Global Warming Danger
and Marijuana
Why Marijuana Legalization could stop or slow
down  Global Warming Reforn
If you accept that Global Warming is sustained by global selfishness, lack of Empathy,
and outright Greed, then it does become easier to grasp how trying to convince those
who make money from Fossil Fuels may
not listen to you.
Those who may profit from Fossil Fuels, could say that you (progressive liberal) are
willing to support the legalization of Marijuana and all the alleged profits that flow from it.
Thus, a fossil fuel supporter could say: Why can you make money off of Marijuana, which
can be poisonous in the breathable air of children and babies, but I, fossil fuel supporter
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Science has proven that Global Warming is caused in large part by the Man Made
release of Green House gases ( such as Carbon Dioxide and Methane) into the air. But
what is the cause of Man continuing to put such gases, into the air at an alarming rate?
Could it be that those who can more easily stop investing in Fossil Fuels are
greedy, selfish? and willing to ignore science because of their greed?
Ask yourselves this question: Is it more important that I make money by hook or crook, then
show Fossil Fuel supporters that you have integrity and are not willing to profit by the pain
and addiction of others.