The above picture  of Brother Paul from the book, entitled Angel Justice
Click "Angel Justice" to go to to purchase a copy)

(ISBN #  978-0-557-00589-5).  This book shows the amazing power of
intuition and belief in oneself.

Angel Justice takes one through the years before World War II and then
beyond. It shows just how wars, private and world wars, could have been avoided.

Angel Justice delves into the symbolism behind religion and can help you how  to
actualize more positive realities.
The Secret of Life (Click "The Secret of Life" to go to to purchase
a copy)
ISBN-13:      978-0-557-0079-1
or ISBN-10:   0557007690)

Secret of Life is thoroughly dedicated to promoting Brotherhood and
personal power through love and understanding of yourself,  your world and the
world you live in. This book also shows the power of intuition and belief.

While the book is a novel, it is based upon the
True story of a person who is a
strong advocate for social justice and equality. This person even enduring
discrimination,violence and police brutality in promoting social justice, but
overcoming all of this with the aid of the simple yet very powerful precepts of this

The powerful concepts in this book show how peace and equality in your life and
in the world that you know is possible and within your grasp.

The Secret of Life explores political and psychological methods of changing the
social and political landscape in ways never given serious consideration before.

The concepts of the Secret of Life if utilized correctly may be able to give each
person a greater sense of protection in their world.
Books by Loren Christian
Mission Statement
The Secret of Life Website is dedicated to the promotion of Brotherhood across the
planet. The books and lectures on this website are designed bring out peace and equality on
the planet. This is a concept that has been longed for by the planet, and can be actualized.
Does Intuition exist? Can we increase our intuition? Can intuition be used to promote
better relationships, and offer better protection against violence, emotional and physical?
Can intuition be used to unlock pathways to our greater selves?

Angel Justice is a novel based upon a true story about a person who was able to use
dreams and intuition to an extreme degree to gain justice in the State Supreme Court
against corrupt judges and lawyers and those willing to kill to gain their way. The story is
backed up by true copies of documents from Supreme Court, Appellate Court, Law
Enforcement, and other Government documents.

1.  You Create or (Co-Create) your own Reality through your Beliefs and
Expectations & what you concentrate upon.

2.  The Universe was created (and is being created) by a Being of  infinite
intelligence, infinite goodness, and infinite power of which we are all an
Eternal  part of, and we are all (and always will be) Brothers and Sisters

Love is the Basis of All Realities.
The Basic Principles of The Universe
Why some polls may have incorrectly had Donald Trump in the lead
How a single hacker can alter an election
More information and evidence.
US Intelligence Community Assessment
Remember: There is always HOPE!!
What you can do about Trump
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Alternative Facts: Calling Trump's Bluff on Voter Fraud
Myths about Election Fraud
Illegitimate President or
The Angel Justice Blog:Dream about Putin Poisoning American Protesters
Angel Justice Blog: Part 4: Is Donald Trump too Evil even for Julius Caesar?
Angel Justice Blog: Part 2: Dream Interpretation of Putin's Alleged Poisoning of Dissenters
Our sources tell us that there could be new possible arrests in the
case concerning the Trump team. We predict that there will be arrests
(perhaps soon) of one or more of Trump's aides or one or more of his
Cabinet members. Our sources tell us that some of these people are
under surveillance now and arrests could be pending depending upon
the evidence that is uncovered against them.
The Angel Justice Website is dedicated to promoting World Peace and Brotherhood
and Equality. Presently, the focus has been largely upon the Election Hacking that
has caused in part the election of repressive and authoritarian politicians who would
end justice, equality and seek more violence and wars and the eventual destruction
of our civilizations, if not the planet. This website is completely self-funded and
receives no contributions nor support. All work is done on a completely volunteer
basis with no compensation for any expenses. If you like what is being said and done
by this website, then it is asked that you help support our effort.
You can do this by
going to our Book Page and purchasing Loren Christian Books, Lectures and
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Angel Justice Blog: Part 5: Is Chris Matthews in Error about Trump?
Is Barack Obama Legitimizing Trump?
From Russia With Love_Trumps
Bromance with Russian Spies:
Dalai Lama and his Nazi Disciple:  SS Officer Heinrich Harrer
Dalai Lama and his Serial Killer Friend: Dr. Bruno Beger
Loren Christian Lectures
Putin Confessions
How to get started in ending the Donald Trump nightmare.
Russian Interference in our election process
Step 1:  Email us at and tell us
that you are interested in a FREE short webinar and a short
paragraph or two why you (or your group) are interested in
witnessing indisputable evidence that the voter tallies were
rigged for Donald Trump.

