religious fake so he can have weapons to
fight the Chinese and to live "the good life".. Haven't the taxpayers sponsored other charlatans so they can live it up on
taxpayer money?  What is so different about this charlatan?

Answer:  The Dalai Lama receiving millions of dollars per year from U.S. taxpayers is particularly  onerous because
The Dalai Lama has befriended unrepentant violent criminals and terrorists who have perpetrated their crimes while
The Dalai Lama did nothing about it.
Question: OK, but haven't American Taxpayers paid for weapons and "the good life" for other nefarious characters?
Why not this one?  After all, he says he wants to free Tibet and he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Answer: First, Kurt Waldheim also won the Nobel Peace Prize and later admitted to massacring entire villages in the
former Yugoslavia. Also, the Dalai Lama's claim to wanting to "free Tibet"is highly suspect as The Dalai Lama once
Tibet as a theocratic Taliban-like feudal serf and slave state with the Lamas ruthlessly ruling over the non-Lamas.
The Dalai Lama may not want a free Tibet but rather a Tibet where the Lamas are free once again to own slaves and
free to do to them as the Lamas wish, including torture and execution of disobedient slaves.

Secondly: The Dalai Lama extended friendship  to those in criminal and terrorist organizations such as the SS which
were responsible for torturing and butchering hundreds of American POW's in 1944. One of his SS friends was
committing atrocities and mass murder  during the time he was friends with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama did nothing
to stop him. (See
Dr. Bruno Beger: Nazi SS Mass Murderer) (See also Heinrich Harrer of the Nazi SA and Nazi SS). In
fact, The Dalai Lama actually hid Heinrich Harrer for years from British authorities and he took pride in doing so.

The SS bound up American POW's and either bayonetted them or used them for target practice, mutilated them or
outright shot them. The Dalai Lama's terrorist friends have been unrepentant.This automatically should bar the Dalai
Lama from receiving American funds.

The U.S. or CIA have sponsored other terrorists in the past, with money and weapons (including stinger anti-aircraft
missiles to be used later against the US) such as Osama Bin Ladin and the Mujahadin (predecessor to Al Qaida) with
disastrous results.
Q: OK, so the New York Times and the LA Times show that the Dalai Lama was getting millions of dollars of US
Taxpayer money per year to live the high life and to buy weapons to use against Chinese citizens. How do you know he
is still getting this money?

A: The public cannot be sure. The Dalai Lama was getting this money secretly until exposed by the press. This does
not mean that the CIA or some other governmental entity is not funnelling him money secretly. Even if he is not
receiving money, The Dalai Lama should be forced to pay back all of that money to the US Taxpayers. That money
repaid by the Dalai Lama could be used to aid those American POW's injured by the terrorist attacks from the friends of
the Dalai Lama or the organizations that mounted the attacks. The Dalai Lama, as a friend of those involved with killings
of numerous American POW's is not and has never been worthy of receiving any Taxpayer funds. Moreover, The US
government has bestowed the Congressional Gold Medal upon the disgraceful Dalai Lama, and is set to give him
another similar award in October of 2015. The US Senate had a unanimous resolution honoring this friend of violent
terrorists who butcher American POW's.

Just what has this Dalai Lama done that he deserves all of these awards from the United States and particularly the
Congressional Gold Medal? Why did not those American POW's killed by the Dalai Lama's terrorist organization,
receive the Congressional Gold Medal instead of the Dalai Lama?
Question: So who are these unrepentant terrorists and criminal friends of the Dalai Lama

Answer:  We will focus only upon the worst of the worst as there have been numerous criminal and terrorist alliances
that the Dalai Lama has had. We will talk about
Dr. Bruno Beger and Heinrich Harrer.
Below, are some pictures of Dr. Bruno Beger who was an officer in Hitlers Nazi SS. Bruno
Beger, who according to his own memoirs (orginally posted on the Dalai Lama's official
website) posted below, met The Dalai Lama in 1938,
prior  to committing mass murder
(apparently The Dalai Lama's friendship did not help him).  According to Wikipedia,   "  (Bruno
Beger) helped the Race and Settlement Office or SS-Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt of the SS
identify Jews, and later helped select human subjects to be killed to create an anatomical
study collection of Jewish skeletons."
Above and to the left is a picture of Nazi SS
Bruno Beger at his Nazi War
Crimes trial where he was convicted of being
involved with mass murder at Aushcwitz
Death Camp
Here we see the Dalai Lama embracing Nazi SS Officer Bruno Beger
Dalai Lama friend, Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer
Above and to the left is a photo of Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer and to the immediate right of him is his
Fuehrer, Adolph Hitler

For more detailed information about Nazi SS and Stormtrooper
Heinrich Harrer and his relationship to the Dalai
Lama click on the link below

Heinrich Harrer.
Above and below are  more
updated pictures of the Dalai
Lama with good Nazi SS
Heinrich Harrer
For more about The Dalai Lama and his ties to Nazis such as Bruno Beger and Heinrich
Harrer, go to the links above.

