What Plan do Marijuana advocates have to
protect young children, infants and others from
There are many ways to harm children from legalization and even
decriminalization of drugs such as Marijuana. But what Plan is there to
protect children, if Marijuana is Decriminalized or worse yet...made legal to
use anywhere anyplace and grown and sold in large amounts unregulated.
Let us consider one event at a time. Let us start with First Hand Smoking.
We know that children should not be smoking Marijuana or anything else.
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We also know about Second and Third Hand Smoke and Vape as well.
If predictions about premature legalization of Marijuana come to fruition even
partly, then we must slow down on legalization of Marijuana. I am not saying
that I am against legalization, nor commercialization of Marijuana, as long as it is
done very carefully and intelligently.
In cases of Marijuana legalization, we need practical, specific and detailed plans,
and strictly enforced Laws on how children, and others are going to be
protected from the toxins found in Marijuana and which toxin profile is similar to
that of Tobacco…and we know from the CDC that over 41,000 Americans die
each year from Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke.
In summary, I am suggesting proceeding cautiously with legalization, until real
and practical safe measures can be enacted to safe guard young children and
other vulnerable populations from the side effects resulting from Marijuana
It is submitted, that it is completely insufficient for Marijuana advocates to say
that protective laws for children exist (such as prohibitions against smoking in
public or selling Marijuana to children). In some jurisdictions, such laws are
almost never enforced. Some Marijuana advocates even recommend repealing
or ignoring laws that could protect children from Second and Third Hand
Marijuana Smoke/Vape. In some States, there has been a passage of laws which
would expunge the records of those involved with violating such laws,
regardless of whether such expungement could encourage such reckless
behavior toward children in the future. While such lack of real protection may be
effective in selling more Marijuana, it may be very deleterious to our children.
Legalizing may be telling children that Marijuana is safe and OK as adults can use it.
Legalizing Marijuana may be telling children that growing it is OK, when we know,
home grown without regulation can lead to Marijuana with poisons in it such as
Mercury, Strychnine, Arsenic Cadmium, Thallium,
and much more.
Second Hand and Third Hand Marijuana Smoke
Hospital beds are filled with children who bought "legal" vaping instrument or "joints" and
they were knock offs or fakes containing poisons