The first part of the webinar is about 15 minutes long. In
that webinar, you will see for yourself how it is impossible
for Donald Trump to have won certain swing states. You
will also  why the voter tallies had to have been altered in
favor of Donald Trump and why it is  therefore impossible
to have legitimately won the election.
Step 2:  There is no real step 2, other than to
make a choice for the next 15 minute free
webinar.  If you and your group sees this first
short 15 minute presentation, you will be like
most people,  stunned that no one, except this
website has been able to demonstrate without a
doubt that the voter tallies were altered for
Trump. Trump simply did
NOTwin legitimately!
Your choice or the choice of your group is then
for the next 15 minute webinar which shows
how the electronic voting machines can be so
easily corrupted, even if it is never connected to
the internet.
Step 3:  This is the most important step...
choosing to have another free 15 minute webinar
about what you can do about stopping the
corruption of Trump and his cronies. There is no
point in understanding how this country has been
corrupted by Trumpism or how it will spread like
a cancer, unless there is a plan for peaceful and
legal evisceration of Trumpism including making
certain that the elections are honest and not
corrupted, especially by hostile foreign powers.
Who should see this 15 minute free
Anyone who is seriously concerned
about the United States eventually
descending into a new Dark Age
Angel Justice has predicted long ago that
Donald Trump will eventually be arrested or
indicted, not necessarily because of his
obstruction of justice, but rather because of
his business dealings.

There is also a very strong probability that
Donald Trump and his cronies will run again
and will Win...because of the rigged electronic
voting machines, which only a few are needed
in certain swing states to give the election to

These machines can also be used to place
Trump's cronies in the House of
Representatives and Senate as well.

This of course mean more confirmations of
inept and corrupt judges willing to be puppets
of Donald Trump and his doctrine of hatred
and division and exploitation of the country
and environment.
With the Congress in Trump's pocket
and the judiciary as well and the
electronic voting machines set to
appoint Trump surpeme ruler of
America,  you will see the slow descent
of the America and later perhaps the
world into a New Dark Age.
It does not have to be that way!   You
(and all of us) have a choice.  We will
manifest a physical reality where
Donald Trump is supreme ruler over a
vast empire in servitude to him and his
cronies...or a physical reality where
Trump and his cronies and his minions
and his doctrine of hate, bigotry, greed
and violence, are rejected in favor of a
reality based upon love, equality, peace.
But first, you need to recognize the
danger. You cannot step over a cliff
and expect nothing bad to happen. If
you do not acknowledge the cliff, you
cannot walk around or away from it

There is a clear and present danger,
but you must acknowledge it first.

You can't just repeat a mantra that
you heard on TV telling you that the
elections are fair and safe from

I tell you now,  They are NOT safe
and they are NOT secure and I CAN
Prove it!!!

But you must be willing to take the
first step fo find out the evidence that
I have that is found nowhere else.
You can ignore this warning only at
your own peril of living under the rule
of a mad-man with Nuclear Codes who
shows a willingness to use them
This book is entitled: The Secret of Life
Loren Christian Tutoring and Test Preparation
News:   Donald Trump says (in defense of his plan to arm
teachers) that teachers love their students so much that they
would have shot the intruder to pieces at a Florida school.
In addition to all the arguments that this is a ridiculous statement,
there is something far more here being wrong. Somehow equating
love with killing someone, for anyone, is sacrilegious and a
complete perversion of the mean of "love".
It has been said by Great Philosophers something about loving
your neighbor as yourself. You can even go one step further and
say loving your enemy as well. This has great psychological
benefits as well as a Spiritual advantage. Some have made some
of these precepts into a religion. So how is it that these people, led
in part by Donald Trump, ignore these precepts yet say that they
are part of a major religion originating with certain Prophets such
as Paul (Saul) of Taursus?
It is called: making the Devil's Bargain. It has been said with a
great certainty that: "if you bargain with the Devil, you will always
get burned". Does this mean that there is some Devil out there?
Not necessarily. However, it does mean that if you believe in using
violence always to solve your problems, it will end up being used
against you, regardless of whatever lip service you give to your
religious ideas.
Note:  We were the first to predict that Donald Trump will be
were the first to uncover the arsenal of evidence showing that
the voter tallies
have been tampered with and that Donald
Trump LOST the ELECTORAL COLLEGE by a huge amount.
Nixon and Trump
Marijuana Injustice Act of 2017
Dangers of Marijuana
New York Times (virtually) says: Vote Trump for 2020