You can also find out more by viewing the 60 minute documentary entitled: The Nazi Hunt for Atlantis which was
originally shown on The Military Channel (now called the American Heroes Channel) on November 19, 2013. There is
also a shortened documentary from
The National Geographic on Tibet and China on youtube. The viewer must decide
its authenticity. This video shows some of the extraordinary cruelty of the Lamas in Tibet in the 1930's.

Congress gave The Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama a few years ago.  The U.S. Government gave him
another official honor to this friend of terrorists,
the 2015 Liberty Medal.  You can make your voice heard. Call or email
your Senator and your member of the House of Representatives and tell them you do not want this friend of terrorists
who execute American POW's to receive any more honors.

It is bad enough that American veterans have political leaders who sent them to war and are now charging almost
200,000 dollars from charities to speak at events for wounded veterans. They don't also have to give medals (plus an
additional $100,000 of taxpayer money to religious leaders like the Dalai Lama, whose friends have been the cause of
injury or death to American POW's.
Giving a medal to the Dalai Lama who is dismissive of the horrific crimes committed by friends, trivializes the Holocaust
and the execution of those American POW's which were directly killed by The Dalai Lama's friends organizations.

You can also email this website and express your support or find out more about what you can do to stop the Dalai
Lama from receiving more official medals from the US Government  
Other published articles written by this author:  Dalai Lama's Violent Ties
The picture to the right shows how Tibetan slaves were treated by their Lama
masters under the rule of The Dalai Lama. Slaves of the Lamas  routinely had
their eyes gouged out, their legs or hands and other bodily parts cut off by the
Lamas for being disobedient. The "free Tibet" that the Dalai Lama speaks of,
never existed under the Dalai Lamas rule...only pain, despair and agony for the
slaves of the Lamas
Author's Note: There were numerous other pictures on the Internet which were far more
gruesome a view of the life under the various Dalai Lamas in Tibet. I chose the least
Questions and Answers
Below is a true copy from of the memoirs of Dr. Bruno Beger. This is copied directly from the official files of
the Dalai Lama. It is no longer available from The Dalai Lama. Probably because the document is an embarrassment to
the Dalai Lama and shows Tibet's pro-Nazi stance under the rule of the Dalai Lama.
To the right, we see the what happened to
those who were "Resettled" by good friend of
the Dalai Lama,Bruno Beger's Office. Later,
Bruno Beger would go to trial to explain his
handiwork we see to the right of us.
Immediately above is SS Officer
Peiper Joachim. Well known
(infamous) in Russia for burning
whole villages together with their
civilian populations and boasting
about it. He was convicted of the
mass murder of American POW's in
Belgium in 1944,  but later released
due to political bickering among
American politicians vying for power
in Congress. Politicians ignored
Joachim's vast number of proven
atrocities and murders of American
POW's and civilians-- somewhat
similar to Congress today which
practically trips over itself to praise
the Dalai Lama and ignores the vast
evidence proving his improper
involvement with the SS, slavery,
terrorism,  criminality, and deception
Dalai Lama with Shoko
of the cult of Doom.
He was convicted of mass
murder using weapons of mass
destruction in Tokyo.
According to the
Herald Asahara gave 2 Million
Dollars to the Dalai Lama in the
late 1980"s and The Dalai
Lama accepted the money and
wrote a recommendation for
Asahara so he could get tax
free status
While in this day and age we speak about the evil of Al Qaida and ISIS, Hitler's SS committed
such atrocities on a global scale unprecedented in history.

This is the same SS whose members included close friends of the Dalai Lama. These close
relationships were not just when the Dalai Lama was a teenager and harsh ruler of Tibet.  
These close relationships of the Dalai Lama with the SS continued well into the 20th century
and 21st century. These close relationships between these terrorists started after their
terrorist activities, continued during their terrorist activities and endured beyond for many,
many years without the Dalai Lama ever addressing their atrocities nor the atrocities of the
terrorist organizations to which they belonged.

