Is Trump an illegitimate president?
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Let us look at the evidence that Donald Trump is an illegitimate
president, aside from all the bizarre behavior from him, and conflict of
interest business affairs.
Point 1:  According to Statistics, and the Law of Probability that voters
would vote for Trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North
Carolina was near 0%. Florida and North Carolina were a little higher than 0%
That's right...and this is not an alternative fact. Formal principles of probability show
this to be true and it is
shown within this website.

With such a low probability of winning those swing states, and the over 60 electoral
votes they hold, you would think it would impossible that Trump would win in those
states. Yet, Trump won all of those states!
Point 2:  According to Statistics and the Law of Probability, the Exit Polls showed
that there was a low probability that voters had voted for Trump over the other
candidates in the above states. Yet, Trump won again!
Point 3: According to Cyber Experts, it would be very easy to hack the voter
totals for the voting machines used in these states, either in-person, or using the
internet,  even if the voter tally machines are not ever connected to the internet. You
can hack them easily, quickly, and not leave a trace. Thus, you could be in Moscow
and change the voter totals to give an election to Donald Trump if you so chose.
Point 4: The US Intelligence Community (17 agencies including NSA, FBI and
CIA) concluded that Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking and succeeded in hacking the
2016 election with intention of giving the election to Donald Trump
Point 5:  Respected and trusted British Intelligence agent, compiled a dossier on
Donald Trump and his connections to the Kremlin. The claim in part, was that Putin
had "compromising material" on Donald Trump.
Point 7:  Donald Trump has nothing but praise for Putin but attacks almost
everyone else who just merely disagrees with him.
Point 6:  According to the Russians, prior to the election, the Trump team had
contact with the Russian government. Prior to Trump becoming president, a top
Trump advisor had contact with the Russian Ambassador and apparently discussing
sanctions against Russia that Obama had put into place.