Hacking the
Presidential Election
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On November 8, 2016, the results of the Presidential
Election of 2016 were officially in. The result was that
Donald Trump had won many more votes than Hillary
Clinton and gone over the threshold of 270 Electoral
Votes to win the Election. However, something was
wrong…very wrong. Polls had repeatedly shown that
Hillary would win in a “blow-out”. People were quick to try
and explain how the polls could be so wrong. Very few
though, had seen the obvious…that is, the election
voting had been hacked. There were the CIA and FBI
and 15 other US Intelligence Agencies which had
concluded that the Russians had hacked the election,
but that was often discounted. But the statistical evidence
shows that this must be what had occurred, that is
someone(s) had hacked the vote. Why this conclusion.

Let us consider just Pennsylvania (similar arguments
can be made for Wisconsin and Michigan). These were
the states that the polls strongly predicted that Hillary
Clinton would win by a large margin. In Pennsylvania
alone, just before the election, there were no less than at
least 12 Independent polls predicting a large victory for
Hillary Clinton. If the Margin of Error was say around 1%
of Donald Trump exceeding his predicted score, then
you would have to (using the Multiplication Law for
Independence), you would multiply that 1% or .01 by
itself 12 times. This would yield a result that Donald
Trump could win and that the polls were all wrong only
one time in one trillion, trillion times.  In other words, you
would have a better chance of being abducted by a
Martian than Donald Trump having actually won
Pennsylvania. Factor in other states and that figure
becomes absolutely astronomical.

While these results don’t prove absolutely that the vote
was hacked, it certainly warrants a further inquiry into the
election…particularly into the voting machines, which will
be considered separately. Also, possible explanations of
how the polls could be legitimately wrong, will also be
          Were the Voter Machines Hacked?
Statistical evidence can be very powerful. It is the first
line defense against voter fraud. I don't mean baseless
accusations about millions and millions of people using
identity theft to vote over and over again. I am speaking
about whether the vote was hacked in some way. But, in
what way? Voter suppression? Voter machine fraud?

It turns out that there is significant evidence that there
was tampering of the voter machines to give a certain
result in this election.

One such study comes from the Michigan Center for
Computer Security and Society and found in a report by
New York magazine

According to this report, "persuasive evidence that
results in Wisconsin and Michigan,and Pennsylvania
may been  manipulated or hacked."

They found that "in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 per
cent fewer votes in those counties that relied upon
electron-voting machines compared with counties that
used optical scanners and paper ballots"

What is so significant about these particular states was
that Clinton was well ahead of Trump and well outside
the Margin of Error. Yet, somehow the vote turned out
differently...this is extremely rare.
How easy is it to hack into these electronic voting machines and
possibly have just one person pick the next President?

Go to this link on this site and find it is very easy to do.

Let a hacker pick your President
Someone has said that other that there is no proof but statistical
proof. My response: do you really want to let the next election happen
the same way...that is, an extremely unpopular figure wins the
election using electronic machines? The moral is, we cannot wait. We
need to insist that electronic voting must be stopped lest we lose our
Democracy to cheating machines.
How a hacker could steal the election
"The people who cast the votes decide nothing.
The people who count the votes decide

Joseph Stalin
(Former) Brutal Dictator of Russia