Could Smoking   become a
super spreader for COVID-19?
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Smoking Modestly, increases the
risk of severe COVID-19
Stanford Medicine says: Vaping linked to COVID-19 in teens
and young adults
Vapers at risk
Vaping weakens system
Health line says smoking spreads
covid-19 further
Medical Express says covid is advanced
by smoking
UCFS says: Smoking makes COVID worse if you get it and
smoking -- and vaping -- increase the risk of being infected
and developing COVID-19.
Massachusetts General Hospital for Children says:   
smoking and vaping could increase the spread of
August 4, 2020 AP News:   infected smokers may blow
droplets carrying the virus when they exhale.
Salud News May 20, 2020: Is Secondhand Smoke and
Thirdhand Smoke Linked to Coronavirus Transmission?
In the middle of a deadly Pandemic, the last thing the country needs, is a new way to
spread the Corona Virus. We do not need new spreader or super spreader events
for a virus which causes about 80.000 new cases of COVID-19 every day in
America. Yet, this is precisely what we could be looking at with the legalization and
commercialization of Marijuana. It does not have to be that way, but thus far, realistic
methods to protect children, the elderly, those with lung or heart problems, babies,
pregnant women and their unborn babies and other vulnerable people.
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Below are links to respected organizations which have shown some
evidence that smoking and/or vaping spreads COVID-19.