Dalai Lama's Perversion of Religion
We are going to review how The Dalai Lama has perverted religion in this page and others. We will start with the
meaning of "Forgiveness" and how the Dalai Lama or his Cult followerers have perverted it.
Forgiveness vs. Absolution
There is a concept in many religions about "Forgiveness". It is different than "Absolution". The Dalai Lama and/or his
Devotees seem to conflate these terms. The Dalai Lama or his Devotees seem to think that the Dalai Lama can provide
absolution for their "sins" or crimes or even just misdeeds. This concept has been used for centuries by Gurus and
religious Masters. During the Dark Ages, it was used in conjunction with what are known as "Indulgences". Here, you can
buy your way out of feeling guilty about committing any atrocity, by simply giving money to the Church.

This concept is a false concept. No person can buy their way out of the inner consequences for committing violations
against another. You can feel somewhat reprieved by intensely focusing upon your "absolution". However, you can
escape consequences for your actions...whether you are given absolution or not. And of course, certainly the Dalai
Lama cannot give you absolution. No man can give you Absolution! Period.
Forgiveness:  In terms of forgiveness, let us use some dalai Lama examples, say for example, Dr. Bruno Beger. Here
is a man who practically brags about murderering and defleshing large numbers of men, women, children and infants in
his psychotic racial hatred. The dlaia Lama has honored Beger several times and has befriended him and he was one of
the dalai Lama's closest devotees.

If Beger wants forgiveness, it is not the dalai lama who can provide it. No, he needs it from those he has victimized.
Beger has not asked for forgiveness, nor offer restitution to the families of his victims. nor offered any kind of apology
for his mass murders. Beger may feel that the dalai lama can offer absolution, but Beger will find out the hard way, that
no such absolution has or will occur.
There is a certain practical advantage to forgiveness. That is, it can release you from hatred from those who have
hurt you. However, offering forgiveness to those who are undeserving of it, can be quite a difficult endeavor. For
example, offering forgiveness to the likes of Bruno Beger, who after being convicted of mass murder, was reported
not to have shown remorse, but ratherto have been indignant about his conviction and blaming it on "Jewish
Lawyers". On the other, a similar release can be had by realizing that the person who hurts you, hurts himself or
Dalai Lama's Hollywood Chic
It is unbelievable that this Dalai Lama can tell us: "to create more happiness". How is it creating more happiness when
the Dalai Lama condones the hideous crimes of some of his closest cronies and devotees, such as Dr. Bruno Beger.
Beger was convicted of mass murder at Auschwitz and is honored by the Dalai Lama. What an amazing hypocrite this
Dalai Lama is!
dangerous fugitive (Heinrich Harrer) who belonged to a terrorist organization and who had escaped from British
authorities. Second, the Dalai Lama has indulged devotees and close cronies who have committed terrible crimes such
as Dr. Bruno Beger. Beger has been given vip treatment from the Dalai Lama despite the fact that Beger had been
convicted of mass murder.
I don't blame anyone for snubbing this fake monk.
Check out the Examiner.com's article which quotes the Washington Post concerning slavery existing under this Dalai