Imagine a religious leader having strong relationships with members of Al Qaida or ISIS?  
Such as religious leader would be snubbed and roundly criticized. Yet, the Dalai Lama has
been able to mesmerize and fool vast numbers of people
Pictures on either
side showing
Miguel Serrano
first with the Dalai
Lama and then
leading a Nazi rally
in Chile where he
headed the Nazi
Party. See above
with a 1994 photo
op of Nazi
Serrano with the
Dalai Lama
To the left, is a recent
picture of the Dalai
Lama enthusiastically
Jorg Haider,
a prominent Austrian
politician who has
shown strong support
for Hitler's SS
Augusto Pinochet: Below is Fascist
Sympathizer, The Butcher of Chile and the
butcher who gets supreme support from the Dalai
CBC News in 1999
To the left is a
picture of the Nazi
SS being invited to
a meal with the
Tibetan heads of
state circa 1938
Author's Note: Many of these pictures
come from the SS documentary,
Geheimnis Tibet(Secret Tibet). The
viewer may be able to find this online
along with its interpretation from
National Geographic circa 1938. Note
the Swastika over the dinner table of
the Nazis and Tibetan leaders in the
Dalai Lama's slave state of Tibet.
Question: Why not give taxpayer money to the Dalai Lama? After all, he will fight our enemies such as China for us?
The Chinese are doing bad things, so shouldn't fight fire with fire?  And if the Dalai Lama has to lie to people to get the
job done, don't the ends justify the means?

Answer: Absolutely not! First of all, China is not our enemy, but rather GREED is the enemy of all people!  Moreover,
acting as if China is our enemy will act as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If the Chinese are doing bad things, then remember
this: two wrongs don't make a right!  Moreover, using  evil means for a good end...will
NEVER result in a good end. Evil
only creates more evil. Only doing good deeds will create a good end. This precept is something that the Dalai Lama is
apparently not aware of.
I have investigated the Dalai Lama for years and was perhaps the first to expose him as a fake. However, I don't believe
he is an evil man. I actually believe that he can have a good heart. But he is a deluded and much misguided man who
believes the press about him--that he is some kind of deity and can do no wrong. Everything he does, according to him
is justified no matter how evil because he is a deity (sound familiar with some other religions?) . This has included
leading a terrorist organization, deceptions, and cozy relationships with mass murderers, Nazi War Criminals, Neo-Nazis,
violent criminals, and those who are part of organizations that carry out massacres of American POW's. Certainly
nothing that deserves a medal to be awarded...for anything!
Dalai Lama
Question:  Weren't the murders by the Dalai Lama's good friends many years ago? The murders and atrocities against
American POW's were almost 75 years ago. So why make a big deal about something that happened so long ago?
Maybe the Dalai Lama didn't know the killers back then.

A:  First, some of his good friends were directly committing mass murder less than 15 years ago such as Shoko Asahara
(the Tokyo subway poisoner). Secondly, the Dalai Lama knew these killers before, during and after they had committed
their heinous acts. This was admitted in
Bruno Beger's memoirs (copied below) and posted on the Dalai Lama's official
site. Third, it does not matter how long ago the Dalai Lama's friends were directly or indirectly involved with mass
murder of American POW's and civilians. This is not something that should be honored and granted a medal for.
Q: Why pick on the Dalai Lama about having terrorist  and mass murderers for friends?  Didn't Roosevelt have a picture
taken with Stalin. So why can't terrorists, Nazis and other violent criminals have a photo op with the Dalai Lama?

A:  Roosevelt was not friends with Stalin. On the other hand, The Dalai Lama has championed these Nazis, mass
murderers, terrorist and criminal friends for their entire lives. You would think that as a "great religious leader", the
Lama could do something about their murderous tendencies, but he didn't even try to stop them or even  have them
admit to their deeds
Question: How can we achieve peace and freedom for Tibet without the Dalai Lama?

Answer:  There are peaceful and honest ways of doing this, but the Dalai Lama cannot be involved because of his
tainted past.
Q: Isn't is possible that the Dalai Lama was unaware for all of these many years that many of his closest friends were
mass murderers, violent terrorists, violent criminals or belonged to terrorist organizations?

A:  Very unlikely that someone who is supposed to be omniscient is so unaware of knowledge easily obtained almost
anywhere. Even if true, he proffers no excuse for his affirmative neglect to find out when he must be aware at this point.
Certainly, no reason again to offer him a medal for his lack of knowledge.
1997 NY Times article exposing Heinrich Harrer as a Nazi SS Officer and Nazi Storm Trooper receiving permission from
his boss, the head of the Gestapo to marry. Also showing that meeting the Dalai Lama was planned
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Q: Is it possible that the Dalai Lama forgave these terrorists and Nazis for their crimes?

A:  Who is he to do that?  This Lama was appointed Dalai Lama by a serf/slave state. His Nazi friends never asked for
forgiveness, tried to hide their criminal behavior, never made an offer of restitution to their victims either.
Q: Why do so many American politicians support the Dalai Lama if he is fraud?

A: There could be several reasons for this. Some politicians, who have "sweetheart" deals with China which could
literally ship American jobs to China, need a "cover" or "smoke screen"--so that they can sound "tough" on China while
selling out their own constituents and America as well. So these politicians give lip service to the Dalai Lama. Others,
are seduced by the Dalai Lama's "good words" (ignoring his bad deeds). Some politicians falsely believe that the Dalai
Lama is a "freedom fighter" for Tibet. They are not aware of how brutal the Lamas were in ruling Tibet. There are even
documentaries shot by
friends of the Dalai Lama (e.g. Geheimnis Tibet ) that show some of the brutality, even just
outside "The Potala" (the palace where the Dalai Lama lived in luxury while his serf/slaves were brutalized and suffered
greatly toiling for his "His Holiness's" pleasure). Still others, "jump on the band wagon" and figure if Hollywood luminaries
and other politicians like this charlaten, then he must be ok. In all of those cases, these politicians  are like "climate
change deniers"--no evidence of the Dalai Lama's wrongdoing will ever be enough for them. There are also others who
just need to see the facts and evidence. Some of that  evidence is provided here and hopefully they can  "see the light".

Author's Note: The movie, Geheimnis Tibet   was filmed in 1938-39 by members of Hitler's Nazi SS invited into Tibet by the Lamas and
some became friends with the present Dalai Lama (see memoir of Nazi SS Officer
Dr. Bruno Beger posted below). They filmed some
grisly scenes of medieval punishment and torture in front of where the Dalai Lama lived and so there is no way the Dalai Lama was not
aware of this torture despite his youth at the time. Some of the Nazis, in the film, had enjoyed and  were impressed by the violence of the
Lamas and even remarked that Hitler's Germany could learn (how to be more violent) from the Lamas!  After filming their movie, the Nazi
friends of the Dalai Lama returned to Germany and some whom were to commit mass murder and unspeakable atrocities, which the
Dalai Lama was always silent about. Perhaps these Nazis in Tibet
did learn to be more violent and be more atrocious from the Tibetan
Lamas in the Dalai Lama's Tibet, as they had said in the film they made about Tibet.
Dalai Lama
Picture to immediate left is a
picture is of The ("Peaceful") Dalai
Lama reviewing guerrilla fighters
training in Colorado, next to his
machine gun bought with some of
the millions of dollars in US
Taxpayer he received, in order to
attack Chinese citizens overseas.
The rest of millions of dollars of
taxpayer money went to The Dalai
Lama's "personal expenses". (It
appears that the U.S. Government
believes that the Dalai Lama must
be given enough personal expense
money to live in lavish style).
Picture to the left and below is the
"peaceful" Dalai Lama with his
armed gunslinging terrorists.
Perhaps preparing for daily
prayers with the "spiritual"Dalai
Lama who apparently feels he
needs a well armed guerrilla army
for his campaign of "love,
compassion and peace"
Separate pages on this website are dedicated to
exposing the relationship between the Dalai Lama and   
Dr. Bruno Beger, a former officer in Hitler's SS
(Death Squads).; and also Nazi SS Officer
Left and immediately above is a picture of Nazi SS Officer,
Heinrich Harrer taken in his Nazi SS uniform circa the
1940's. To the right of that is a more recent picture of  SS
Heinrich Harrer with his good friend, The Dalai
To the left is Elisabeth
Klein. She is one of the
many people that
Bruno Beger, Dalai
Lama friend, had
gassed and defleshed
to be part of his
hideous "Jewish
Skeleton Collection".
Hidden from view to the left of the Dalai Lama is the Butcher of Chile:
Augusto Pinochet
appears with
Beger and Dalai
for a photo op
well above. His
picture was cut
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